It’s Time for the Dodgers to Move on From Dave Roberts

I’m going to start this article in a way most probably wouldn’t expect it to, by saying this:

In all of his time as manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, I never, ever, wanted Dave Roberts to be fired. 

To the contrary, I’ve advocated for him right from the beginning. In the aftermath of Don Mattingly’s departure in 2015, when I heard that Roberts was a candidate for an interview, I knew right then and there he was the man for the job. 

When he aced his interview, and ultimately got it, I was satisfied. Given his prior history with the team, and his role in galvanizing the greatest comeback in baseball history in 2004, I knew he was just right for the new analytics approach the team was now implementing under Andrew Friedman. 

The next two seasons only vindicated that faith. In his rookie season, he got the Dodgers within two wins of the World Series despite a record-setting blitz of injuries. He won NL Manager of the Year, and rightly so. 

2017 was even better, leading the team to 104 wins and the first World Series of my lifetime. No shortage of vitriol has been spewed at Doc for some questionable moves in that heartbreaking loss. He burned Brandon Morrow and Kenta Maeda in game 3, and should have pulled Yu Darvish quickly in game 7, no doubt. 

Still…that series was lost on the players failing to execute, hands down. Clayton Kershaw blew game 5. Kenley Jansen couldn’t locate that cutter against Marwin Gonzalez. Darvish tipped pitches. Cody Bellinger and Corey Seager were humbled almost thoroughly. That’s not the manager’s fault. 

2018…now that’s a different story. At least somewhat. To his credit, Roberts led the team through a hellish regular season to a second straight WS appearance. Then came game 4, when his inexplicable miscommunication with Rich Hill set up a bullpen meltdown that basically ended the series. It was indefensible, through and through. 

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Here’s the thing, though: Los Angeles had absolutely no chance of winning that series. The Red Sox won 16 more games than them. 16! They were better in every facet, and deserved to win. It was an easy loss to take, and while I groused about Roberts’ foolish move, I still celebrated his extension. 

Now, however, Roberts has finally crossed the line. He has vindicated his longtime critics who’ve called for his firing. Game 5 of this past NLDS was a managerial failure for the ages, on par with Grady Little in 2003 and Buck Showalter in 2016. It wasn’t a “hindsight is 20/20 move,” as previous ones might have been. 

Far from it, it was plainly, obviously wrong. After ending the seventh inning with a strikeout of Adam Eaton, Clayton Kershaw was weirdly summoned for the eighth. Despite being home run-prone all season, having a long history of postseason failures, and facing the Nationals’ best hitters, he was left in. 

Sure enough, he coughed up homers to Anthony Rendon and Juan Soto. In came Kenta Maeda, who has been dominant in this situation many times before. All he did was strike out the side, making him not starting the inning all the more preposterous. Joe Kelly, who pitched a strong ninth, was also available. 

Some will say the front office didn’t do enough to shore up the bullpen, and they are correct. But there were still at least two viable options to secure the eighth inning, and Roberts stubbornly went with Kershaw in a way that simply wasn’t optimal. 

As if to add insult to injury, Roberts refused to use Adam Kolarek against Soto in the tenth, despite that strategy working all series. Soto was instead intentionally walked to load the bases with no doubts, and…well, you know what happened next. 

The Dodgers’ season is now over. The winningest team in franchise history is gone just like that, in embarrassing fashion. There will be no third straight World Series trip, and certainly no championship. It’s the first time the Dodgers haven’t made the NLCS since 2015, a year when names like Brandon League and Jim Johnson were still topical. 

Thus, I rescind my longtime stance. I defended Roberts after 2017, which again is at best only partly his fault. I defended him staying aboard after he threw away game 4 in 2018. After this past NLDS, though, there’s only one thing to say: 

Dave Roberts should be immediately fired as manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, without hesitation. 

