Dodgers Rumors: Tigers, Mariners, Red Sox Most Active For Matt Kemp

Matt KempFor days heading into the Winter Meetings and for the last two days in Florida, the Los Angeles Dodgers outfield situation has been getting plenty of attention. Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier are the names most rumored to be traded, with Kemp drawing so much attention that his agent flew down to Orlando in anticipation of a trade.

Kemp is still signed for another six-years and $128 million and while teams are intrigued by his potential when healthy, the Dodgers will have to eat a significant portion of his contract if they deal him. According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, three teams have been most active in talks for Kemp this week:

Of the three teams, the Tigers seem to be the newest team involved as the Texas Rangers have always been seen as a team that could look to add another power bat. As Rosenthal states, the Dodgers would eat a large portion of the contract to get a better return, but the Tigers seem reluctant to add another high-priced bat.

Trading Ethier to the Tigers would make more sense since his contract is less expensive and with their recent signing of Rajai Davis, it give them a perfect platoon situation in left field. Meanwhile, the Red Sox are reportedly not interested in trading for Kemp as they’re concerned about his medicals while the Seattle Mariners are reportedly 50-50 about trading for Kemp or adding Nelson Cruz via free agency.

GM Ned Colletti said today that he’s fine not trading an outfielder, but the rumors don’t seem to be going away until he or management say nobody is going anywhere. Expect the chatter to continue and hopefully a resolution to the situation comes sooner rather than later.


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