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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Hopeful for Contract Extension this Offseason

As we already touched on, this coming offseason (which starts upon the completion of the World Series) is sure to be a busy one for Andrew Friedman and the Dodgers. In fact, it really could be one of the most transformative offseasons in years for LA with several franchise stalwarts heading to free agency.

One area where the organization is seemingly set is with the coaching staff. Barring another club looking at potentially filling openings in their organization, the entire staff is expected to return for 2022. Still, the topic of a contract extension for manager Dave Roberts was addressed over the weekend by Jorge Castillo of the LA Times.

Jorge reached out to Dave regarding his contract status. Here’s an excerpt.

Roberts, 49, said he has not had discussions with the organization regarding a possible extension. He said he “fully” expects to manage the Dodgers in 2022 whether a new agreement is reached or not. But he prefers a contract extension.

“I know I got another year left and it’s just kind of expecting, hoping, that they come to me and we can work something out, I guess,” Roberts said when reached by phone Sunday. “And, if not, you just kind of do your job and play out the contract.”

Roberts signed a four-year contract extension after the 2018 season. Then, he was coming off leading the Dodgers to back-to-back National League pennants and World Series losses. Since that deal was inked, the team won its first title since 1988 but also has been bounced early in the playoffs — the NLDS in 2019 and this year, the NLCS.

The concept of a contract extension here just days after LA’s game 6 loss to the Braves is sure to ruffle the feathers of some Dodger fans. But you can’t argue that the man gets results and gets guys to buy into the collective mentality. Andrew Friedman also seems to be a fan of Doc.

“Dave has been a big part of our past success and we fully expect him to be a large part of our future success as well.”

Roberts told Castillo that LA is where he wants to be. And when you’ve led a club to 106 wins in each of the last two full big league seasons, that should be good enough to tack on at least a few more years as a courtesy.

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    1. Yes, I think we had enough of the Roberts Post Season Insanity!! This Season should have proven that he could Win a WS under a full season and outside the Bubble. He couldn’t even repeat as Western division winners. ENOUGH of this Quack!!!

    2. You mean like Joe Torre or Don Mattingly? Oh wait, they couldn’t even win us a pennant. Doc won us three of those.

      You obviously only started being a Dodger fan in 2016.

      Here’s a tip…learn your Dodger history, kid. Research which Dodgers managers have had the job for at least 6 seasons and compare their first 6-season stats with Dave Roberts’ stats. And come back and tell us which Dodgers manager has had a better first 6-season record than Dave Roberts.

      We’ll wait.

      1. When Mattingly was manager the Dodgers didn’t spend the money like they do now. When the new ownership took over in 2012 from McCourt who filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, the new management didn’t start spending like sailors until around Mattingly’s last year at the helm.

        1. Hokey, when the last time the Yankees were in the WS?? Hmmm? Hint 2009! Payroll ain’t everything buddy.

    3. The Dodgers shot themselves in the foot, untimely hitting, actually no hitting at all, Roberts lack of small ball, no moving runners over, Roberts had them swinging for the fence all the time. It was virtually all or nothing. That is Roberts biggest failure along with not having a stable lineup. That is not how you play winning baseball

  1. “But you can’t argue that the man gets results and gets guys to buy into the collective mentality” WTF?!?!? I can argue this until my dying day! The clown impeded the teams attempts at winning during every game with his ingnorance and ineptitude. Roberts the Clown needs to go!
    We need to start 2022 with a REAL manager!
    WTF man?! Where does this site get its writers?!

    1. Mq, Writers? Mostly apologists. Notice than whenever a writer does shed a story headline about questioning the manager or FO ( And it becomes the TOP story with hundreds participating) this site Quickly throws several NEW stories to JAM the board and try and eliminate the participation. The Media as you recall WOULD NOT hold Drrrrrrrr accountable for ANY of his favoritism and blind loyalty to players while the team suffered.

      1. We should have 3 World Series I really don’t think ownership cares about winning the World Series they need to fire this clown ?

        1. Dodgers lost two WS’s to proven cheaters. Evidence has born this out. Dodgers have been in the postseason for the past 9 years. You folks are just plain spoiled.

      2. Concur, Kirk. All these reasons shown here are why Dodgers got bounced. Maybe a new manager would possibly be necessary. But IMHO the inept and inconsistent offense and not having a DH made a difference.

    2. Mq, I agree with you ?!!! It’s time for another face!!! Someone with more desire to win games and make smart moves and be a firm man with dealing with the players. Forget about an extension for Roberts!!!

  2. Early in game 5, with men on 1st and 2nd and no-outs, Evan Phillips the reliever who was pitching strong was pinch-hit for by Souza and attempted to bunt. What was the point in taking out Phillips and having to go to the bp again and waste a pinch-hitter early in the game? Souza ended up striking out and the Dodgers failed to score. Surely Phippils could have bunted for himself. Winning the game because of CT3 is not an excuse for DR wasting a reliever and a pinch-hitter at that moment.

