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Dodgers News: Andrew Friedman Defends Dave Roberts, Confirms Return

The speculation has been put to rest as Andrew Friedman confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that Dave Roberts will return for the 2023 season. Fans were calling for Roberts’ head as he was unable to fulfill his guarantee after a disappointing NLDS exit. 

It was evident the Dodgers faced many struggles heading into the postseason from their lack of pitching depth to not being able to score with runners in scoring position, but it still doesn’t take away from all the great things the Dodgers accomplished during the regular season. All this adds more to the narrative that the team should not have lost so early. 

Even with the criticism, Friedman — who spoke with media alongside general manager Brandon Gomes at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday afternoon — backed up his man and believes the criticism towards Roberts has been unfair and the blame should be pointed on everyone in the organization.

“I personally don’t think the criticism that Dave has received has been fair. I think it’s human nature to want to point the finger at someone. I feel like this was an organizational failure in the postseason. I feel like our regular season goal, we accomplished. We put ourselves in the very best position you can to go out and win 11 games in October. We didn’t come close to doing that. I think there are fairly clear answers as to why and other aren’t as clear. But I think the passion is awesome, and I love it. But I feel like all of us are incredibly disappointed.” 

Even with the negativity and backlash, Friedman having Roberts’s back should spark some confidence in the manager. The season clearly didn’t end how they would have liked but Friedman saw enough from the regular season to keep Roberts around. 

It remains to be seen what moves they will make moving forward, but some work needs to be done to avoid a repeat performance.

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    1. Roberts the worst handler of pitchers in nthe post season I’ve seen in my lifetime. Another mamager would have gotten at least one, probably two legitimate World Series appearances…and victories. (2020 does not count, and should not).

  1. Of course Friedman defends his puppet. The dodgers will never win another World Series with Roberts as Manager. The Dodgers should take a page from the Gm of the padres, and hire a veteran Manager who has won with a small payroll that shows your a good manager. Bob Melvin always had The Oakland A’s in the hunt. And now he gets a high payroll team and he beats the best regular season team in MLB. The problem is Friedman doesn’t believe a manager should make more money than him. Go Guggenheim you want to win payup. Get Terry Francona here he will get the job done. Give him this payroll. And us fans will be dancing in streets in October 23.

  2. Roberts is an idiot! He tells his hitters to take on pitches at the worse time. He sets lineups like a rookie manager. Having 3-4 batters batting barely .200 in the lineup is nuts. He makes the dumbest decisions on pitching changes, He chooses the worst possible relievers when it counts. He will never win another World Series . He makes the craziest decisions in the playoffs. He should never ever be a manager again! If a manager like Girardi, Showalter or Francona would of taken the Dodgers all the way to the World Series each year!

  3. Friedman has just alienated thousands of Dodgers fans who may never return to the fold. This man must be suffering from reality disengagement. DR has proven that winning a W Series is not attainable when you look at last seven years. (2020 was not a true WS).

    1. You’re absolutely right. Dodger Stadium will be at an all time low next year in terms of attendance.

  4. spends all this money on top players..and allows a LOSER to manage them.. just sick!!

  5. I watched Friedman’s press conference yesterday. There’s good news and bad news. The good news is, Freidman displayed a good deal of candor in his responses to questions. The bad news is, he made it painfully clear they are going to do exactly the same thing next year that they have been doing for the last 8 years. Congratulations Dodgers you are now the pop culture definition of insanity

  6. As I previously posted, I will live in Florida and will not be going to the Dodgers road games in Miami or Tampa. No reason to see them in person during the regular season, because they will probably break another regular season record of 111 wins, and then do what they do best and fail to win a world series. It really is getting old dealing with failure year after year. But, its what this manager and players do every post season.

  7. I really don’t get it. If Dave Roberts is not responsible for this colosal choke of the Dodgers maybe after 40years of following sports I still don’t get it. 2 years in a row Dodgers reach the post season as “favorites to win World Series” & get kicked out 1st round. Pitching during “clutch time in playoffs” terrible. Wet dynamite. You see our coach on the 9th inning game 3 of the series with a face that showed no clue on how to stop the Padres. Roberts should go.

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