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Dodgers News: AJ Pollock Scratched From the Lineup With Injury

The Dodgers are looking to take game 2 of the series against the Mets tonight. With Walker Buehler on the mound for Los Angeles, they have a good chance of potentially gaining even more ground on the Giants in the NL West. 

But the Dodgers will also have to get the job done without a hot bat in the lineup. AJ Pollock was originally set to play left field on Friday night, but he was a late scratch just hours before the scheduled first pitch. 

Pollock is out with back spasms, according to the Dodgers. He will be replaced by Billy McKinney who shifts over to right field. Chris Taylor was originally set to play right, but he shifts over to left with McKinney coming into the game. 

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Defensively, it’s a little bit of a better setup for the Dodgers. But Pollock has been a hot hitter for most of the year, but especially in August. Across 15 games, Pollock is slashing .356/.387/.542 with an outstanding .929 OPS. He has slugged 2 homeruns and driven in 13 runs in that stretch. 

So given the status of his bat, the Dodgers have to be hoping this back spasm is a shirt-term issue. 

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  1. The dugout bench seats are not ergonomically friendly to backs. You would think the dodgers would get someone to design a better place to sit multimillion dollar backs every day. Yes, take a stadium tour and see for yourself that these are minor league quality seats.

    1. If you’ve ever had one you’d know well. It’s completely debilitating. Hopefully it’s mild and AJ will only miss a couple of games. These things can sometimes last a week.

  2. Dodgers, are a very large accumulation of injury-prone players that have been accumulated and that we continue to accumulate.

      1. Well the team has had WAY BEYOND their normal share of injuries this year, about as common as the sun rise daily. Hopefully he won’t miss too many games., Pollock that is.

    1. You would think the article would have been proof read prior to posting. Spell check doesn’t always work.

  3. And speaking of ‘shirt-term’…..the Dodger Blue uniforms, what’s with the pajamas that the team was wearing to celebrate what? LA? Fernando Mania? Beyond ridiculous to have ‘Los Dodgers’ on hats and uniforms when Angeles is already Espanõl….? How about Los Perros? And the solid white hoodies sported in the dugout? Thanks so much NIKE!
    But to change uniforms in the middle of a winning streak? All just to make more $ to pay TB, who unfortunately will never pitch another game wearing Dodger Blue.
    Bellinger has got to be sent down to get his s… together if this is possible to do before the playoffs. How is it that the bottom 4 pajama buddies didn’t come up with 1 hit..not 1 between the 4 together.
    Barnes definitely looked cold as he’s not getting much playing time since CK is out. Just like hmmm. AJ Ellis maybe?
    I think that it was a big mistake to get rid of Ruiz as he has a future and Austin will go the same way of Yaz did… CK will not be the CK that the team needs for the playoffs, if he should feel ready to pitch. I think that the rest of his time spent as a Dodger will be as an observer, and he will be gone after this season ends.

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