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Dodgers News: Chase Utley Is The Man

It’s not an everyday sight that you see a player from the visiting team get a standing ovation from the entire stadium before his first at-bat. It’s almost unheard of for a player from the visiting team to receive a curtain call after hitting a home run. Former longtime Philly, Chase Utley, received both last night as he returned to play in front of the home crowd in Philadelphia for the first time since he was signed by the Dodgers last season.

Last night in Philadelphia, Utley was honored by the entire stadium before his first at-bat. It was quite a sight to see.

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Utley finished off his first night back in Philly, the only appropriate way that a “walking legend” should. Utley belted out a HR in the top of the 5th, earning him yet again, another standing O. But that wasn’t the end of Utley’s epic return to Philadelphia. In his next at-bat, Utley hit a grand slam during the Dodger’s huge 8-run inning. The crowd in Philly cheered for Utley as if he never left.

Chase Utley has been having a great season for the Dodgers this year and has become a crucial part of this team. The veteran second baseman is one of the main leaders for this Dodger ball club. He has helped teach the young guys on this team how to play the game the right way, rightfully earning him the 2016 Heart and Hustle award from the Dodgers.

With a lot of baseball clearly still left in the 37-year-old infielder, hopefully, the Dodgers can manage to hang on to Chase Utley for the rest of his baseball career as he has had nothing but a positive impact while wearing the Dodger uniform.

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