Dodgers Rumors: Team Still Pursuing Lazarito

It’s been nearly a full month since the last big Lazarito update. The talented Cuban youngster shared a game with Yasiel Puig in early February, and then he was supposed to sign with a club a few days later. Except it didn’t happen. However, despite that, the Los Angeles Dodgers are still pursuing him.

According to latest reports, the outfielder known as Lazarito Armenteros could be making his decision fairly soon. As of right now, it seems like that decision is down to three teams, and he’ll need to pick one of them as his team of choice. The Dodgers are on that list, and hope to still sign him.

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From Thomas Carannante at Headlines & Global News:

“The Padres are now the favorites to sign Armenteros, though the Braves and Dodgers have also been connected to him as well,” writes Ben Badler of Baseball America, who has the most recent scoop on Lazarito.

First things first, if the Dodgers are to sign him then they will have to pay a dollar-for-dollar tax on the money since they are already over their pool limit in this signing period. This shouldn’t dissuade the team from actually going after more talent, but it is something to always keep an eye on.

Armenteros is a toolsy outfielder that grades as at least a 55 (on the 20-80 scale) in all the major categories. He can do all things at a solid clip, and the hope is that he can turn into a stud style outfield prospect that teams absolutely crave these days. The Dodgers could use one of those type of prospects.

As it stands, it seems like, according to the article, that the Padres have the inside track on Lazarito. That doesn’t mean it’s over or anything like that, but the Dodgers would have to leapfrog them in order to gain his services. We’ll see how serious the team is about signing him very soon.

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  1. What makes the Padres the favorites?  They obviously don’t have more money than the Dodgers.

    What about the Padres makes them the favorites to sign him?

  2. Giantkiller Agreed.  This is the first time I’ve ever read that the Padres are the favorites.  They haven’t gone over their limit this year and they have no reason to do so simply to land just one player (which would be the case if they were to sign Lazarito).  I’ve seen far more indications that they, along with the Braves, are holding off to go past their limit this year.  The Dodgers are the favorites by most people’s measures – especially if Lazarito decides to not wait until the 2016 period.  Also, Lazarito has stated Puig is an idol/hero of his so that adds whatever extra edge you may give to the Dodgers.

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