As I tend to do from time to time in my articles, I draw upon my dual experience as a Minnesota Twins fan. I feel that’s relevant here, as there’s a cautionary tale to consider. From 2002 to 2014, the Twins were managed by Ron Gardenhire, who, like Roberts, was widely praised by many fans and writers as a good “player’s manager” who got the Twins to October year after year. 

However, for all of his affability, there was no ignoring the fact that Gardenhire was terrible in the playoffs. After making the ALCS in his first year in 2002, the Twins started to be victimized routinely in the first round. In 2006, they should have won the World Series, and instead were swept by a beatable A’s team. 

Yet even as the team kept coming up short, there was a vocal chorus of fans who insisted on staying the course with “Gardy.” You couldn’t blame him for the players failing, they said, and it would be risky to potentially lose stability for a new philosophy. 

By the time Gardenhire was finally sacked in 2014, the damage had already been done. The Twins had run up a massive playoff losing streak that, unfortunately, still continues to this day (almost entirely because of the Yankees). They never won a single championship with the likes of Joe Mauer, Torii Hunter, Johan Santana, and Justin Morneau. 

Now this comparison may be absurd as Roberts is nowhere near the pathetic farce Gardenhire was, and has gone to two World Series in a row. Yet I feel it applies here. If the Dodgers stick with Roberts after this (and the Rich Hill snafus of 2018), they run the risk of falling into that same trap. 

I’ve had some people defend Roberts to me after the end of the series, and they are entitled to that opinion. Again, I must emphasize that I defended Roberts continually when others wanted him gone in the past. But now, I feel that those who want Roberts to stay are like those Twins fans who always stuck with Ron Gardenhire for the sake of “stability.” 

Stability is great, no doubt. But here’s the thing: the Dodgers are so obscenely talented and rich that they will make the playoffs with just about any barely competent manager. They just won 106 games. They are not going to stop winning anytime soon. 

To put it mildly, the Dodgers are not the kind of franchise that should embrace comforting stability when it isn’t warranted. This is a modern, cutting-edge team in dire need of a championship. It’s going to take a tactical manager with the guile to realize it. 

After years of defending him, I now agree with Roberts’ critics. He is not the man for that task. I always said privately to myself that I’d only want him fired if he made a “Grady Little 2003” move that incontrovertibly cost the Dodgers a series. 

On Wednesday night, that move finally happened. There is no question Roberts set up the best team in franchise history to fail. The odometer now clocks in at 31 years since the last title, and when you regress from the World Series to a first round exit, it’s time to reexamine everything. 

The team was wise to move on from Don Mattingly in 2015 after two straight NLDS exits, and it set up the next phase of success under Roberts. I will always be grateful for 2016, and for the two World Series trips. But a championship is what matters now more than ever. 

I’m not sure just yet who is the ideal candidate for that. But if Dave Roberts is standing in the dugout next season, it will signify that the organization isn’t willing to do what’s necessary to make big changes, and just hope more of the same will work. 

Complacency won’t fly. The talent is there to win a World Series, and has been for some time. It’s time for a change in order to finally, finally realize that potential. 

Thanks for everything, Doc. You were the best manager L.A. has seen since Lasorda himself. But unfortunately, it’s just not good enough.


  1. How about Gary Sheffield’s post game comment on TBS: “Instead of playing the match ups using your bullpen (aka Kolarek against Soto?), Dave Roberts wanted to show off his old ace Kershaw thinking he’s still the same Kershaw everyone was afraid of”.

    Had Maeda came in against Rendon or Kolarek came in against Soto, the Nationals don’t score 2 runs and the Dodgers win. What was even more puzzling was Dave Roberts already had Maeda warming up in the bullpen to relieve Buehler, then at the last second he pulled Maeda and put Kershaw in there.

