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Dodgers News: Brian Wilson Opens Up About Road Back And His Beard

Dodgers reliever Brian Wilson has been active for the entire Marlins series, but hasn’t been brought into a game yet. While it’s taken some time to get used to seeing Wilson in Dodger blue, it sounds like he isn’t phased by the jersey change.

Signed to a major league contract near the trade deadline, Wilson reported to the Dodgers minor league affiliates in Rancho and Albuquerque before joining the team in Philadelphia.

Speaking to David Vassegh from AM 570 Radio, Wilson talked about the long road back to the big leagues and how he’s feeling:

Well now it’s a sense of urgency, before was a little mini-vacation. It’s go time.  It was fun to endure the pain (recovery) and now I’m back and I’m ready to rock.

Wilson has gone on record as to say that general manager Ned Colletti is a huge reason why he chose the Dodgers since he gambled on him during his time with the Giants in the early 2000’s.

Donning the Dodger blue isn’t weird for Wilson as he said he’s had 16 months to move on from that chapter (with the Giants) in his life and is excited about what he’s seen during his brief time in the clubhouse.

However, the one thing on everybody’s mind is what he’ll do with the beard and he had something to say about that:

I don’t see it as any different to anyones hair cut. If you’re focusing on my beard, you’ve already lost.

It isn’t known what role Wilson will fill once he’s acclimated back to big-league life, but he looks good and sounds ready to go whenever his name will be called.


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  1. Just as long as he doesnt make it the focal point of his existence. Leave the act at home and do what you are being paid to do.

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