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Dodgers News: Brett Anderson To Undergo Back Surgery

Not all news out of Spring Training is good news, and this certainly qualifies as terrible news. According to manager Dave Roberts, as well as reports, left-hander Brett Anderson will undergo back surgery that will keep him out of action for quite some time. This is a blow to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The news broke shortly ago on Twitter, and it’s one of those things that you wish never came across the news crawl. Anderson has dealt with injury issues in the past, but he was a reliable starter last year for the team. However, it seems like he will be missing a considerable amount of time this season.

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From Andy McCullough of the Los Angeles Times:

According to the reports, Anderson felt something in his back when throwing live batting practice on Tuesday, and they ran tests to get it checked out just to make sure it wasn’t anything serious. Well, as it turns out, it was serious. It was a bulging disk in his back and it needed to be taken care of.

Last season, the 28-year old left-hander put up a 3.69 ERA in 180.1 innings while striking out 116 batters. He was an invaluable piece of the rotation that will not be easily replaced. It looks like Alex Wood’s spot in the rotation will be turning into a permanent one, at least until Anderson can return.

There’s no word on who will take Anderson’s spot in the rotation at this time, but one would venture a guess that Mike Bolsinger would seem like a solid option to do the job as a fifth starter. This is terrible news for Anderson and we wish him the best on his road to recovery from back surgery. The team will need him in the future.

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  1. Well it is bad news for Anderson, but for Frias, Bolsinger, Beachy, Urias, Lee, it is the door of opportunity opening. It is also the first drop of the shoe………what is next?

  2. Oh, I forgot Sierra…that guy the just gave a lot of money to…..Time to earn your keep

  3. Well the walls are crumbling already. A bum pitcher to go the the rest of the broken down Firedman and Farty signings. Go cheap, get cheap. What a waste of 16 million. Keep up the good work you idiots in the front office.

  4. I never had much faith in Anderson, and now he’s worthless.  Good luck in trying to deal him.  Likewise, I have no faith in Alex Wood. He will be another disaster.  And when will Ryu ever pitch again?  Pitching problems continue to persist in this organization and many who were acquired in the off season have yet to prove themselves.  They did not bolster themselves with the “right” pitchers to support Kershaw.  Big mistake.  And with Turner subject to injury and he and Jansen free agents at years end, looks like Guerrero is the man at third.  I like him, but he needs grooming and more plate appearances.  Turner either plays third or he’s relegated to DH whenever that comes to pass in the NL.  By the way, I despise the DH.  Problems mounting already and we haven’t played one inning yet.

  5. horrorluvr3123  Well you obviously have not read the Dodger web page. Roberts stated today that Beachy and Bolsinger will get the first shot at replacing Anderson. Who is not a bum, actually not a bad pitcher when healthy. He is injury prone though, and that does not equate with being lousy. Beachy has a 14-12 career record, but was actually pretty solid when healthy. He has had 2 TJ surgery’s. Anderson’s big league record is 37-41…so he is not a .500 pitcher, but he did a pretty good job last year.

  6. I did read it and that is why I said “are you serious”. Anderson IS a bum. An injury prone bum, imo. Beachy had 2 TJS surgeries, that makes him a bum too. I will eat my hat if Beachy has an ERA under 5.

  7. Goodness is everyone a negative Nancy on here.  Sheesh.  You’d think we just lost Kershaw to injury or something by the way some of you guys are talking.  On the depth chart Anderson was slated to be our #4 or #5.  We still have our #1-4 pitchers, and have a perfectly competent Alex Wood, Mike Bolsinger (who was great spot starting last year btw), and others waiting in the wings for the opportunity to jump in.  And it seems you all are completely forgetting about Ryu slated to come back sometime around May – a pitcher who was worth 7.4 WAR over 2013-2014.  We are still going to be fine in terms of the rotation this year.

  8. All of our depth is on the injury reserve. The rest number 2 through number 4 are very questionable. And of course we now don’t have a number 5. This is starting to look like a disaster. (It always did).when will the next shoe fall?

  9. It’s karma. Lock out 75% of your fans from watching the games on tv and BAM poop happens. The fan-whammy will hit Gonzalez next and Ryu too!!!

  10. nodrog60, I am totally with you! I knew signing injury prone guys would bite us mccarthy and Anderson.

  11. horrorluvr3123  Start eating….Beachy’s career ERA is 3.36…way under 5 wouldn’t you say……Being injury prone does not make one a bum. I bet you were one of those who said Matt Kemp was a bum too….Anderson when healthy is not a bad pitcher. Certainly not Cy Young material, but neither is Samardzija. And there are a lot of other options….so your analysis is moot….

