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Dodgers News: Cody Bellinger, Scott Boras Shade LA Amid Resurgent Season

One of MLB’s most powerful agents is throwing the Dodgers under the bus for the way the team handled the injury of its former Rookie of the Year and MVP.

Scott Boras spoke to Bob Nightengale of USA Today the other day regarding his client, Cody Bellinger’s resurgent season. In his first year with the Cubs, Bellinger is hitting a career-high .321 with 20 home runs and 75 RBIs.

This is coming off of consecutive years with the Dodgers where Bellinger hit .165 and .210, respectively, and struck out almost 250 times in a 239-game span.

Bellinger was never the same with the Dodgers after he injured his shoulder en route to a World Series championship in 2020. Boras told Nighetngale that he believes that the medical staff of the Dodgers dropped the ball when it came to Bellinger’s success.

“He was hurt, plain and simple,” Boras told USA TODAY Sports. “He has surgery, and the Dodgers asked him to play with a 35% strength deficiency, and then with COVID, he was deprived of the expert medical treatment. He didn’t have the shoulder strength. You don’t just go from a .900 OPS to a .500 OPS without understanding the impact of an injury. So, when he became a free agent, Cody told me, ‘I want to go to teams that know me the best, and I want go where people understand me.‘”

Via USA Today

Now that he is feeling 100 percent, Bellinger is starting to play like he did when he won the 2019 NL MVP. In that seasonm he hit .305 with 47 home runs and 115 RBIs.

Boras isn’t the only person throwing same shots at the Dodgers about how his final years with the team were treated. Bellinger had this to say about this team.

“I’m having fun again,” Bellinger said.

Via USA Today

The Dodgers have not responded yet to Boras’ comments about the team or Bellinger.

Photo Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. “I’m having fun again”. That’s throwing shade? Who wrote this article? A 10 year old with no brain?

  2. Nothing wrong with that comment by Cody but I think Boras is making a mistake. One would think selling a potential reunion tour with the team that drafted him as a superb Hollywood ending. The fans would welcome him back with open arms.

  3. Borass is doing what he needs to. Beginning the building up for his client to get paid.

    He is such a weasel though.
    Dodgers don’t like to deal with him.

  4. Cody’s comment is no different than Lance Lynn, Jason Heyward or Kike Hernandez – they’re all having more fun winning, feeling healthy and contributing. To interpret Cody’s comment as “throwing shade” is ridiculous..

  5. Boras is punishing the Dodgers. He wanted that big Free Agency deal for Cody with them. Now he had to work a little harder. Yeah it was hard for them to give him up but I think Cody needed a change of environment. We are all glad he is back happy and healthy. Of course we would welcome him back. But in the end he does what’s best for him and he will always be a Dodger no matter where he plays. Remember his welcome back to Dodger Stadium. A mental change was good for him and he is thriving.

  6. Shade? Pfft! Life of a big leaguer. Congrats to Cody on his great season.
    I believe it worked for Cody and Dodgers. Just keep it clean. Never burn any bridges. Dodgers FO has been doing excellent work and making great trades.
    Belli could come back? You nevva nevva know.
    I’m looking forward to Cubbies vs Dodgers in playoffs.
    Side note… Ask Machado about throwing shade at Dodgers. He owes the Dodgers some money.

  7. If the team kept Cody, would Outman primarily be in OKC this year? Injury the cause for poor play??? Possibly. The team took a chance that he would not play well and they lost. I would like to know how much the change of the infield shift rule has helped him. Cory Seager is hitting .345 while last year it was .245

  8. For every accurate Boras prediction of a players potential; there are many, many, overblown representations of what to expect from the players he represents. This season re Bellinger is the first time I’ve ever seen him get it right. He is a (south end of a northbound horse) IMHO.

  9. In the years prior to the ones that Boras is using, 2017-2020, Cody hit a paltry .211 in all (6) playoff series he was a part of. In 2018 WS he was blanco at the plate! His 2019 MVP year consisted of a red-hot April, May and part of June and then the easing swan dive the rest of the year. And he was no barnburner that 2019 playoffs vs Washington. Even the 2020 WS winning year, the home run he hit was the one-time thing. I loved Belly. I loved his outfield play, tremendous. And he was great on the basepaths. But at the plate he left a lot to be desired. I’m glad he’s recovered. Really liked the guy. But not for what he was asking at the end of last year. Let’s get ready as Boras has another free agent coming up in our rotation.

  10. Dodgers dropped the ball with him. He was already posting how he had changed his swing and was making good contact. Dodgers thought they could non-tender him and sign him for less, or not sign him at all. Bad move!

  11. Boras just looking out for his players like a good agent should do, would rather want us to forget how Cody foolishly decided to change his swing after winning the MVP.

  12. Dodgers gave Bellinger every opportunity but at some point they weren’t going to wait forever. Glad he’s healthy and doing well. Sometimes a change is what’s best for the player. Never liked boras and I’d stay clear of his clients-only exception is Urias

  13. Good for Cody. Happy for him and his success. He was wildly inconsistent with the Dodgers. Boras can spin it how he wants, Cody struggled. His free agency wasn’t very robust either. A 1 year deal at 17.5MM is telling. He struggled early with the Cubs and it’s coming together for him at the most perfect time. Wishing him the best, and the Dodgers are doing just fine without him.

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