    1. There is no excuse for what Roberts has managed to do in bringing this team down. Bringing in Souza at any point was a waste of an at bat. His best days are long past and Urias would have been a better choice, but I digress. You are absolutely correct in your assessment of why would you burn a pinch hitter to do a task that a pitcher is more qualified to perform. The bottom line answer is that Roberts does not have a F’ING clue. HE NEEDS TO BE REPLACED!

      1. Harry, cmon now. No clue? The man has won way too many games to have no clue. You’re being a bit harsh there. Does he make mistakes? Of course! Do I agree with everything he does? No! But his record is pretty darn good. That’s all I’m saying. You want to argue he has a talent advantage? Fair enough, but please show me a manager with a better record please.

        1. Yes, NO CLUE! He has mismanaged our pitching staff from day one of his tenure. He continuously put lineups out that had no chance. He had three consecutive hitters in the lineup night after night and none where hitting above 190. You call that a manager who knows what the hell he is doing. His unwillingness to play Beaty or to bring him to games in impossible situations. He consistently started McKinney or Raley or Souza over Beaty because there is the perception of being weak defensively. All he had to do was play Beaty at first and move Muncy to second for a few games. Just what did McKinney, Raley or Souza provide to the team. Between him and the FO they DFA Peters to keep Souza or either of the aforementioned super nothings. How did that work out? Why no small ball? I personally think that Roberts was so cock sure that this was going to be the super team that every talking head was predicting that he did not/does not have the nuts to go against the FO. This man has succeeded only because of superior talent which he continued to misuse, NOT BECAUSE HE IS SOME SORT OF A MANAGING GENIUS. I WILL ALWAYS STAND BY MY COMMENT THAT ROBERTS HAS NO CLUE!

    2. Great point TM! I also recall a stronger bench with several guys named Pederson and Hernandez. Don’t think they were quite replaced adequately!

  3. I bet he’s hoping for an extension, a smart front office with any brains would fire this guy. The Dodgers need a real manager.

  4. Doc is a QUACK !!!!
    Injuries and bad managing cost the Dodgers the world series.
    He manages by the book and never by good baseball instinct if you gave Tommy Lasorda
    the money to get all the players he wanted he would have won 5 or 6 World Series.
    RIP 2

  5. This season will be blamed on all the injuries, which in reality is a bunch of bulls— . This so called manager needs to go. We need a real baseball manager, not NICE guy !!

  6. Roberts has to go period……..With a $270 million payroll, he barely gets the Dodgers into the playoffs. Only way he knows how to score runs is to hang onto the dugout rails and hope for the dinger. PATHETIC !!!!

  7. Always fascinating how people incapable of coaching their children’s little league teams seem to think they know more about managing than someone who actually has the highest winning percentage of any – yes any – major league manager who has managed more than 500 games. I guess they pine for the halcyon days of Grady Little, Glenn Hoffman and Jim Tracy. Does he make mistakes? Absolutely. But there are probably 27 other MLB teams that would hire him the minute the Dodgers let him go.

    1. ANY manager with this roster would do ‘well’.

      It’s the manner in which in game decisions play out. This is where Roberts falls way short, in my opinion.

      I’d love to see the ‘brilliance’ of Roberts managerial skills on a sub-500 team.

      Like many of the above comments, I too think he needs to go. Personally, I think he lost the clubhouse.

      1. Doug, I totally agree with you on all you said especially about a sub-500 team and losing the clubhouse.

        1. Add me to the list of those that agree with Doug’s comments here. But laying an egg offensively except for that 11 to 2 win was a killer. But this year injuries were a fact, and not an excuse for the way this season ended. I said on another page that if the 1927 Yankees had all of these injuries and IL stints this team suffered with this year, they too would not of won either.

          1. Important fact on injuries, just a few examples that were caused by Roberts and his decisions:

            – Julio U – over usage (playoffs)
            – Mad Max – over usage (playoffs)
            – Walker B – over usage (playoffs)

            And most important…. we all know the managerial malpractice of Roberts during the season. IF Roberts had not been so ‘creative’, Muncy would have not been playing in game 162. Think about it.


          2. Dougie, cmon man Alston and Lasorda pitched their respective horses til their arms fell off too. Koufax retired at 31. Orel needed shoulder surgery after the 1988 season. (Worked with him through rehab). By those guys standards Julio, Max, and Butane were relievers lol.

    2. Rainbird, this is my contention as well. Only two managers each year make it to the WS. It’s not easy. It’s not easy managing high-profile all-star prima Donna’s. See Jayce Tingler and ask him.

      It’s always easy to point fingers and lay blame. It’s never that simple. It’s a confluence of factors that are in play here.

      Trying to find one line party to shoulder the blame is simply a fool’s errand.

      It’s an organizational failure plain and simple.

  8. What the hell is wrong with management!!! this loser has to go.. he is why they did not win to strart with..and the whipmy players ha allowed to be the prima donnas and sit on their butts and get paid millions.. can this guy now..don’t wait!!!!

