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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Names Current 2020 Starting Rotation

The Dodgers are set to have numerous arms vying for a spot in the Opening Day rotation for 2020, but as always, there are only five available spots.

According to Andrew Friedman, the club has identified their five primary options as the roster currently stands:

Current State

Currently, the Dodgers plan to go with a rotation of right-handers Walker Buehler, Kenta Maeda, and Ross Stripling with southpaws Clayton Kershaw and Julio Urías filling the rest of the rotation out. Buehler and Kershaw appear to be locks for the rotation with Maeda being very likely, Urías being about 50/50, and Ross Stripling being unlikely considering the likelihood he gets dealt.

Rookie Involvement

The Dodgers also have rookie right-handers Dustin May and Tony Gonsolin in tow and they both figure to make sizable impacts in 2020. They both impressed during their short stints with the big club in 2019, with May making the NLDS roster.

If the Dodgers do trade someone like Ross Stripling away, that would open a spot up for one of the two rookies. If they do not make the Opening Day rotation, they might make the Opening Day bullpen. Anything is in play for both of the young pitchers.

Free Agency Impact

With the Dodgers planning to fully immerse themselves in the free agent and trade markets, one or more of the spots could be occupied by someone who is not currently on the roster. The names could include someone like Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg, or Zack Wheeler entering the fray.


Friedman has provided some early clarity in regards to the rotation, but because it is so early, things will change. The five pitchers named all walk different lines and any one of them, sans Buehler and Kershaw, could find themselves in the bullpen or pitching for a different club next season.

Daniel Preciado

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  1. Great. Who is going to bail these guys out? Ferguson? Baez? Kelly? Garcia? Floro? Go get some relief help for God’s sake.

  2. How do you go from Friedman’s statement (“Stripling will have a chance to compete for a spot”) to “…and Ross Stripling being unlikely considering the likelihood he gets dealt?”

  3. I hate this FO with a passion. That is a weak a** playoff rotation. Sign Cole and Strasburg you aren’t fooling anyone we know you have billions stop taking advantage of the fans and go for a championship

  4. Because trading Stripling for position players or a true reliever would be a smart deal. He needs a change because he will never get a long term starting saddle with the Dodgers. Time has already passed him by and Gonsolin and May are pushing from the rear to make a difference now. I’d say that with the Dodgers interested in Francisco Lindor, you package Seager, Stripling and a few top, but not needed Minor Leaguers off the 40 man roster and trade to Cleveland. If they accept it, then that clears out some space on the 40 man, especially with some of your better prospects about to be exposed to the Rule 5 Draft. We can’t keep them all, even though we might like to. And better to trade a player that has plateaued (Strippling) for something or someone you can develop or something you need.

    1. How deeply ownership wades into the free agent market will be based upon their assessment of the intelligence of our fans. Deep involvement will indicate to us that they rate our intelligence highly in that attendance and enthusiasm will remain high, but drop off if they are not aggressive. The opposite will happen if they think we are stupid enough to maintain attendance and enthusiasm regardless of what they do. Boycotting like tariffs, works.

    2. Dont think there are any ” better prospects” that will be exposed to the rule 5 draft on this team. In fact there are 6/8 on the 40 man that will never dodger stadium. A prospect is like 22/23 years old.

  5. The usual bS by the Dodger Organization. Just my opinion that the Dodgers ( always talking big) will do basically nothing, because they’re basically CHEAP.———- Garret Cole? Steven Strasberg? Rendon? NOT A FREAKING CHANCE THEY SIGN ANY OF THEM!

  6. There’s the proof who makes the stupid decisions,Dustin May and Gonsolin are better than Maeda as starters And Kenta is better in relief.

  7. Where is Ryu ? Friedman is an idiot
    He must love second place
    Have some real baseball knowledge or hire someone who does
    Fire this joke !

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