Dodgers News: Andrew Friedman Explains Juan Uribe Trade

On Monday night, Juan Uribe was drawing a key walk in an eventual victory for the Los Angeles Dodgers against the Atlanta Braves.

On Tuesday, Uribe was answering questions from reporters about nearly being traded to the Braves before the trade was vetoed by infielder Alberto Callaspo.

On Wednesday, the third baseman was starting at third base. For the Braves.

It’s been quite a week for Uribe, Callaspo and their respective teams. In the end, Uribe and Chris Withrow were sent across the hallway for Callaspo, Eric Stults, Ian Thomas and Juan Jaime. Before Wednesday’s game, Dodgers president of baseball operations, Andrew Friedman, talked to reporters about the deal.

Off the bat, Friedman praised Callaspo’s versatility as a positive. “Callaspo was a guy that fits our current roster really well. Switch-hitter, can play third base, second base and first base, so that added versatility kind of extends our bench a little bit further,” Friedman said.

Friedman went on to talk about how it came to the point that Uribe was going to be traded. He mentioned the fact that Justin Turner and Alex Guerrero took over the bulk of the playing time and that Uribe’s agent said that his player wanted to play everyday. Once that was said, the Dodgers began to look for possible deals.

Finally, Friedman added that they were able to add some pitching depth, which has been one of the biggest concerns of the new front office since they took over. If Stults clears waivers, he will remain with the team. Thomas and Jaime both could eventually become relievers with the Dodgers, with Thomas having the better chance at the current moment.


Juan Uribe On Being Traded To Braves

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