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Dodgers News: Barnes Blast the Cheating Astros, Bauer’s Dig at Umpiring, Houston’s Security Crackdown, and More!

The Dodgers made their return to Houston with fans this week, so there was plenty to talk about in the headlines. It turns out that whenever you get to play the team that cheated you out of a World Series, fans are very interested. Let’s dive into some of the biggest news from around the team this week. 

The Astros security was extra tough on Dodgers fans coming into the series in Houston. Not only did they not allow cheating signs any time they were able to find them on fans, but one fan was temporarily held out of the park despite having a ticket. 

Dodgers: Astros Security Extra Tough on LA Fans in Houston on Tuesday

Austin Barnes was part of that 2017 team that was cheated out of a title in 2017. And he did not hold back when asked how it felt being back in Houston to play the Astros this week. Barnes said it’s hard to forget something like that.

Dodgers: Austin Barnes Slams Cheating Astros in Return to Houston

Justin Turner was also part of that 2017 team, and he had a classic picture in front of a trashcan in his return to Houston. Was it on purpose? We’ll let you be the judge of that. 

Dodgers: Justin Turner Poses in Front of a Trash Can in Houston

After leaving Houston, the Dodgers played a series again the Giants at home. Max Muncy had a brief heated exchange with former teammate Alex Wood, but he later cleared it up. No bad blood between these two competitors. 

Dodgers: Max Muncy Clarifies Brief Dispute With Former Teammate Alex Wood

Speaking of the Giants, Trevor Bauer took a little bit of a shot at the home plate umpire following his outing in San Francisco. Not a great way to win over points with the officiating crew, but it was…pretty accurate from Bauer.

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Points to One Issue for Justin Turner’s Recent Struggles

And finally, Dave Roberts had some thoughts on the early struggles of Justin Turner. But the good news is that the veteran infielder has been able to turn it around over the past week or so. 

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Points to One Issue for Justin Turner’s Recent Struggles

Check back in with us every week as we continue to bring you the latest news on your Los Angeles Dodgers. News, transactions, roster updates, interviews, and more! 

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  1. Sounds like someone is trying to deflect from the latest news that the Dodgers were also cheating.

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