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Dodgers News: Andrew Friedman Makes it Clear He Still Believes in The Pitchers on LA’s Roster

Sitting with a record of 39-33 and in playoff position, you would think that the Dodgers would feel good about themselves. However, the opposite is at play as LA has started the month of June off extremely poor and have seen themselves drop down to third in the NL West.

After being swept at home this weekend by the rival San Francisco Giants, the Dodgers have hit a low that they haven’t seen in years. They uncharacteristically have one of the worst pitching staffs in the majors and things are trending down quickly.

As a unit, the Dodgers hold an ERA of 4.66 and the team has dropped 17 of their last 28 games. The starting rotation has an ERA of 4.38 and the bullpen is second-to-last in the league at 5.04. However, despite all the issues that are currently derailing this team, President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman still believes in the talent on the roster.

“We still really believe in this roster and the talent level,” Friedman said. “Obviously, we are way more talented than how we’ve been playing. … But now it’s on us to go out and prove it and show it.”

Per The Athletic

If Friedman believes in the players on the roster then there must be something there, right? After all, this is the guy who has been the mastermind behind all the success that the Dodgers have seen lately so he must know something. But the results just aren’t showing it.

Despite bringing back multiple players from last year’s staff, when LA had one of the better pitching staffs in baseball, the team has catapulted to the bottom. Now, injuries have played a part in this as the Dodgers have seen multiple pitchers need extended absences due to being hurt. Four of their five starters on Opening Day have had to miss time with Clayton Kershaw being the only one to stay healthy so far.

But this is also the franchise that prides itself on their ability to pitch at a high level and they always have had the next man up mentality. It’s just not working so far this season.

“If we didn’t feel like, for the guys who are struggling, that there was a compelling upside story, and levers we felt like we could pull to get them back to having a lot more success, then they wouldn’t be here,” Friedman said.

Per The Athletic

Maybe the Dodgers are putting too much faith in themselves but recent success through the years has shown that they do have the magic needed to make things work. There is too much talent on this ball club for them to be struggling in the manner that they are but Friedman isn’t alone in stating the obvious that the team hasn’t played well.

“From a collective group,” pitching coach Mark Prior said, “we have not thrown the ball well.”

Per The Athletic

In recent years, the Dodgers have won due to their pitching being effective but this year, they have had to win in spite of their pitching. It’s been a frustrating reality for the team and now is forcing them to move quickly as the trade deadline approaches. Friedman talked about the mindset they will have as we inch ever closer to August 1.

“In spring training, I did not expect that in July we would aggressively be looking for pitching. With the injuries and where we are, I think that focus has shifted,” Friedman said,. “There’s no question that (targeting pitching) is more likely than it was in March.”

Per The Athletic

LA needs to make some moves if they have any hope of making this season count. Entering the year, it was supposed to be somewhat of a step back for the Dodgers due to the talent that they let go of over the offseason. But nobody could have predicted this.

The organization has some questions to answer over the next month plus and within that, we will see just how far the Dodgers can go this season.

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