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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts On When Cody Bellinger Will Be Sent Down

Everybody went absolutely insane when the Dodgers announced that Cody Bellinger was being called up from the OKC Dodgers. It came as such a surprise since many imagined we would not be seeing him until much later in the season.

In his limited time here, Bellinger is 1-10 with two walks and five strikeouts. He may not have been the instant spark that people were hoping for, but there is still time for that! Unfortunately, that time is coming to an end.

Dave Roberts told the media on Friday that Cody Bellinger will be sent back down to the minors once players return from the DL, specifically Joc Pederson, Franklin Gutierrez, and Logan Forsythe. The Dodgers are optimistic that all three of these players will return in just about a week.

But don’t worry, Dodger fans. Cody Bellinger will be back! Dave Roberts made sure to let everybody know that this is not the last that we have seen of Bellinger.

How have you all felt about Cody Bellinger’s short stint in the majors? Let us know in the comments below!

Alex Perez

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  1. It’s a big jump up from the minors to the Dodgers. I liked the fact that he backed off of the plate a little bit as he was being jammed a lot. He seems to have a good eye for the strike zone but as with Joc Pedersen I wish he would cut his swing down a little especially with two strikes. I still feel he is going to be one heck of a player for the Dodgers with a little more experience.

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