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Dodgers News: Clayton Kershaw Responds To Upset Diamondbacks

It’s a story that won’t go away until possibly next season, but the Dodgers running out to right field and jumping into the pool at Chase Field has rubbed people the wrong way.

After the Diamondbacks requested the Dodgers not go back onto the field and celebrate, players Hyun-Jin Ryu, Yasiel Puig, Brian Wilson and many others decided to hold their own pool party. Cannonballs and champagne filled the area and while there was backlash, Dodger starter Clayton Kershaw told Zach Buchanan of they didn’t mean any disrespect:

I’m sorry they feel that way, Kershaw said. We don’t mean any disrespect towards them. We’re just trying to enjoy our postseason berth. For me, if they were to celebrate at our home field, I feel like they’ve earned that right.

Willie Bloomquist and Diamondbacks CEO Derrick Hall were the most vocal about the Dodgers celebration, but there are media members and other DBack players that weren’t upset.

Catcher Miguel Montero tweeted his congratulations while pitcher Brandon McCarthy tweeted that he didn’t care as long as his team was celebrating in the pool next season. The Dodgers and Diamondbacks don’t play each other until they both travel to Australia to start next season.

Kershaw didn’t pitch in the series against the Diamondbacks as Don Mattingly wanted to give him extra rest before the postseason starts. Having a Cy Young season, Kershaw is one of baseballs most active players in the community and hopefully his comments will help lessen the controversy.

The Dodgers don’t return to Chase Field until next April 11 through the 13th as the bad blood will likely continue at the site of Poolgate.


In case you missed it, here’s the Dodgers pool celebration, PLUS Yasiel Puig’s celebration dance off!

Ross Gasmer

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  1. shut up arizona and accept the beating! i totally agree with
    kershaw, i would NOT have a problem if arizona did the same thing to
    use! nobody disrespects anybody! and thats the bottom line! if you
    feel offended by with what the Dodgers did, build a bridge and you know the
    rest! L.A. all day baby! LETS GO DODGERS, LETS GO!!!

  2. I say we go to Ian Kennedy’s pool and party there! Buddy next time don’t aim at the head’s of Puig and Greinke!

  3. To all the rest of ball fields, ” DON’T BUILD A POOL..”! What do you think was going to happen..? You ask the Dodgers not to celebrate on the field and they didn’t, so they went to the pool..!!!! HELLO…!

  4. They asked dodgers not to return to the field until the crowd was cleared. The crowd WAS CLEARED.

    It’s a party. There’s a pool. WTF do they expect? Shut up McCain.

  5. Sore losers!! Who requests a team not to celebrate? That’s just wrong. The Dodgers worked hard to get where they are. They were in the cellar and then blasted past everyone. They deserved to celebrate and be proud wherever they clinched. Who cares what McCain says!!! “spoiled brats”? He needs to keep his nose out of baseball. I watched the videos and I never saw anything disrespectful. This whole “poolgate” is BS!!! Congratulations Dodgers, you deserve to party hardy!!!

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