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Dodgers News: Alexander Guerrero Talks Dodgers And Yasiel Puig

The Los Angeles Dodgers showed they were “back” when they signed international stars Yasiel Puig and Hyun-Jin Ryu to lucrative long-term contracts the past two seasons.

Puig and Ryu made an immediate impact last season as Ryu was the Dodgers number three starter for all of 2013 and when Puig came to the majors, he ignited the entire Dodgers team. This winter, management signed Cuban infielder Alexander Guerrero to a four-year $28 million contract in hopes he’s the next international star.

Currently playing Winter Ball with Gigantes del Cibao, Guerrero talked with Bill Vourvoulias of Latino FoxNews about playing second base in the big leagues:

Although he primarily played shortstop in Cuba, the Dodgers are expected to play him at second base. It won’t be a problem, he said. I’ve played a lot at second.

In his winter league debut, Guerrero went 2-5 with two RBI and played second base. The next night, Guerrero went 1-5, but played shortstop as he’s played multiple infield positions in his career. After his two games, Guerrero told FoxNews Latino that the competition is much better at that level, even saying the facilities are much better.

Meanwhile, Guerrero was asked about Puig, his fellow countryman, as the two of them will be right in the middle of the Dodgers lineup next season. When asked about Puig, Guerrero was quick to praise the young Dodgers outfielder:

He’s a tremendous player and a great guy.

When they were both playing in Cuba, Guerrero and Puig were opponents in the Serie Nacional and the 26-year old infielder is excited to be on the same team as Puig at the big league level.

The Dodgers are counting on Guerrero playing right away at the big league level and if he’s half as good as Puig this past season, the Dodgers will have signed another international star.


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