  9. 1) couldn’t execute with RISP. Of the 200+ at-bats with RISP, 50 were strikeouts. Striking out the side with no outs and runners at second and third in Game 6 was the dagger. 2) Injuries–having Max Muncy out of the lineup was more than just missing his HR and RBI contribution. He is so selective with pitches that it rubs off on the rest of the team. During the post-season, too many batters were chasing. 3) Roberts mismanaged the pitching staff. He took out Kenley after seven pitches; used starters in questionable reliever roles when the bullpen could have handled it. We won 106 games with a starting rotation of 3 potential Cy Young winners, then decided to shake it up in the post-season. Terrible management. Roberts frustrates me when he tries to take the game over instead of just letting the guys play. With all the post-season questions and the list of free agents, Andrew and Co. have some work to do this offseason.

    1. I read an interview somewhere recently where a ML executive said throughout MLB, the way to beat the Dodgers was to have Dave Roberts make moves. True story. Interesting.


      1. Doug, interesting find. You of course know I’ve been a big DR supporter, but even I have to give him a thumbs down for the NLCS. I simply struggle with where the boundary between his decisions alone and those that are committee based exists. It’s cloudy at best.

        And as for losing the clubhouse? Ask Tingler how easy that is to do with these super-star egos! Not an enviable task to say the least. Just sayin

        1. I think I commented elsewhere, even though I like Roberts, I really don’t care who manages as long the Dodgers win. I just think you end up with the same result unless the FO quits insisting they know better.

          1. Sounds about right. Surprised Boonie got an extension with the Bronx Bombers. First skipper to be allowed a 5th season sans WS appearance since 1920.

            Nothing in this game surprises me anymore. Ya know

          2. Lol. It was an Ephus! But my uncle Charlie? Whoa! 16 k’s in 6 innings!

          3. Kinda why I always chuckle every time Treinen takes the hill. It’s like playing a video game! Whoop oops missed again, lol

      2. I read an interview somewhere recently where a ML executive said throughout MLB, the way to beat the Dodgers was to have Dave Roberts make moves. True story.

        I don’t believe that Doug

  10. Yo You offense. When will the ownership wakeup to the need for established right handed batters or the glaring fact that season after season, left handed pitchers dominate the Dodgers! Look at the Atlanta bullpen. Ownership needs to quit ‘Dodging’ this obvious Dodgers’ need!

    1. EXACTLY!! Dodgers have a huge weakness against LHP that not only was obvious to the Braves, but to every other team. There was a reason why Braves had several LHP in their pen. But it just might be time to remove Roberts and get a new voice in the dugout especially with how different this team may look in 2022.

  11. 106 wins. Eight consecutive division titles etc etc. Every manager makes mistakes. Injuries killed us this year. Not hitting when it mattered finished us. Our only two runs came when we beat the shift. Was pounding the table for days on this and outside of that, no manufacturing whatsoever. Swing for the fences mentality. Works great agains weaker teams but in the post season ultimately it didn’t. All that said, if Roberts has a good rapport with the club house, I want him back.

  12. Unfortunately for the rest of us “Little League Managers” you’ll probably get your wish.

    1. I guess I need to turn in my District All Star Championships And my Section that I coached in little League. BTW, we lost in regionals to a team that beat us on a Squeeze bunt………Lol’s

      1. Kirk, lol. I love it. Ya DR squeezed in game 3 of the WS vs the Rays. Figured 7th inning of game 6 would have been a good spot for one after AP k’d. Cody on 3rd. Bring up Barnes (responsible for said bunt in WS), but no we get stiff Souza WTF? That’s why I’m giving DR the thumbs down for the NLCS. I like the man, but that was inexcusable.

        1. Yeah D4 you and i come from the same baseball school. Don’t make it sound like we ONLY want to bunt, but runner on 3rd one out or even two outs with a struggling trea Turner AB. 3rd basemen playing short stop? Are you kidding me? He strikes out!!!! Pops up!!!!! We lost at least 2games in this season’s playoff’s with that very scenario. They just give us the run and the base to ANYONE that could lay one down. I pulled my hair out watching it…. That’s why Drrrrrrrrrr has to go. Baseball is a CHESS game, and I’d Love to play Drrrrrrrr in a game……If your playing to win, you don’t burn up all your rooks relying on the Castles and Knights to protect your King….You sacrifice those rooks Only to take a higher piece. That’s what a sacrifice in situational baseball does. the Dodgers were the leaders in Pop up outs and fly outs, and runners left in scoring position. Anyone with a mind would see that and find other ways to score, and there are many. Frustrating to watch….

          1. Well Kirk, we are most certainly in agreement there. Non-stop frustration to watch batter after batter get behind in the count on a middle middle heater standing at the plate like a statue and then knowing he’s getting a 2 strike back-foot slider that he will swing over the top of! Arghh!

            Worst game execution I’ve ever seen. I’ve commented several times here. I’m thinking 1919 Black Sox here and NOBODY WILL CHANGE MY MIND! End of rant.