  12. yarritsblake  First off..Bolsinger was not great…he was ok at best, and also not much more than a 6 inning pitcher……but we have plenty of depth…..there are at least 6 guys lining up for a shot at the spot. Frias, Bolsinger, Beachy, Chris Anderson, Lee, Urias, Deleon, Sierra……that is plenty to chose from….and don’t sweat the morons who have no clue as to what the Dodgers have on their roster…..There is plenty of depth, and some solid guys after Kershaw…..most baseball people say the Dodger staff is much deeper this year…

  13. nodrog60  First off….baseball does not have an injured reserve list. Secondly, Wood and Kazmir and Maeda will all be fine. There are more than 6 guys to chose the #5 guy from…Frias, Bolsinger, Beachy, no matter what horror brain has to say, Deleon, Urias, Sierra, and Lee, and Chris Anderson……depth depth depth….

  14. Moot? Because I disagree with you? That is hilarious. Kemp was good for ONE year. Average the rest. Who brought up Samardzia? Anderson can’t stay healthy. Bum. How many starts does Beachy had since 2013? That’s right, 7. And his ERA in those 7 starts? 5.24!!!! And how many TJs? 2. All of those numbers and facts equal NO GOOD!!!

  15. Well let’s see michael. Frias coudn’t do it last year, bolsinfer,  28 year old one year wonder, beach,  probably never pitch for dodgers again, Lee  all done, anderson I don’t know.DeLeon and urias, not this year I hope. Sierra couldn’t seem to make it in Cuba. Wood, and maeda have potential. Kamir should probably be number 5. I’m still looking for the depth, depth, depth.  We can only hope a few of these guys can cut it. I fear well be in such bad shape that they will have to call up deleon and urias.

  16. horrorluvr3123  The bone head here is obviously you since you know less than shit about the game…and it is pretty hard to determine anyone’s ERA even before the season starts. The fact is, he was a solid pitcher with a bright future until he got injured. A lot of pitchers, including Tommy John came back from the surgery and did pretty well. Kuo comes to mind. just because a guy has injuries does not make him a bum…what it does do is make you look for any excuse to blast the guy..probably because you yourself have no effen talent at anything….and you had better check Kemps stats there boyo. Matt Kemp has had exactly 1 year where he batted under .250…and he still had 28 HR’s and 89 RBI’s…. He is a career .289 hitter…he had 2 seasons where he was playing injured……And I would have a war of wits with you asshole, but I hate fighting an unarmed man…..get real, get a life and quit your constant crybaby bitching…

  17. horrorluvr3123  You are using his era in seasons where he was trying to come back from an injury…that is as stupid as your Matt Kemp comment……I no longer wish to carry on a conversation with a moron like you

  18. nodrog60  Frias was not that bad, and not that great, but he is a kid….where did you read that Lee was done? I did not…..Bolsinger, well he could not break a pane of glass with is fastball, but he was ok..his ERA was below 4. You are obviously one of those who does not see what the guys who do this for a living do, and they see depth….Sierra most likely will start the year at AA…..But Anderson, Lee, and Stripling all have talent. They just have not gotten their shot yet….better to wait and see what happens than be so effen negative.

  19. Wow, you sir are an angry OLD man. If Matt Kemp was so great, why did we trade him to a division rival AND pay most of his salary. I’ll sit here and wait while you come up with a good answer for that.
    Also Beachy has two tommy johns.
    If anyone here is an asshole it’s you old man.

  20. Michael Norris horrorluvr3123 Matt Kemp was considered to be a super star most of his career. I couldn’t have put it any better. He should have won the MVP award the year that Bryan Braun won it, with him being on steroids that yr. Your debater I guess didn’t know that Kemp’s greatness was interrupted by hustling to catch a fly ball while running into the wall. Braun was suspended for a whole year after they gave him the award. Kemp didn’t get that huge contract by being a bum. If not for him injuring his arm, he could still be a Dodger. 
    He came close to winning the Triple Crown that year.