    1. I am fed up with Roberts mindless moves. Every Dodgers fan knows that Kershaw gives more runs in his first 2 innings than 3-6. Roberts should know that unless he is brain dead. Maeda is a low ball pitcher, better chance of ground balls, every time he got into a game Roberts pulls him after 2-4 batters, the man is good for 6 innings he should have followed Buehler. Kelly should have never been considered in the playoffs he has been terrible why was he even on the playoff roster? Then you use a pinch hitter that has struck out 9 times in 11 AB in the playoffs. These mistakes don’t come from a book they come from a brain dead manager. Seager should have been replaced by Taylor, and use Barnes or Martin for pinch hitters. Maeda has a .250 BA he could have struck out and stayed in the game and left Kelly where he belonged on the bench.
      This next year I will forget the Dodgers I have been a fan since 1952, but I can’t stand to watch amateur managing screw up my DODGERS.

  2. Yes, Dave Roberts needs to go ASAP, period. The anger from Dodgers fans will never go away if Guggenheim keeps him. Mark Walter will need to eat the rest of Dave Roberts’ contract, he, Friedman and Stan Kasten are responsible for this mess.

  3. WOW really!!!!! Someone else is the loser in Roberts.. I have been calling for his firing for almst two years now.. he can’t manage.. only reason he still here the front off is as bad as he is..always screwing abour with line up.. hold on to losers..Kershaw sould have been trade long ago when he was worht someting.. now I think be hard to give him away…I think dodgers fan deserve better than what they are getting… winnging division is meanless when you kick the big games away

  4. The Dodger front office and the manager are both of the same mentality… read between the lines. Firing Roberts and Friedman should help the loyal Dodger fans get through the off season with a hope of a new direction. Fire x 2 Now!

  5. Kershaw said it ” I may never get over this one”. We as Dodger fans will also say the same thing. As long as he and Roberts are on the team , the will be a constant reminder of what is worng with Dodgers. Sorry but both have to go. We must move on. Kershaw has become the Yu Darvish of this sad Dodger October baseball season.

  6. This debacle is vintage 1962 all over again when Walt Alston kept Hall of Fame Don Drysdale in the bullpen during the entire infamous ninth inning. Kershaw staying in the game, while questionable, was based upon the fact that he threw a deadly slider to Eaton to strike him out. It was not completely illogical to think Kershaw was on his game. The larger error was bringing in Kelly and then thinking his one inning successful outing could be repeated. He had not done so all year. With the closer and entire bullpen sitting on their collective asses it was 1962 all over again. I agree that Roberts needs to go. This era of analytic managers who no longer apprentice their managerial craft in the minors is also the culprit in this nightmare as well.

    1. Spot on. Alston wanted to save The Big D for the World Series. Last night brought me back to that nightmarish 9th inning in 62. Roberts is clueless in the post season. But Alston singlehandedly blew the 1962 pennant.

      1. Here is the real thing here the Dodgers are never going to win a ws no matter who the manager is the curse in LA is real. This team is doomed.

  7. I even said before Kershaw came in, that he gives up home runs. He should have been pulled after the 1st home run. Fire Robert’s! He is a loser, making bad decisions!

  8. Winning 106 games in a week division is nothing, Dave Roberts is one of the worst postseason managers I’ve ever seen in the 60 years that I’ve been a Dodger fan, to not bring In Maeda when he should’ve been brought in is a joke,Roberts needs to be fired

    1. I certainly agree and have been saying so since Roberts came to LA.
      I cut him no slack for the previous failures either, Roberts blew them all.
      Over & over & over again he makes bad baseball decisions.

      Roberts talks nice and the players probably ‘like’ him, but he is one of the very worst managers I have ever witnessed. Just imagine the Dodgers with someone like Houston’s manager Hinch or NYC’s Boone, boom, there we go.

      A team as talented as LA simply cannot be held back by such incompetence.
      Fire Roberts.

  9. Well said. From all accounts, I’ve heard Roberts is a great, fair and personable guy. Everyone on the team loves him. Which may be the problem in itself. When you let the emotion known as love blind you from making the tough and right decisions; unfortunately most of the time, you will regret it. We need a manager that yes, loves his players, but one that also understands the concept of tough-love. Roberts must move on.

