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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Explains Viral Moment with Rookie Michael Busch

If you were watching the Dodgers’ 1-0 win over the Cardinals on Saturday, or have been on social media over the past day or so, you’ve probably seen a moment between Dodgers manager Dave Roberts and rookie infielder Michael Busch that went viral.

During the bottom of the sixth inning, Roberts was seen with his arm around Busch, talking to him about some moment in the game.

While we didn’t know exactly what the moment was about, it was clear that Roberts was passing some wisdom on to the 25-year-old. Take a look for yourself:

Fortunately, ahead of Sunday’s game, Roberts was asked about that moment, and shared what he said to the Dodgers’ top prospect.

“In that moment I just wanted him to appreciate Nolan Arenado and how he’s into every pitch — his pre pitch, the glove position,” Roberts said. “He’s not fleet of foot but he’s one of the best defensive third baseman in all of baseball. So for me, he’s got a front row seat to watch one of the best of all time. I just wanted him to see the little subtleties that Nolan does.”


“I think that as a young player, as a veteran player, you’re always kind of caught watching your own teammates. But I think that to be able to widen your scope a little bit to watch other superstar players, it might land better. … It’s an opportunity to learn and get a PhD in how to defend, how to prepare.”

It’s so great to see Roberts taking the time to sit with Busch, and show him the type of work a 10-time Gold Glove and six-time Platinum Glove Award winning third baseman puts in all game long. The Dodgers may not have that type of veteran Gold Glove third baseman on their team, but Roberts knew he could use this game against the Cardinals to get Busch a look at what it takes to be that level of a defender, courtesy of Nolan Arenado.

Busch is still young, and has struggled as a fielder in the minor leagues. He doesn’t really have a position that he’s set in, but third base definitely feels like the place he’ll get the most runway.

Freddie Freeman is at first, and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Miguel Vargas seems to be the Dodgers’ option at second base, although Roberts did seem a little unsure about his defense thus far in the season. So, if Busch is going to be in the infield, it seems like third base would be the place long term.

Busch does play left field, although we haven’t seen him in the outfield at the major league level yet. If he can play that position, though, he may find the most playing time at the big league level there, as Max Muncy isn’t going anywhere in the lineup with the way he’s playing. But if it’s going to be in the infield, the long-term solution seems to be third.

Hopefully Busch soaked in everything Roberts said, and watched Arenado for the rest of the game.

Also, the fact that Roberts took that time to speak with Busch has to give him some confidence as someone the Dodgers are counting on in their long-term plans.

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  1. Glad we have him as a Dodger….I am afraid that if he played at Busch Stadium, I’d feel more at home.

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