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Dodgers: Max Muncy Clarifies Brief Dispute With Former Teammate Alex Wood

The Dodgers and Giants are always sure to provide some sort of drama whenever the 2 teams meet up. And even though that drama hasn’t been nearly as fiery in recent seasons as it has been in the past, it’s always fun.

The only drama that came in the game Thursday night was brief. With former Dodgers pitcher Alex Wood on the mound, Max Muncy got into an 0-2 hole very quickly. That promoted a quick pitch from Wood that Max immediately waved off to the umpire. He got his timeout before the pitch, and Wood seemed very unhappy with it. 

The 2 former Dodgers teammates went back and forth for a second jawing at each other, but nothing else came of it. Muncy would go on to ground out on the next pitch and end the inning. Muncy later explained the encounter to the media and downplayed it. 

That’s just one of the things that’s part of Woody’s game. He’s very quick with his delivery and it helps make him really effective. He’s got really good stuff and then he does that on top of it. I didn’t feel like I was ready at the plate, so I got time and it was just a little exchange. I don’t know if you saw me smile but as I was talking to Curt their catcher, it was all almost just because it was Woody. Getting fired up just because it was him, it was fun out there.  

Muncy would eventually go on to get the last laugh though, taking Wood deep to give the Dodgers the lead in the 6th. So the good news is that there is no love lost between the 2 former teammates. Wood is supposed to be getting his World Series ring at some point during this series, but there is no word on when that will be happening. 

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The Dodgers play 3 more games in Los Angeles this weekend with the NL West on the line…for May. The Padres play the Astros for 3 games over the weekend, so the standings could look a lot different by Sunday. 

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    1. No no. It was fake Wood acting up first when Max asked for time. Wood IS always acting up like he thinks he is it. Even when he was w/ the Dodgers he thought he was a Kershaw wannabe. He refused to go to the pen….. not a team player…. a cry baby…..and an animosity towards the Dodgers. A big time “Shibai”.

  1. I’m sorry did bleu diamond say petty as usual. I have never seen the Dodgers act petty about anything. So I am calling a time out without any drama. I have to get into the box with a rapid fire pitcher throwing 95 mph who has already hit Mookie Betts and I just want to focus on seeing the ball. Sorry if that is petty. Now let me hit my home run as I am ready

  2. What happened later on with the relief pitcher though? He struck out and then turned back at the pitcher and waived his fingers no no no.

  3. Calling a time out for being quick pitch is hardly dramatic or petty and neither was max’s response playing the brief exchange down. The drama is with your writing bro but it will never be a best seller.

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