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Dodgers News: Carl Crawford Informed of Role

The Dodgers’ glut in the outfield was always going to produce its share of victims. Guys who might have larger roles on lesser teams will have to accept what might be seen as reduced for the betterment of this roster.

Case in point: Carl Crawford.

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Crawford is paid like an everyday player; he’s probably talented enough to be a low-level everyday player (when healthy, of course) and if moved, he’d probably take on a larger role at his destination. Probably. I think.

Anyway, Crawford was asked about what his role might be on this year and he had this to say, via’s Ken Gurnick.

“They told me there will be a lot of at-bats for me, but ‘Dre starts, and he’s earned it… I’ll get spot starts and be ready to pinch-hit for the pitcher a lot. That’s pretty much it — just be ready to come off the bench.”

So, there you have it, Andre Either will be the Dodgers’ starting left fielder, with Crawford coming off the bench. How did Crawford take the news?

“I want to play, but I understand I put myself in this situation, so I knew it could happen,” said Crawford. “I’m not in position to argue with them. Right now, I do what’s asked of me and keep trying to improve myself and be sharp and ready to play when my number is called.”

At the very least, he’s taking the news with the kind of professionalism you’d expect from a veteran. It’s also good to see he isn’t exactly thrilled about the situation, either.

The way the Dodgers handled this situation also helps, one would imagine. The clarity of being told exactly where he stands prepares him to either accept it or work harder to improve his standing.

Crawford’s time in Los Angeles obviously hasn’t gone as planned, but with this kind of attitude, he just might be able to turn things around at some point this season, either as a Dodger or for another team.

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  2. Anyone who doubts this guy is a pro, well his reaction and taking responsibility without placing the blame on anyone but himself, well that says a lot about his character, and his putting the team first. Reminiscent of Andre Ethier’s comments when he was being platooned./

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