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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Reportedly Returns as Dodgers Manager

After another season falling short of the ultimate goal to win a World Series championship, there have been calls for the firing of Dodgers’ Manager Dave Roberts.

However, Roberts will be returning to manage the team in 2020, according to Jorge Castillo of the Los Angeles Times.

Roberts has been criticized for his handling of the pitching staff in the postseason, and the complaints were heightened after yesterday’s game five.

The Dodgers have won the NL West Division every season under Roberts. He owns a career 393-257 record (.605) and has two National League Championships.

In 2019, the Dodgers set their franchise win record, however many consider it a lost season after failing to win the World Series yet again.

Roberts has three years remaining on his contract.

Blake Williams

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  1. Before the season began Dodgers FO originally wanted to integrate Chase Utley into the coaching staff, eventually groom Utley to be a future manager. When they discussed the scenario with Dave Roberts, he immediatetly shut it down knowing how popular Utley was with the players. Instead Utley was stuffed with this “part time commentator” gig at SportsNet which he never wanted.

    It’s time for Dodgers fans to start a petition at to have Dave Roberts removed from managing the team permanently. And bring Utley to the coaching staff.

    1. And we’re supposed to just blindly believe this accusation of yours? First off who are you and what’s your credible source?

      1. Heard the same story on ESPN radio this spring, that Utley was originally set to join the Dodgers coaching staff, nothing ever happened the next thing we saw was Utley started working with Dodgers broadcast on SportsNet. Although Roberts name was never mentioned but we never knew what went on behind closed doors. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was resistance from Roberts.

        1. I gave you that black player bit just so you know Matt. I’ve been saying that all year joke thief

  2. I’ve been a dodger fan since 1974 and Robert’s needs to go we need a manager like Maddon, Girardi and who ever takes over will probably win like 3 world series in a row this is not funny anymore our fans pay alot to go to the games and just getting to the playoffs is not enough with our payroll Robert’s calls have blown the world series against Houston and last year we could have won a couple games against Boston and now this year we should of ended the series in game 4 but he decided not to play Martin who won game 3 for us and Kike and in game 4 with bases loaded in the 8th he puts Taylor in to pinch hit with bases loaded when Freese was there and had gone 3 for 3 the night before but if our GM Friedman and the owners are happy not winning the big dance well your gonna lose alot of fans because if you go get a real manager he will guide us to a world series victory kinda like the lakers when Rambiss coached Shaquille o’neal he couldn’t win anything and then they hired Phil Jackson and with same exact team won 3 straight championships DONT YOU SEE WHAT I SEE BLOW OUT ROBERTS AND YOUR NEW MANAGER WILL WIN YOU A WORLD SERIES CAUSE AS LONG AS ROBERTS IS MANAGER WE WONT WIN ONE AND WE ARE WASTING OUR GREAT TEAM

  3. LOL this organization is a joke. Can’t wait to watch them lose again doing the same stuff

  4. The Dodgers are all about putting butt in seats. Their attendance record and local fan base popularity proves that. Winning a World Series is not going to improve this formula. I envy other teams with similar numbers, they unlike the Dodgers are hungrier from top down. The Dodgers organization is PT Barnum of MLB.

    1. And with all the renovations people will show up more than ever next year unfortunately. People need to stop coming so ownership has to change the team in the ways we want them to if they want money again. It’s the only way

      1. We have to do what we did in the McCourt days. Boycotting the stadium is the only way they will listen.

  5. Idiot Dodgers for keeping this loser Robert’s. Bad move! Not too excited about next year with Robert’s. Dodgers need to dump Robert’s now or 2020 will be a repeat of this year. I wonder what high priced worthless free agents the Dodgers will sign now, like Kelly and Pollock.

  6. We don’t want you making the playoffs it’s not even fun anymore because we know you’ll just mess it up somehow please just go away until you put a true World Series contender out there and have a real baseball guy running the show

  7. Roberts is a joke. His bullpen roulette is also a joke. Obviously he cannot motivate the team ala Tommy Lasorda. It’s time to fire him and find a real manager that disregards pitch counts and goes with his gut feelings.

  8. Dodgers are perfect example of that old saying about the definition of insanity. You know, the one about, “doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result!” Good grief Dodgers!

  9. Robert’s actions speak for themselves. Clayton should have pitched the last out and then Maeta should have started the next inning. Same goes for Kelly, finish the out and move on to another, whether it be Jansen or ? . Pitch hitting without Martin, how foolish. When will Robert’s finally get a hitting coach who can teach guys like Cody and Corey to stay within the strike zone on a pitcher’s count? You cannot blame the Fans for being frustrated with such actions from the Manager you put in charge. I have watched the Dodgers from the days at the Coliseum and am one of their most ardent fans but to watch this three years in a row just makes me shake my head in amazement. Wake up Owners.

  10. I have been Dodger fan from 20th century until now. But not anymore. As long as Dave Roberts sitting there as a manager for the team, I won’t be. Never!!!!

    1. Fair weather bandwagon “fan” Danny it’s because of people like you who contribute only negativity to the world and are unproductive otherwise. Dodgersnation doesn’t want you anyways.

