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Video: Kenley Jansen Gets After It At Dodger Stadium

About one week ago, Los Angeles Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen was on the surgery table. Now, he’s at Dodger Stadium working out on an exercise bike.

Jansen took to twitter on Monday to show fans his commitment to getting back on the mound.

Moreover, it’s great to see that Jansen is feeling good enough to be back at it in the workout room. He spoke recently about returning to Coors Field in Colorado – the original scene of the crime. Jansen sounds like a man who knows that being in the best shape he can be in will hedge his bets.

“I’m an athlete, I still have to go to Colorado. You can’t be 100 percent that it won’t ever happen,” Jansen said. “But this is the second time I’m doing this procedure. Once you do it twice, you will be in better shape, so your heart’s not going to have to go through it again.”

The good news of course; is Jansen is a professional athlete. He has the finest trainers and equipment in the world at his disposal every day. A nine-year veteran of the game knows how to condition himself for a big league season. Being that it’s his second time recovering from this surgery, Jansen knows exactly what he needs to do to be ready for April.

The hope if you’re a Dodgers fan is that Jansen uses this as a ‘turning point’ moment and rededicates himself to his craft. That’s not to say his conditioning has ever affected his performance – I don’t think that’s the case. However, he’s 31 years old; and no longer a young player. If he can find the tiger in his tank recovering from surgery – the Dodgers will benefit in a huge way in 2019.

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