  10. Roberts is an arrogant clown. I love Kershaw and all that he has done for the Dodgers BUT using him or Jensen in this situation was mind numbing since they both have been giving up bombs. I am NOT over him starting Darvish last year, & felt that if I could see the LOST look on his eyes who in their right mind would let the guy start a game in the WS…Period! So pack your bags & hit the Hwy and take the GM with you! (now, what to do with both Contracts)?

  11. Disagree completely, this article and comments are more emotional then the moves made by Roberts last night. Roberts got criticized for making analytic moves and getting burned, now he gets burned making gut “baseball” moves. Bringing in Maeda against Soto would have ended the same way and Kolarek was not warmed up.

    Kersh left the game tied and Kelly blew it out of reach. Bellinger, Seager, Freese, Pollock, Smith, and Taylor COMBINED had 0 (ZERO) RBI’s in the NLDS. Y’all focusing on the wrong thing.

    1. And with all the poor offensive performances you mention which are correct, yet there we were with a 2 run lead and 6 outs to go and decided to break the norm and bring in Kershaw for some emotional, heart felt reason when maeda was warm and Rendons career numbers against kershaw are almost .500?The fact that kolarek wasnt warm as you mention is another manager mistake.

  12. Disappointed but not surprised. Failure to address the obvious bullpen weaknesses; peaking to early, and some questionable managerial decision cost us dearly. However, the sun came up this morning and after all, it’s a baseball GAME. As a loyal Dodger fan for many years I’m sticking with them with the hope and prayer that management addresses the glaring weaknesses and presents us with a World Series championship before I leave this planet. Hurry because I turn 77 next month.

    1. Peaking too early ? What are they supposed to do , lose so they don’t run away with the West?

  13. But you know what? Had Kershaw gotten his required outs, we’d all be saying what a gutsy, winning move. I’m sorry, but my focus here is on the ineptitude of Bellinger, Seager and A. J. Pollock to perform on the big stage. Any decent output from these guys would have led to a different series outcome. Instead, these guys contributed zero to the Dodger cause; an embarrassing performance by all three.

  14. All hands on deck. Not the Dodgers. Ball pen not warming up. On a must win game what happened to the pen. Gonsolin not in game, why was he there? When Roberts double switched, Maeda was going to bat the next inning. He took him out like game 4. He only goes 1 inning.? He was constant through the series. He doesn’t know how to manage his pitchers. Another year wasted. Ryu could even had pitched.

  15. As I’ve stated in previous posts, the Dodgers are built for the regular season in an extremely weak National League West and National League in general. Good pitching stops the Dodger offense as it’s been shown the last three years in post season. You also need power starting arms in the post season and besides Buehler, the Dodgers have nobody to fill that role. Dave Roberts can’t manage under pressure in the post season. Andrew Friedman has a lot of work to do to rebuild a bullpen and starting staff. Cole would be a nice fit,but I don’t see the Dodgers spending $200K. The minor league system is loaded ,so it’s time to use those assets to acquire missing pieces. We need a healthy Verdugo back and a possible trade package of Stripling,Barnes and Beatty or Peterson to acquire bullpen help or a big right handed bat. A very disappointing conclusion to the 2019 season.

  16. At least the future looks very bright with talented rookies like Dustin May, Gonsolin, Beaty, Lux, Smith, Ruiz and Verdugo. Combine them with Buehler, Ryu, Muncy, Bellinger, Seager, Maeda and some vets (including Kershaw), we may be sitting on cloud nine really soon! But of course that was supposed to be THIS year and in 2017. Roberts is a good manager, but his asinine pitching decisions will never be forgotten. Now if could only bring back the O”Malleys, Fred Claire and Lasorda…….

  17. Yet no one mentions the # of times we struck out how Seager, Pollock, & even our MVP candidate hit a combined 135, with 26 Strike outs that’s 50% of their AB’s with exactly 2 extra base hits and ZERO RBI’s. I agree Roberts made some questionable decisions with the pitching staff but if these 3 just hit their weight we win the series easily.