      2. When my kid was 12-years-old, he won the state little league title with a walk off sac bunt. And, no, the coach didn’t call it, the kids had discussed themselves earlier. Why the MLBers don’t take the initiative and just swing for the fences on every pitch, I’ll never know. That makes more a difference these days than whomever is managing.

        1. Amen! It’s all egos! I wanna be the hero! Where is the I wanna WIN NO MATTER HOW?

  13. I really hope that he will be fired. I hope that he never manages a baseball game for the rest of his life.

  14. Although I’m a big Roberts fan, frankly I don’t care who manages as long as the Dodgers win. My contention is that unless the FO changes it’s desire to be involved with every in-game decision, the same result will occur whoever is managing the team. Just sayin

    1. It came down to execution. Reviewing the scores against Atlanta, the best we could do in games we lost was 4. Pitching kept us around in every game except that 9-2 loss. Game 6 was even more evident as we K’d three times in a row with runners and second and third. One base hit or two deep fly balls changes everything. Numbers don’t lie, top of the order was abysmal. Hardly Roberts fault.

      1. John, my take exactly. I really feel like for some reason this Dodger team lacked “Team Chemistry.”

        Trea comes over and with Seags already at SS he relents to 2B. But draws the line at CF where he certainly had more experience than Lux. I consider this selfish. Maybe I’m being harsh, but my opinion and I’m entitled to it. IMHO very un-CT3ish!

        This team lacked desire by all. Why? Beats me.

        Dodger Kryptonite was clearly the RISP issue and it’s been the same in the WS losses and DS/CS losses as well.

        1. 4Life, probably because they won last year. You can blame the manager for not inspiring them more (he did mention several times during the year that they were playing without urgency). But it may not always be possible to inspire someone who has both millions of dollars and a ring. There’s a reason there has been no repeat in 20 years. We kinda forget that they ended up playing on the road a lot in the playoffs and just how close those two games in Atlanta were to going the Dodgers way. They win one or both of those and they are probably heading to the WS. The Braves beat the Dodges fair and square, but a team that wins 18 more games than its opponent should absolutely have home field advantage

          1. Rainbirdmuse, you got it my man. Let’s face it baseball is messed up. No way the current play-off structure remains under the new CBA. Lots of changes next year if we even get any baseball at all. Could be a huge players strike. Who knows. No 1994 WS if anyone remembers.

            At least in my eyes, Braves clearly wanted it more. They knew they missed a golden opportunity last year and weren’t going to be denied again. They took more chances, were more aggressive, defensively were far superior, pitched better in key situations…etc.

            Oh well, not a terrible year, but could have been better if you ask me.

      2. Which shows exactly why Roberts needs to go. Waiting around for a Fly Ball, or base hit? If he had bunted 1 run scores and the 2nd is at 3rd with 1 out, that is IF the pitcher didn’t throw the ball into right field. As a person bunting, you only have to do 1 thing right-put the ball in play. The defender has to do 3 things….Who has the advantage? Basic math….Roberts doesn’t get it, and that’s why the dodgers are watching right now. I know the team has a hard time executing such basic skills but my Little Leaguers could ALL out bunt and execute these Million dollar players……

        1. Kirk, it does boggle the mind. Sometimes there is more to it than meets the eye. Perhaps the off-season moves will give us some more clarity. Perhaps not. Who knows. It has been extremely frustrating to see such talent come up just short. Not the first team to do so, and certainly won’t be the last. 1988 Mets and A’s both clearly better than the Dodgers yet they still walked away with the title.

          Never an easy answer.

    2. Deliver, the thing is, most all of MLB team’s FO are involved and in certain instances derect those lineups and in game decisions. I don’t approve of that either. Many years ago Whitey Herzog, the Cardinals manager quite for that very reason; Front office interference big time.

        1. Paul, I definitely agree. The jobs are separate for a reason! Managers should manage and FO should only do those items which they are responsible for. The co-mingling of the two leads to results as we just witnessed.

  15. Robert’s totally screwed up a great pitching staff, by using starters as relievers in playoffs. Yes the hitters didn’t get timely hits, but old Dave shoulders most of the blame with his mishandling of the pitching staff. Fire him and hire Mike Scioscia.

  16. Paul(not Dodger fan),
    Alston and Lasorda both pitched their guys until their arms fell off too. Koufax retired at 31. Hershiser had shoulder surgery following the 1988 season. Lame criticism. There are plenty of mistakes DR made. The pitching is the least of them.

  17. As long as Dave Roberts is manager, getting bounced from the playoffs has a bright side. Knowing that Roberts screwed up more than the players did is reassuring. We might be at a point where, similar to why Phil Jackson left the Lakers, the manager has reached a point where the players cannot be inspired to play their best ball for him. I could write software that could coach a team with this much skill to more success than DR has. Please fire Roberts!

    1. Robert, that may be true and would support the theory Doug stated about DR losing the clubhouse. My contention is it’s tough to determine as we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. We don’t know just how much of detrimental effect the human dumpster fire had. That’s all speculation as is how much the players were inspired.