      1. Hey Bilfurt, how about this 60-year “bandwagon fan” who is also sick of this FO and sick of Dave Robert’s stupidity.

        Only an idiot would blindly go along like a lemming off a cliff with everything they do to you. This ownership is content to fall short of a title every year as long as they are raking in the $$. This is demonstrated by almost every move they make (too many to mention here). Half measures designed to keep the suckers coming through the turnstiles.

        Is that negative enough for you?

      2. you must listen to dodgers on the radio and can’t see the problems that exist and aren’t getting any better…….do you want to pay for the high price for parking and tickets and foods stuff and the team quality is held together by bandaids…..your type of thinking deserves to be questioned…..where are your suggestions on how to make improvements for the dodgers?

  11. Everybody is about Roberts handling of the pitching staff, but the truth of the matter is the offense downright sucks in the post season. 64 whiffs in 5 games is proof of that. They just aren’t a team that’s built for October. Regular season yes when they are facing lousy pitching. But not in the playoffs when the pitching is good

    1. Spot on, Tont! The Dodgers have a bunch of interchangeable players but no real great players and We saw that in the NLDS. we should be glad we missed the WS this year if for no other reason than we won’t have to be completely out played and humiliated by either the Astros or Yankees. The teams still in the PSnow do have a better over all offense than the Dodgers for sure. Too left handed in offense with zero impact RH bats. And that explains their need to shuffle around the lineups daily.

  12. WOW!!!! UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!!!! This is total disrepect to the Dodger fans..We have put up with this loser..and his asinine decisions,, then his even more asinine excuses….
    But sadly what I expected from a lame front office..they are about as useless as Roberts is..This is a sad day for dodger blue!!

    1. I must agree with ya, Ken. I already said that the 2020 season is over before it ever starts due to Roberts being retained. But a lot more needs to be done and things right now look bleak.

  13. Roberts is Grady Little 2.0

    Kasten, current part owner of the Dodgers was GM of the Braves through the 90s. He stuck with Bobby Cox through all their postseason underperformance. Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me.

  14. SAD TO HEAR!!! If they keep Roberts I’m done with the Dodgers. The only reason they have won the NL West is it is the worst division in all of baseball. 106 wins. Probably closer to 120 w/o Roberts and his dumb moves.

  15. The second half of the season hitting was awful. We can’t move a hitter with a lead off double to third with no outs. Game 4 and 5 same thing. No one knows how to bunt. Just keep swinging for the fences. Seager had a decent year after being hurt several times. However, he keeps swinging at the low cutter inside. Am I the only one noticing it. Where are the hitting coaches. Bellinger swings to hit a HR every time. Kiki thinks he’s Babe Ruth! He should learn to hit to the opposite field. The Dodgers gave up on Kendrick’s and he paid them back! They need a new pitching coach too! Fresh thoughts all around especially the MANAGER!

  16. It’s just time for a change. Robert’s, Kershaw, Jenson,Biez,Kelly and Seager ALLshould go.

  17. One thing is for sure, Roberts for three straight years has made questionable pitching decisions in the playoffs and they all have resulted in poor results. Yes, players have to perform, but they always say to put the player(s) in a position to succeed, and there is no doubt each year Roberts makes calls that go against a better and usually more obvious choice. Maeda spent September getting ready for the 8th inning of a playoff game in which they were in the lead (and had been hitting 95mph on the gun and getting everyone to chase his slider, and has been lights out lately) and Roberts tosses the plan out the window for what? Sentimental reasons? Because Robert’s statement “he liked Kershaw in that situation is BS. His face didn’t sell it (same for leaving Kelly in, batter after batter) I think he chokes as bad as Kershaw on the big stage. I love Kershaw, but he does not deserve to be put before the best interest of the team for sentimental reasons. Roberts isn’t strong enough, or smart enough, or too smart for his own good to make the right decision in the tough spots. And on that note, Ryu should have started game 2 at home b/c he had the better year and pitches so much better at home than on the road. Regarding the poor decision making by Roberts, if it happens once you say ok, it happens, happens twice, you say, ok, wow, strike two, but now 3 years in a row, sorry, strike three you are OUT! And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how many players seem to have terrible at bats come playoff time, i.e. Seager, but not the only one for sure. Not like Roberts has a handle on that either. Has to be a former Dodger out there ready to lead this team before the window closes (I mean a real Dodger, not a rental). Lastly, Friedman should not be brought back either and if you need a reason, here is the only one you need: Darvish over Verlander, another easy and obvious call, but just like Roberts, picked the wrong one. I was sick when they passed on Verlander, traded those picks for Darvish and then Houston signed Verlander with some of his salary paid. The Dodgers might be looking at winning a second or third WS title this year instead of watching the team that did pick Verlander still in it for their second. Roberts nor Friedman are ready for the prime time, isn’t that obvious by now. Ownership … are you listening? Or are you going to join them on the list of not ready for prime time players?

  18. J.LaP your spot on.The only move you missed was Freedman Letting Greinke getting away for money,which I will never forgive he has to GO !!!!!!!!

  19. I have been aFañ since Brooklyn and I will be For ever!!! And I love Kershaw. !!!

  20. This is not a championship driven organization, their so accustom to loosing it’s already in their blood. Wow… they give Roberts credit for winning one of the easiest divisions in baseball full or rebuilding teams. Congratulations. LOL!!!

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