    1. Thank you, Don. That’s the whole point people are missing. There wouldn’t have even been a game 5 if that trio had done their jobs and actually hit the ball. Somewhere. Anywhere! 26 strikeouts!!!!

      1. Did you forget they were ahead 3 to 1 when Kersh came in? A good team wins that game right there. Those guys you name that were against some good pitching got 3 runs and that should have been enough. This was a clear case of Roberts not knowing who to pitch WITH A LEAD. 100% Roberts fault.

        1. Totally agree. Before the series reporter was asking Dave Roberts why he put Adam Kolarek on the NLDS roster. Roberts replied “we save Kolarek just for Soto”. Right on. Soto went 0 – 3 against Kolarek in the series (Game 1, 2, and 3). Now in Game 5 the most important game of the series, after Kershaw just gave up a home run to Rendon, with Soto coming up, Roberts kept Kershaw in there, when he was the one telling us he “save Kolarek just for Soto”. Roberts went against his own must win strategy, he knew what was needed to get Soto out and he didn’t do it. If this was the 5th or 6th inning then so be it. It was the 8th when they need to close the game. Had Kolarek came in to get Soto out the Dodgers win the game by 1. Yes, this was all Dave Roberts fault.

          Fans can fault Dodges hitters for not coming through, but the Nationals hitters couldn’t hit Game 1 and 5 against Buehler either. Had that been the case either team would have lost because if great pitching. In the Dodgers case they lost the series because of dumb moves made by Dave Roberts. And this was not the first time Dave Roberts have away the series by making dumb moves. He was booed off the field in last year’s World Series when the Dodgers had a 4 run lead in Game 4, put Ryan Madson in to relieve Hill when Hill held the Red Sox scoreless, only to see Madson give up a 3 run home run.

          Unfortunately for Dodgers fans, Dave Roberts had given them nothing but repeated bad memories in the post season. The negative vibes will only continue to carry on if Roberts stays with the team. It’s time for this Dodgers team to get a fresh start and move past these Dave Roberts nightmares.

    2. A good manager helps a struggling hitting team by playing small ball wish he never does, men on second and no outs in late innings rookie at bat I know Seaver struck out but there’s a huge difference or approach in hitting with men on second and one out then on third and one out I would guarantee you that Martinez would of brought the infield in wish makes a huge difference in the at bat plus he can score in other ways too but always looking for the home run. He needs to go

  18. Dave Roberts has mismanaged too many games. He did it in the 2017 WS, the 2017 WS and last night was about a poorly as anyone can manage a team. The definition of insanity is expecting a different result if he stays. He will continue to mismanage games and he can’t lead this team to where it needs to go. He has to go.

  19. Friedman and probably Kasten need to go too. Clean house and put a front office/management team in there who actually understands baseball. The regular season doesn’t mean a thing if it doesn’t translate to playoff wins.

  20. Most of you posting on here never wanted Roberts or approve of him as manager before this, so, that is not really fair. That said maybe a different voice is needed. But who? Gabe Kapler is available. That was the heir apparent from front office. Who else? Maddon is out. Joe Girardi, Brad Ausmus…would it be better? Most of the problem is that the Dodgers went and relied too much on HRs again, (though better than last year). Struck out more than anyone in the postseason so far, and still cannot get reliable hits. Look Kendrick almost always looks to go the other way, Freese, has that approach, yet he only plays against lefties. The nats got lucky against the brewers, but they just hit better. How many times did the Dodgers leave the bases loaded, and they got no runs? Remember last year, John Smoltz nearly begging Dodgers hitters to bunt to third, because he could not understand why you would not if the defense will just vacate the area for you? Apparently, lessons not learned, they still can’t hit reliably with RISP, and/or hit reliably. Wasn’t pollock supposed to be a solid RH bat, injuries notwithstanding, he has shown to be far from it. Now, Kershaw is withering on the vine. Turner is another year older. Kenley didn’t even get really a chance. Kelly, is who knows. The dodgers probably need to rethink some things, but with their payroll, will they want to spend?

