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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Is Officially Back With New Terms

The Los Angeles Dodgers no longer have a lame-duck manager. Today, the team announced that they have signed Dave Roberts to a four-year contract extension to remain manager through 2022.

The Dodgers announced the Roberts news in a tweet on the team’s official account:

Previously, the Dodgers picked up the option year on the manager’s contract. At that time – Andrew Friedman remarked with full confidence in getting a long-term pact completed.

Now, the Dodgers have shown commitment to their leader on the top step of the dugout. Moreover, barring something unforeseen; Roberts will have the chance to lead the Dodgers into the better part of the next decade.

Roberts is 287-200 lifetime in the regular season as the Dodgers manager. The team has made the last two World Series under his watch – and made the NLCS in his first year as manager.


Today by and large; is a good day for the Los Angeles Dodgers organization. I’ve said before that Dave Roberts isn’t without his warts; no manager is. However, the man is a genius when it comes to managing the personalities of a clubhouse and more importantly this clubhouse. He’s earned the right to write the finish to this story, and now he has been granted the opportunity to do so. If I were a betting man – I wouldn’t bet against Roberts finishing off one of these years with a title. He is a winner.

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  1. Notice he says he’s a genius at managing personalities and says nothing about his managing the games. Why? Because he’s only in charge of keeping egos in check and keeping everyone together while he sells this bs from the front office

    1. We know one additional thing as a result of this contract extension…..4 more years of match ups on a daily basis with L-R-L-R platooning to an obsession. The inconsistency of this offense that was a huge part of another WS loss can somewhat be traced to most of these position players being in and out of the lineup on a daily basis with players never really knowing where in lineup they will be on any given day or even if they are sitting that day or not.

  2. The 2018 dodgers were the most frustrating and least fun team to watch for a pennant winner in recent memory

  3. He a winner??? What have you been watching?? He is a puppet for the front office. Along with managing men, he is suppose to manage the game and he sucks at that..Dodgers have not had a good manager since Tommy…this is a very disappointing announcement

    1. As I said yesterday, 4 more years of the same ole same ole as far as lineups go and the FO dictating who plays or who doesn’t but to be fair Freidman admittedly denies that taking place. Roberts has had a very tough WS 2 years in a row as far as managing the lineups and the pitching. However these days it is not quite so easy for any team to reach the WS 3 years in a row and honestly, I believe 2019 will not see a Dodger return there.

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