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Dodgers News: AJ Pollock Exits With an Injury Against the Angels

Things have not gone the Dodgers way in a while, and they don’t appear to be getting any better. In a blowout loss on Friday night in Anaheim, the last thing this team needed was an injury to another starter. They got one. 

AJ Pollock chased down a ball hit by Mike Trout that feel in for a hit. Pollock appeared to come up limping as he chased down the ball to get it back in as Trout pulled into third base. The Dodgers medical staff came onto the field and AJ came out of the game. 

Pollock was replaced by Gavin Lux in left field and they had to lose their designated hitter to bring Sheldon Neuse into the game. The Dodgers had burned Matt Beaty by pinch-hitting Neuse the inning prior. 

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If Pollock needs to miss any sort of time with the injury, who knows what direction the Dodgers will go. They have so many guys down at the moment that there isn’t really a clear answer. The only option that makes sense for the moment would be getting more starts for Matt Beaty out in left field. 

The worse part was that the Dodgers were playing in what was essentially a blowout. The Angels had just scored their 9th run when Pollock had to come out of the game and were down 8 runs. Getting hurt always sucks for a team, but doing it when you’re way out of a game REALLY hurts. 

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  1. Don’t Lose hope. The Dodgers can still be below .500 before this road trip is over, but they won’t yet be in last place.

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