      What can’t be disputed is Roberts W/L record. Until he really goes down the toilet, I’m willing to back him. I think there is too much decision by committee going on for my taste. A manager should be allowed to manage! If he can’t deliver results? Then replace him. But I’ve asked on more than one occasion for others to provide viable candidates to replace him along with their credentials…still waiting. It’s not an easy find I’m afraid.

  18. There is more than one possible reason why the Dodgers came up short on game 6 of the NLCS.
    I agree with a TV analyst which basically said, The Dodger’s are out of gas! They fought bravely throughout the season and into the playoffs. Late season injuries, an unavailable top starter due to administrative reasons, etc.
    However, in game 6, their performance was totally reversed from game 5. There were 14 total strikeouts,
    5 total hits, no HRs and 5 LOB. In other words, few baserunners. The first three hitters went 0 for 11.
    After the 11-2 win in game 5, apparently, not much gas left in the tank.
    Could there been better game management, sure, but the box score tells the story.
    The Braves were energized by the big loss in game 5 and going back home.
    LA was out of gas.

  19. We get to vent our disappoint here. It’s cool. This has been the most frustrating season – at least for me – in all my years as a fan of team. But a great many things conspired to deny the team this year. While I’m not a fan of Roberts’ as an in game tactician – and in game calls are all his – I acknowledge that the team responds to him and he did win a championship. I expect he’ll be extended for all the things he did right and not cast aside for the few he did wrong.

    1. Bum4…I have always enjoyed reading your comments whether I agreed with them or not. Thank for doing so. They often get me to rethink things. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. In game decisions are probably not DR’s greatest strength. He has been better at it at times and other times not. NLCS was clearly not a shining moment for him. I do think he gets too much criticism here. After-all 3 WS appearances in 4 years is pretty dog gone good. Especially when you consider that he lost twice to proven cheaters. Evidence has born this out. So all-in-all I would say his track record has been pretty good. There will be those that argue he had an overwhelming talent advantage, unfortunately those are things that can be debated endlessly. My two cents. Again thank you for your posts.

      1. I’ve said this before but hopefully the NL has the DH again next year because that will save Roberts from himself. He would less tough in game decisions to deal with, especially on the pitching side because he won’t have to worry about double switching and trying to navigate around the pitchers spot in the order. But again, if there’s one area that MUST be addressed it’s that bench.

      2. D4, at the end of the day we all want to win. We also want the best manager available to help us do so. We’ve all had such a LONG painful and also Joyous time since Drrrrrrrrr has been the manager. If there was No sample size of All the Blunders compared to the excellent moves he has made it would be un fair to mention them. But I hate to say it Drrrrrrrr has had far more blunders with the team than Joyous moments. I truly believe the pressure of the moment as a manager truly makes him freeze, while less pressure moments such as regular season etc. is his strong suit. I personally am grateful for the owners and management for spending the money to give our manager what is needed to achieve greatness. It’s been a far more enjoyable time as a Dodgers fan to at least be in the play off’s and challenge for a title since he’s been here. Mattingly didn’t have the tools and he was just like Drrrrrr, he just didn’t manage tight moments well but he had Less and achieved the same results. They fired Mattingly because of it, and still this big payroll team is watching the world series, so my point is why not just rehire Mattingly if we end up in the same position? Mattingly is a HOF-er and a incredibly talented guy as well. Drrrrrrr is no different than Mattingly right now. The Org needed to change course and at this moment they need to do it again!!! How can a HOf-er get canned and drrrrr get’s to stay? Both same results……..Time for a change…………The team is now stagnant under drrrrrrrrrr…….Need a motivator they will respect and has done it before and has won…..That would be some one like Mike scoscia……..Bring back some traditional Dodgers baseball and mix it with 2021…..

        1. Kirk, I’m fine with a change even though I like DR. To me winning is the most important thing, how we get there is completely irrelevant to me. Personally I don’t think Mattingly is the answer. I actually like Doug’s idea of p/m Tio. Either that or Scioscia. Don’t really want to go outside of Dodger family for anyone besides Tio.

          1. I never liked Donny Baseball because he was a Yank. Need a Lasorda type long time Dodger IMHO.

  20. The Dodgers FO. is running the team lineup and match-up opponents every game. There’s not much DR can do except change pitchers , pitch hit during the game. As of now, the fan of DR. last 6 years. Only FO can change manager, Not fans , Not so called experts sitting at homes

    1. Le, next season IF Roberts is the opening day manager the stadium will be half Boo’s…It was already starting this season if you went to any games. Believe me, mangement will hear boo’s……They can avoid the social media all they want but the stadium tells the story……

  21. ok that’s pretty much 100% all in agreement doc has to go. Crazy times for sure. I think he stays despite a an error or two in judgement. His plusses far outweigh his minuses. A bad Manager does not win 106 games. So let’s start with a question, who would be better than doc? specific examples please (my Little League coach is not a good answer!) also anyone could manage a team this deep is a fail. name a specific replacement and why.