    1. Roberts stinks so keep him? Whatever dude. Can’t depend on guys who throw 90 or less, Kershaw, Hill, Stripling. Where was Tony G? Instead they preferred a hurt and aging Hill. Many have said at the very least bring in Maeda with a 2 run lead. Or use the strategy that has worked Kolorek to pitch to Soto. There is so much that is wrong with Roberts it is just insane to have him back. He just doesn’t get it. Need a bit of a tough guy and maybe that’s Girardi.

  21. Friedman must go as well if change is going to happen. Just Roberts would do nothing they’d hire a new puppet for Friedman

  22. I have been saying this for 2 years since he for some strange reason pitched a deer in the headlights Darvish that 2nd time and final game. Fans on here are ok with 106 wins? Guess what they would have had over 110 maybe 115 with a manager not managing with the best buddy plays theory and just…… Damit use best player plays. Hill was a piss poor addition over gonsoulin as well. But no matter We got Baez and Kelly and a perennial loser in the big moment, Kershaw.

  23. No, don’t fire Roberts. Let him learn from this lesson on what to do and not to do as a postseason manager. When writers kept asking him about how he was going to use Kershaw for the rest of the series, he should have said nothing. And he should not have thought that Kershaw could come up with his postseason relief magic like a few years ago. Kershaw is not the same pitcher as then, and his stuff made him potentially questionable. The two hitters who homered are very fine hitters, look at where they hit in their order. And bringing in Kershaw was no surprise to the Nationals due to the press, making it much easier. Most of the lineup just did not do enough for the Dodgers in this series. They did not score a lot, or hit with runners in scoring position, and that is what killed us more than Roberts. But Roberts does have to learn from this one He can be a great manager for us, though, and has done fine otherwise for us.

  24. I completely agree with you. I like Roberts for the most part, but unfortunately when you’re at a “win or go home” and you stop being coach, I lose all confidence. I listened to his post game interview and he dodged the analytics question about Kershaw. He played favorites and not played the pitchers who got us out of jams throughout the series. I think that his ego took over and common sense left the park. Buehler pitched an amazing game AGAIN and Roberts took it for granted.His decisions to start Beaty and not Freese and to leave Seager in when he was 1-20 just doesn’t make any sense. It’s time for Dave to find a new home.

  25. This is a tough day for DodgerLou, a strident Dodger supporter since the day he was his first game in Ebbets Field in 1955.
    I give Roberts credit – he can manage egos with the best of them, and that is no small talent.
    What pains me about his managerial style at times is that I feel Roberts is managing not to win, but trying not to lose. The FO did Roberts no favor with his BP; however, using Kersh when Maeda and Kolarek were available was poor decision making.
    Do I fire the manager? No. There is no guarantee we would beat Houston or the Yankees. If fact, the Yankees have a tremendous BP, and lack dominant starting pitching, and there is no guarantee they can beat the Astros or Bucs.
    We are now one year older. Turner, Max, CT3, Hill – all are older, and with age, the ability to perform at a high level declines. Its about time that Roberts realized this with Kersh and treated him accordingly. Last night’s game might have had a different outcome ha Maeda and Kolarek pitched the latter innings. As we used to say when I was a kid, Wait Til Next Year.

    1. BLUE LOU. It pains me too as well as PD Jr. He was not in a great mood last night like I was not after this game. Roberts was booed upon getting Kelly out of the game but the same offensive problems existed yet again with 64 strikeouts by the hitters in 5 games. Poor pitching management and lineup managing are on Roberts as well and the whole team from Freidman on down can look in the mirror and they will know why today is the first day of their off season. Dodgers hit 8 HR’s in this series but yet they were given a harsh tast of their own medicine in losing this game Not much more to be said at this time.

      1. AZUL, your post is right on point. I agree with your points on Roberts and the FO. I just saw on my text messages this morning that Roberts will return next year. I just feel raw and disappointed at this moment. Little PD Jr. will need you to get him through this loss. Yesterday, I received two calls of condolence from friends. Of course, they were Yankee fans!!! We will go on from here!!!! Go Blue!!!!

