Dodgers News: Astros Cheating Scandal Blows Up, Friedman Talks Seager, 2020 Rotation, and More!

In a crazy week for Major League Baseball, the General Manager’s Meetings turned into a Houston Astros exposé after allegations of sign stealing took over the news cycle.

Dodgers: 2017 World Series Potentially Impacted by Astros Sign Stealing

Immediately the minds of fans turned to Yu Darvish’s ill-fated World Series game 7 vs Houston and he quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.

Dodgers News: Yu Darvish Responds to Astros Cheating Allegations

Dodgers: Yu Darvish Opens Up About Astros’ Sign Stealing, Game 7

Of course, with Andrew Friedman already scheduled for a media availability at the GM meetings, he was asked his thoughts about the news.

Dodgers News: Andrew Friedman Reacts to Astros Cheating Scandal

Some of our writers took the news in different ways.

Dodgers: With Astros 2017 Sign Stealing Scandal, A Chance for Closure

2017 Dodgers Woes Return Amidst Astros Cheating Allegations

Friedman Talks Rotation and Seager

But the show must go on and there were other more tangible things to handle for the Dodgers.

Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Confirms Mark Prior as New Pitching Coach


Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Names Current 2020 Starting Rotation

Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Talks Potential Rich Hill Return, 2020 Role of Dustin May

Dodgers: Ownership Not Forcing Andrew Friedman to Stay Under Luxury Tax

Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Confirms Mark Prior as New Pitching Coach

With the Astros scandal remaining hot, and MLB’s Winter Meeting just around the corner, keep it tuned to Dodgers Nation for everything Dodgers.

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One Comment

  1. If MLB cannot, will not, invalidate the Astros World Series title, then all of the charter is a waste of time.
    C’mon, if a person has evaded taxes for years, or if one has stolen something years ago, you think nothing is done because “oh well, it’s water under the bridge. Can’t focus on the past. Learn from our mistakes.”? Baloney. This was only two years ago. Manfred is trying to save face and not bring shame onto his league. If MLB admits that it must revoke the 2017 title, Manfred will think it will reflect on
    himself. When actually, the only right thing to do is take the stolen goods and return it to its rightful owner.

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