    1. Joe, I would say not many. Sciosca perhaps but even he has warts. One WS is all. One could argue the modern game has passed him by and made him a dinosaur.

      Counsell? No WS appearances
      Shildt? Just let go but a Cardinal guy
      Tingler? Lol
      Bochy? A Giants guy? No way
      Melvin? Pitiful postseason record
      Who am I missing?

      You get the point. I too would like to see the candidates to replace DR and their qualifications please.

      Only serious ones please.

      Brought to you by Dodger FO lol

    2. Mike Scioscia. Legendary Dodger, great strategist, respected by the players. Roberts is a poor strategist. Plain and simple. And it’s doesn’t take a “little league coach” to see his strategical failures. My favorite Roberts moment this season was when Beaty knocked in 7 runs on a Sunday afternoon, was red-hot at the plate, and then didn’t get a single AB in a doubleheader against the Cubs. BRILLIANT.

      1. Scioscia nice guy. One WS in how many years? One could argue the modern game has turned him into a dinosaur.

          1. Why do you think he was let go? Because he won too much? Lol

      2. thx for the suggestion Larry. That’s a good start. a lifelong Dodger until he got aced out of the Mgr job and left for the halos, he’s not really attractive to MLB now as a Mgr. He would have landed another job if the demand was there. It’s not – sad to say.

    3. Bob Melvin would be excellent. Generally Catchers make the best managers because they understand how to call a game, they know when a pitcher doesn;t have it etc. Scoscia is a good manager because of that alone, not to mention he was a Lasorda player. Dusty Baker who will be winning a World series in a couple weeks was who I lobbied for when they chose Drrrrrrrr. At the time many Dodgers fans were saying how he was not wanted in MLB anylonger, he was too Old Blah blah blah. Baker is proof that is a complete farce and old guys from Old school ideals still know the game. Scoscia along with Baker are former Lasorda guys, hard nosed and seasoned. Back to Melvin, Bob keeps a 35 million dollar team either in the play off’s or right there annually. He’s a excellent situational manager as he understands how to attain players that can do all the basic fundamentals such as hit and run, squeeze, sac etc. He’s seasoned, the players respect him and he understands the modern game. He is the direct opposite of drrrrrrrr. Melvin get’s more with less, drrrrrrrrrrrr less with more….

      1. Very true about Melvin, working with a $35million dollar payroll and DRRRRRRRR with a $270 million payroll and he’s unable to do more with it. Of course, injuries don’t help but I get what you’re saying with those manager comparisons.

        1. Would be tough to see a non-Dodger at the helm. Just don’t think it would be too palatable. Maybe I’m wrong. As I’ve said, I really don’t have a steadfast allegiance to anyone as long as they win. NL West titles don’t count. Rings only please. With the willingness of ownership, I see no reason why the Dodgers shouldn’t be right there for years to come.

  22. Tommy Lasorda was happy with one year contracts. Anyone with self confidence in their ability should to ok with that.
    Why did the Dodgers wait until the postseason to realize that you are allowed to steal bases?
    All year long they were glued to first base waiting for the next batter to hit into a double play so they could go sit down again.

    1. John, excellent point! Guess it wasn’t a high priority when all you do is wait for someone to go deep.

    2. so who is the young up and coming manager in Dodgers org that came up with Corey, Will, Gavin and some of the younger guys? That would be our Lasorda equivalent today!

        1. Nope. Gotta throw the flag. Why do you make that claim? I’ll gladly share the 7 players still with the team that were either on the roster or in the minors prior to Friedman’s arrival. I’ll also point out the players Friedman drafted starting with Buehler and including his historic ’16 draft. This team was constructed by Friedman.

          1. Bum4, when Colletti took over as GM the Dodgers were a losing team. He turned into a perennial powerhouse. Friedman inherited a winning team. Unfair comparison.

          2. d4fan … You miss understand me. I think Colletti did a great job given he operated under bonehead McCourt until ’12. He somehow managed to keep the team in it at slightly above .500 ball. In the summer of ’12, when Guggenheim asked him to make the team relevant at any cost, he made the trade with Boston and acquired Hanley. They improved by 10 games though they nearly doubled their payroll.
            My contention is to this notion that Friedman inherited the team that won all the division titles from ’13 to present. It’s simply not true. From ’14 on, Friedman steadily remade the roster and minor league system while reducing payroll (until this year) and improving the product to a perennial 100 win team.

          3. Bum4, where is that vaunted minor league system now? One the worst in baseball I’m afraid. Look at the call ups…Souza, McKinstry, Raley, Reks…all stiffs! And you fail to mention all of your hero’s disasters that somehow get swept under the carpet. WS winner Yordan Alvarez for Josh Fields? Really? Dodgers might have been able to him. Just sayin. Zahidi and Anthopolous both out-did their mentor I’m afraid.

