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Dodgers News: Brett Anderson Accepts Qualifying Offer

When this offseason began, there was legitimate concern over whether the qualifying offer system needed rethinking. No player had ever accepted the offer, making some consider whether it’s even worth having that step in the process.

This offseason, though, it’s been a different story.

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Friday afternoon – the deadline to accept of officially turn down the offers – Brett Anderson became the third player ever to accept the one-year deal. His contract will be worth $15.8 million.

This, via his own official Twitter account:

Anderson was better than most thought he’d be in 2015, and the deal makes at least some sense for both side. For the Dodgers, they get a steady back-end rotational starter – though maybe at a little more than one usually makes in such a role.

For Anderson, he gets to prove for another year that he’s worth a long-term deal. Fans will probably remember that last start in the postseason, but he was a legitimate piece of the Dodgers’ regular season success.

Houston’s Colby Rasmus and Baltimore’s Matt Wieters both accepted their offers.

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