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Dodgers: Astros Security Extra Tough on LA Fans in Houston on Tuesday

Dodgers fans have waited a long time to get their chance to give the Astros a hard time. After a year away from the game and removed from the cheating scandal, fans flocked to Minute Maid Park in Houston. 

Unfortunately, they were not met with the southern hospitality that they expected down in Houston. Many Dodgers fans were turned away or required to throw out signs that they had worked hard on. One fan spoke with am570’s Dave Vassegh about security not letting anything in with the word ‘cheater’ on it. 

The atmosphere in Houston was wild, even if security gave fans a hard time. Dodgers fans made up roughly 40 percent of the capacity, and they were heard loud and clear on the broadcast. 

The Astros security team would also later take away that inflatable trashcan in the field. Who would have guessed? One Dodgers fan even got held up at the gate and security wouldn’t let her in. Flying all the way from the West Coast just for the series, the security team didn’t like her Nice Swing B**** shirt inspired by Joe Kelly

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The good news is that she eventually got into the game and got to keep the shirt. But it sure seems like the Astros are doing everything they can to make sure Dodgers fans are not having a good time. We took game 1 though, so jokes on them. 

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  1. You can buy ballplayers but you usually don’t get “class” with your purchase…The Dodgers left their class in Brooklyn and have taken up “California Whinin’ ” New Beach Boys song maybe?

    1. You OLD AF. You can buy cameras and a trashcan, but you are more likely to cheat to earn a ring.

    2. How are you going to talk about class when the team had to cheat to win and is crying that the fans are being mean calling them cheaters. Sounds to me like the Asstros are a bunch of cry babies.

  2. I said this before & I will say it again the Houston Asterisks (The Cheaters) Are embarrassment to whole world of sports especially MLB, The 2017 WS so call garbage title is Forever Tainted!

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