          4. DF4 … From pipeline:

            16. Los Angeles Dodgers
            2021 preseason rank: 14
            2020 midseason rank: 11
            2020 preseason rank: 3
            Top 100 Prospects: Diego Cartaya, C, (No. 29); Ryan Pepiot, RHP (No. 67); Michael Busch, 2B (No. 81); Bobby Miller, RHP (No. 85)

            This is their lowest ranking since started rating systems before the 2015 season, but all is well with the Dodgers. They continue to win at the big league level while developing talent in the Minors, graduating a steady stream of Top 100 Prospects to Los Angeles (or trading them to add impact players Trea Turner and Max Scherzer). Cartaya, Pepiot, Busch and Miller all have jumped onto the Top 100 list since the start of the season and a number of prospects such as right-hander Andre Jackson, shortstop Leonel Vargas and outfielder Jose Ramos also have significantly boosted their profiles.

  23. We lose 10-12 games every year during the regular season because of Roberts, and his constantly changing players around for no reason. Players need to settle and get comfortable without fear of being yanked around on a whim. Roberts has no feel for the game or the players, he is all about the numbers. If that is all it takes to manage, we only need to hire “Siri” to manage the team. Siri, should I bench Bellinger a while to think about his 165 average or keep playing him at the expense of the team?

    1. Do you even follow baseball? Kapler (Giants manager) won 107 games! In the NLDS had a different lineup for every game! Kris Bryant a 3Bman never made one start there but started at 1B and all 3 outfield positions! Get a clue buddy!

    2. all a bunch of malarkey rmg. Players all love doc, you made up stuff out of thin air. a bad mgr doesn’t win 106 games in the regular season. Belli came back in Sep and hit big time in the playoffs due to doc’s belief in him; doc could care less of the .165 batting avg. Get your story straight! SMH

      1. Drrrrrrr’s belief of Bellinger’s 165 avg, batting him clean up cost the dodgers the division. You guys need to quit denying the truth about how this season played out. Like brown stuff that rolls down hill. Drrrrrrr or the org refused to play situational baseball and couldn’t score runs when the O went into slumps. The reason the O went into slumps was because drrrrrrr kept 165 hitters, sometimes 4 at a time in the same line up giving games away. The failure to score runs put a extra strain on the entire pitching staff. Guys dropping all season like flies. The games that drrrrrrrr GAVE away were plenty, and the team lost the division by 1 game. Drrrrrr had 2 players that he refused to put in the line up in Beaty and Lux who were both sitting gingerly down at Triple A chewing bubble gum. Don’t act like Drrrrrrr’s ridiculous loyalty to Bellinger was the reason Belli picked it up in Oct. The ONLY reason Bellinger did better was because HE CHANGED his swing approach etc. You guys need to start talking truth of the way it really went down. Drrrrrrr and his futile line ups in that stretch , failure to be able to fabricate runs hurt the team, then and also in the playoff’s. THEY DIDN’t or Couldn’t which one was it?

        1. Thanks for putting the record straight. Also throw in the fact that the Dodgers did poorly against all teams playing above .500 and failed in x-tra innings, the so called batting coaches took until the end of September to maybe take into account what die hard readers put out every day. Especially about Belli’s swing and stance at the plate. You’re absolutely right about all the games blown because of under the Mendoza liners filling the bottom of the lineup. Roberts was completely nonchalant about the losses and figured the entire season that the Giants would fall apart. Playing catchup ball the entire season. We can go on and on and on but Roberts will stay as long as Friedham is around. Roberts doesn’t give a Burt Hooten about what the fans think. Hanging on the rails and spitting like a lizard. ‘What me worry? I got the job!’ attitude.

  24. Winning 106 games in reg. season? Mush, Winning wild card? Mush, Beat the Gnats? Mush. Until you WIN everything and learn from your mistakes but “Leave it to Roberts” who does neither. “Hopeful”??? Funny, I’m not. If he should NOT get re-signed I would be quite happy about it. Bring in some fresh new blood and have one that just isn’t as fake as Roberts. However, that will not change, with FO being as lib as Roberts, if anything they will sign him to a longer deal compared to any player.

  25. Lasorda compiled a 1,599–1,439 record as Dodgers manager, won two World Series championships (1981 and 1988), four National League pennants, and eight division titles in his 20-year career as the Dodgers manager.

    This is Dave Roberts’ managerial record with the Dodgers through 162 x 5 games:

    2016: 91-71 (.562), NL West champion
    2017: 104-58 (.642), NL champion
    2018: 92-71 (.564), NL champion
    2019: 106-56 (.654), NL West champion
    2020-21: 104-57 (.646), World Series champion in 2020
    Total: 497-313 (.614), five division titles, three pennants, one World Series
    Before everyone sucks Lasordas …again let that sink in..

    As a pitcher I’ve seen a few things, pulling a pitcher who’s firing strikes to replace him with a dud is wrong. Look at the dead pitching arms at the end of the year. That falls also on the pitching coach and his input into deciding who gets the hook. All this crap about analytics and he hit lefty’s or he strikes out righty’s is what has killed the momentum of the game. I don’t expect we’ll see another long inning starting pitcher as long as Roberts is here but Roberts is a winner, proven and tolerated. The reason for all the dodgers batting strikeouts? They all swing for the fence. Changing pitchers after only one inning is what’s wrong with Roberts in my opinion.

