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Dodgers News: Clayton Kershaw Not Extended Qualifying Offer

The Dodgers have nearly a dozen free agents heading into next season, but there are only three who were eligible to receive a qualifying offer. Minutes before the 2 PM deadline on Sunday, the Dodgers announced that they extended offers to two of the three. The only one who didn’t receive one? Long-time ace and face of the franchise, Clayton Kershaw.

Clayton just wrapped up a 3-year deal that paid him an average of $31 million per season, which made him one of baseball’s highest-paid pitchers at the time. This year’s qualifying offer is worth $18.4 million over one year, which would have been a massive cut from what Kershaw was making before.

The question now is if the Dodgers are willing to offer the veteran lefty a legacy contract so that he can end his career in Los Angeles. The team obviously values his presence in the dugout, but will they want to pay a pitcher on the wrong side of 30 more than his value on the field may be worth?

The answer should absolutely be yes, regardless of what Kershaw asks for. He is no longer the unquestioned ace of the staff, but he still offers plenty of value on the mound along with everything he does off the field. More than that, however, this is about a team paying back one of their greatest players ever with a deal that ensures he ends his career where he started it.

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For anyone worried that this means the end of Kershaw’s career in Los Angeles, here are some recent words from his best friend and former battery mate, AJ Ellis, who spoke with Bill Shaikin of the LA Times back in August:

“No chance,” Ellis said. “He’s a one-uniform guy. He’s going to be a one-uniform guy with an amazing contingent at Cooperstown some day. It’s going to be pretty special for that to happen, and to see that No. 22 retired at Dodger Stadium, and to see a statue someday.”

There is still plenty of time for the two sides to agree on a new deal, but one thing is certain. Clayton Kershaw deserves to be a lifelong Dodger, and the front office knows it. All that’s left is to make it official.

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  1. We would all love for Kershaw to be a one-team guy, but it’s really up to Kershaw to make it happen. He has to understand what it will take from him and for the team.

  2. Give him a one year contract @15million plus incentives, which will roll over each year based on innings pitched. Maybe he pitches 1 year, maybe 5… If he’s effective, but you can’t break the bank for him based on his last few injury plagued years, since he is basically a 4th starter now.

  3. “This is about a team paying back ….” BS. He’s been paid well over 100 million from the Dodgers, services rendered! Love Kershaw, but moving forward we start at zero. What is Kersh worth now?

    1. Over 250 million actually. I agree the team owes him the same he owes them; To sit and agree on something mutually beneficial.


  5. Friedman is a slick dude. To me this means a couple things. One is that they are already negotiating a contract; and he is trying to keep any potential insult out. The other is that if a qualifying offer is made; some bottom feeder may try to swoop in. My guess is that Clayton signs his last contract and it will be 3-4 years. Last year team options. Still think deferrals is the way to go. Keep us under the luxury tax.

    1. Pederson for sure. He’s said he’s ok if he’s not in there against every LHP but wants to be on a team that will contend. And he may yet still get 450 AB’S or so if he comes back here, especially with a DH, which many around the game believe it will be back in NL with a new CBA.

  6. I cannot see Clayton Kershaw pitching in anything but Dodger Blue. He needs to finish his career with the Dodgers. To change teams now would put a negative on his legacy. I am sure the Dodgers and Kershaw can come to some agreement to keep him a Dodger until he retires. I think he still adds value to the Dodgers not only as a pitcher but as a advisor to the younger players. I just never want to see Clayton Kershaw in any other uniform.

  7. Clayton has been WAY overpaid the last few years. He’s always hurt. Don’t see any reason he’ll get healthier as he ages. If he takes a contract that is heavily laden with incentives then I’m for it. Otherwise let him sit on the IR list for somebody else.

  8. Time to turn the page on Kershaw.
    I don’t want to hear any of AJ Ellis BS. Of course he’s going to say that because he only kept his job because Kershaw spoke up for him. Other than that, AJ was an instant out at the plate and sure rally killer for the Dodgers.
    This is a business and we need the money that would go to sign Kershaw be put towards signing Max, CT3, Albert and Puig.

  9. I think 1 of 2 things. Either the Dodgers are giving him the chance to sign somewhere else w/o an anchor of a draft pick on him or 2 they are working on a deal under the 18 million qualifying offer. Something with incentives.

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