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Dodgers News And Rumors: Juan Uribe Might Not Have Many Options Left

Juan UribeThe Los Angeles Dodgers currently don’t have a third baseman on the roster and it seems like time is running out on Juan Uribe. The Dodgers have made multiple offers to Uribe, but his camp has yet to respond and general manager Ned Colletti is running out of patience.

The Dodgers want to sign Uribe to a one-year deal with an option on the second year, but Uribe has his sights set on a guaranteed two-year deal. There are reports that the Miami Marlins and Chicago White Sox are both interested in Uribe, but there have been conflicting reports about how serious the interest is.

After a failed multi-year deal in 2011, the Dodgers are reluctant to give Uribe a multi-year deal. Uribe’s first two seasons in Los Angeles were a complete disappointment and if it wasn’t for the breakout season he had last year, the Dodgers would’ve let Uribe walk.

At this point, Uribe is the best option for the Dodgers, unless they’re able to acquire a third baseman via trade. Uribe was great in the clubhouse and his glove at third base was impressive. While it sounds like nobody but the Dodgers is interested in Uribe, if he doesn’t make up his mind quickly, they might let him walk into a weak market.

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