    1. Don, as a former pitcher myself, I have to agree with you. Tough to argue with Roberts’ managerial record to date. I’m not a big fan of pulling a guy if he’s dealing either. Certainly wasn’t the case in our day.

      The stuff that really irks the bejesus out of me is this over-reliance of analytics garbage that works over the course of 162, but face plants every October! D-Rays are the poster child for that. How the heck does Cash yank Snell in game 6 when he was absolutely dealing? Two batters later? Dodgers take the lead. End of story. Another face plant this year after being up 1-0 in the ALDS and up 5-0 vs Sale at home…Sox advance!

      Eyeballs and noodles win in October, not nerds! Over and out.

    2. Don, Drrrrrrrrr’s also has lost 3 All Star games as manager. Also Lasorda won 3 All Star games and a Gold medal Olympic team. A good manager will have success with a team he Knows and is with every day. A GREAT manager can manage a team he knows nothing about and just manages the game to win, no matter who is in the line up. That’s the VERY difference in Lasorda and Roberts.

      1. One more key point, in both 81 and 88 the Dodgers were heavy underdogs. In 88 they were not expected to beat a very strong Mets team, but Lasorda managed them through that series and then to victory against an Oakland squad that was beyond heavily favored. There is no well in H that Roberts would have pulled those results out. Anybody really think that Roberts would have sent Kibson up to the plate?

        1. Harry, fair enough. I agree Roberts would never have sent Gibson in to pinch hit. However, modern baseball is different and I implore you to show me a manager with a better record. Please give the name of Roberts’ replacement and his qualifications.

          1. Unfortunately he has already been hired. I thought Hinch was the right replacement. Say what you want about the Astros and their cheating. Look at what he is building in Detroit. Detroit was not given a chance to do squat this season, but he as done a heck of a job in his first year there. Another point is why does it have to be a current or one of the many recycled managers. Just how much managing experience did Roberts have when the Dodgers hired him?
            Look at Snitker he has been in the Braves organization for 37 years, What about our minor league managers or coaches? Roberts is NOT THE LONG TERM ANSWER!

          2. Harry, no way could you ever hire a cheater! I don’t care how good he is. He and Cora and the rest of the trashstros should have been banned from baseball for life!!!! End of story. Worthless baseball commissioner!

            As for minor league managers, fine if there is a good one. As previously stated, I like Roberts but I don’t care who heads the team as long as they win. Thanks for your posts. I enjoy reading them.

      2. Kirk, I won’t argue that point. I really couldn’t see the Dodgers hiring Melvin…just don’t think he’s palatable. Who else is there? Scioscia? Maybe but I think he’s a dinosaur. Why hasn’t anyone else picked him up?

  26. I have one comment and one question. Comment: Dave Roberts will be the manager in 2022. Question: Who was the emergency 3rd string catcher this past season? I know that Kenley started as a catcher but I can’t imagine him catching now. There were several times when Barnes pinch hit and there was no back up catcher to Will. CT3?— he does everything else.

    1. Glen, count how many MLB teams carry 3 catchers on their rosters…ok I’ll wait. Hint, not many if any. Haven’t gone through it, but I’d bet you if I did I wouldn’t need to take off my socks to count.

  27. Baseball post season results are generally who gets hot at the right time. A teams’s overall capabilities are determined by regular season results. Unfortunately you can’t pick when you get hot. Atlanta got hot during the division series against Boston, and it continued through the next week. It’s what happens more often than not. Too many variables involved in the game. Look at the Cardinals end of season run, it isn’t explainable. Over time the best teams win 2 of 3 and the worst teams lose 2 of 3. Over a short series it is whoever is clicking.

    1. Gj, extremely well put. However, Atlanta didn’t play Boston. But I get your point!

  28. Here’s just one example of Roberts mismanagement of his pitching staff,
    Game 6 Saturday night, down 4-2 he pitches his ace closer in the 8th inning when they are BEHIND! Had the dodgers tied the game who pitches the 9th or 10th? You save Kenley for later in my mind.

    Glen is also right, Roberts will be back, but a new pitching coach is needed. His point about The catchers is relevant, Barnes definitely calls a better game but Roberts was looking for the home run. The combo Kershaw with Barnes won a lot of games.

    DodgerFan4life has been right too, analysts trying to convince viewers and coaches are rarely right. The Oakland A’s won 3 straight World Series, an unknown man Gene Tennace was the star. Catcher outhit Johnny Bench when it counted in the World Series.

    Remember we would not be in the playoffs had Taylor not hit the walkoff homer in the Wildcard game at Dodger stadium. We need him. Every game after that was icing on the cake.

    1. Catcher is only the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT PLAYER ON THE DANG FIELD! If you happen you find a quality DEFENSIVE catcher who can hit it’s a flipping bonus!

  29. Fire Dave Roberts. They win despite him. He makes the worst decisions when it matters most. Send him packing.

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