  21. I’m still waiting on the answer to my question. 1 year does not a “superstar” make.

  22. horrorluvr3123  Not angry at all….just your arguments to not hold water. And I doubt you have forgotten more about baseball than me. Matt Kemp got his contract because he earned it. He was traded because 1. They had a glut of outfielders. 2 The new FO wanted to put their stamp on the team. 3. His 2014 season showed he was over his injuries, he was the BEST hitter on the team the last 2 months once he was healthy. 4. He was considered by some a club house cancer. 5 They did NOT pay most of his salary….they paid 30 million of the over 100 million he was owed smart ass. Go look at his year by year record. He had more than just 1 good season. In 2012, the year he got injured, he was hitting close to .350 with 20 homers when he crashed into the wall at Coors Field in Denver. A game I was watching. He was busting his ass trying to catch the ball and hit the wall, HARD. He had 2 major surgeries, and was just coming back from them when he was traded. He hit 23 homers last year and drove in 100 runs. Only Pederson hit more homers and no Dodger drove in 100 runs…so who is the fucking idiot now? You obviously are a moronic know it all…you know shit there a hole…..

  23. horrorluvr3123  If you had actually read what I wrote I said Beachy had 2 TJ surgery’s. But since you are such a bonehead, you missed that….and this old man as you call me….well I could tear your head off and shot down your throat….easily………but you are not worth my fucking time…so fuck off moron….and eat shit and die…

  24. Didn’t read all that horse manure. Please don’t “shot” down my throat. OLD MAN, you are for sure angry and your foul language says way more about you than I can. You sound like an uneducated “get off my lawn” type guy. Your blind love for this FO tells me all I need to know. Go and enjoy your prune juice, Pabst Blue Ribbon and kicking puppies.

  25. horrorluvr3123  You are typical….you did not read it because I said it before you tried to make your point. I bet I am more educated than you…I do not drink at all, and I have a pretty nice dog that I never kick……I do not care for the new FO and sure as hell do not love them. Never drink prune juice, and as of this message say goodbye to your uneducated and moronic mind…if you expect another reply forget it. I am not having a war of wits with someone so ill equipped and incompetent to fight one..

  26. Michael Norris horrorluvr3123  Michael, you said several posts above that you were not going to respond to horrorluvr.  Stay away from guys who just want to egg you on.  They are not worth stooping to their level.

    Anderson was never expected to be anything more than a #5 rotation pitcher anyway.  He is not a bum, and was never expected to be a CY candidate.  So now he is gone, and the Dodgers need to look elsewhere for their #5.  OK.  Is anyone REALLY upset that Anderson is getting $15.8 million?  Does anyone really believe that handicaps the Dodgers going forward in any way?  He’s gone and the Dodgers have a lot to choose from. 

    Beachy?  Why not?  Others have come back from TJ surgery, even Tommy John himself.  I don’t know if he can, but if he does he was a pretty good pitcher for ATL. Strasburg/Harvey/deGrom/Fernandez all have survived TJ surgeries and done well.  Beachy may or may not.  But he should get a chance.

    Zach Lee had a bad start for LAD last year (Kershaw had a few as well). He was called up unexpectedly because Greinke decided to take his full three days of paternity leave.  But he was one of the best pitchers in the PCL in 2015.  Less than 2.7 ERA with 113 IP with good control 4.26 SO/W ratio, in a hitters league.  Hitters excel in PCL, and pitchers excel in IL.  He deserves a chance. 

    Bolsinger had his ERA below 3.00 as late as September 4. After that game, he just collapsed.   I think he exceeded his expected ceiling,  but maybe not.  Ross Stripling/Jharel Cotton/Chris Anderson all would get chances as a #5 on most teams.

    Losing Anderson is not a disaster, it’s an opportunity for someone else to step up.  If Kershaw goes down, now that would be a disaster.

  27. AlwaysCompete Michael Norris horrorluvr3123  Yep, you are right and I am no longer responding to his posts. I over reacted a lot, but sometimes when people are total morons it just chaffs my ass. We all know Anderson was not the best choice, and pretty much a bad choice to begin with. I thought from the get go that him and McCarthy were not worth what was spent. 10 million for 10 wins, and 12 million for 4. Not a great investment. But I do think they have a lot more depth this year, but I still have no love for these guys. Ryu going down was a bigger deal than McCarthy because he was a solid #3 guy. Now that they are not even sure about him, the pitching has taken a hit in the starting rotation again. I believe they had better options in free agency, and enough talent where they could have made a trade. We will never know because no one has a clue what those guys are up to, and that more than anything is what is the most frustrating thing of all….

  28. Funny how you say I’m a moron, but then say pretty much what I said. Weird. McCarthy and Anderson have been bums in their career. Always hurt and can’t be counted on. Plain and simple.

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