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Dodgers News: Andre Ethier One and Done on MLB Hall of Fame Ballot

The Baseball Writers Association of America placed their votes late last year for the 2023 class of the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and the results of those votes were announced on Tuesday. The big news was that Scott Rolen was the only player elected by the BBWAA, so he and Fred McGriff (who was elected by the veterans committee last month) will make up the 2023 class this summer.

A little further down the notability list were two former Dodgers who got zero votes and will drop off the ballot, Andre Ethier and Jayson Werth.

Werth was a third-generation Dodger, with his uncle Dick Schofield and grandfather Other Dick Schofield both having briefly played with Los Angeles. Werth’s time in LA was similarly short, although his 721 plate appearances in Dodger blue give him bragging rights at Thanksgiving dinner as the most in the family. Still, Werth’s 2004-05 time in Los Angeles is basically a footnote in his career, which peaked during his time with the Phillies.

Ethier, of course, spent his entire career with LA, playing 12 seasons from 2006-17. He was a two-time All-Star and won a Silver Slugger and a Gold Glove, but he’s kind of a textbook example of a good, solid player who will be beloved by the fans of his team but was never really anyone’s idea of a Hall of Famer.

Werth and Ethier also teamed up, late in their careers, for one of the all-time best baseball GIFs. Ethier hit a fly ball to right and Werth camped under it … except he wasn’t under it.

Was that the moment Werth knew it was time to hang up his spikes. It might have been.

Congratulations to both men on excellent careers, and we’re sorry the Hall of Fame didn’t come calling for you.

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  1. In the past, I would have said that there is no way Ethier is a HOF’r, but it appears as if they are letting anybody in these days, so why shouldn’t he be? It really isn’t the Hall of Fame anymore anyway. It is the Hall of The Very Good.

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