    2. Lou: I’ve been a very long time Dodger fan as well. Indeed, my whole family, uncles, cousins etc. Hate the Yanks. Still!

      This years club was fun to watch at times, but by July I was hoping for help from the FO in a trade for a top flight pitcher or at least some quality bull pen help. It didn’t happen and we stayed the course with what we had, which I never figured was good enough to win it all UNLESS the offense would put up 8+ runs a game. Now, that is hard to do in the playoffs when your facing very good starters (who also come out of the bull pen). So, Dodger hitters looked swing happy (again) and then it was a matter of who could hold the Nets to less than 3 runs. Kersh as a reliever? A Hersheiser he is not. Lots of weird choices by Roberts with pitchers. For example, Hill was going to fade fast and everyone knew it, so why not start Gonsolin instead? What about May. Both young, healthy arms who played no role except to see another disaster from up close. I think IF the ownership makes a change they better start with Freidman who always is planning for next year, but doing nothing about the present. Once he is gone then you think about Roberts. I’d think a long time about letting him go, but his handling of pitchers is to put it bluntly – lousy. Arguably a chimp with a dartboard could make just as good of decisions. If they keep Roberts and Freidman both, then I figure I’ll expect the usual implosion in the playoffs. Wait’ll next year may as well be the team slogan.. Why not just put it on the back of all the warmup jackets and the tickets, just so no one expects too much.

      1. Skoonj6, your thoughts are well-stated, especially those dealing with Roberts and the FO. Obviously, something needs to be done, or we will become a laughing stock of MLB. To expect us to win a WS becomes unrealistic unless the FO procures a much needed relief pitcher, and learns to use the people we have in a more productive manner. May is NOT a relief pitcher; Gonsolin can probably do both. Gonsolin did not play an inning of post season ball, but the team carries Gyorko!!!! Kolarek was missing in action!!!! Silly player management. My Dodger jackets will be put away until next season. We all need a rest. Go Blue!!!!

  26. Most of the points I think about have been listed already. The guys didn’t hit when they really needed to, strong pitching has been an Achilles heel for multiple years now. I don’t get that. They go through the entire season hitting well enough off it to win the division but when the pressure is on, bye bye hits.
    Hitting with men on base? Yeah, the Achilles heel on the other leg.
    I’ve said before that I don’t think our guys really believe they can win it all. Some sort of inferiority complex is going on there but realistically it comes down from the top in any organization. Baseball, corporate, whatever,
    I turned it off as soon as that catch on Turners bloop and had one burning thought as I opened my book to read before turning out the light. If it was up me Dave Roberts would be unemployed before he left the clubhouse. I like the guy but his management of the pitching staff forever now is really really crappy. Maeda coming out after smoking the inning he pitched still baffles me. So what if he had to bat, his value is on the mound. Roberts does that kind of thing all year long. Pulling guys when they’re nailing it and the result is usually the same. We lose.
    I’ve been a Dodger fan since 1961 when my dad gave me a Dodgers cap and I’m not going anywhere but I fully understand why Brooklyn called them the Bums.

  27. Everyone makes excellent points but not many hold the financiers responsible.The failure to bring in a extra bat like Costellanos for example, and maybe make a good trade with Joc for some B.P. help etc. showed that they will not do what’s necessary to win here and Now. Knowing Hill is hurt and done, then not allowing Gonsolin who had been throwing excellent , is just as assinine as Roberts sitting Martin and Freese who both were the only ones actually hitting worth a damn. It just stinks from the top to the bottom. These guys draw 4,000,000,000. fans annually,. then say you guys get 187 mill for your team whether you need any players or not. Then to add on top of that, announce 148 million being spent to renovate the Stadium instead of buying some much needed players to win it all. Roberts stinks, the owners stink and now I will stink because I bring up the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about. They take pride in the Farm? Well so does the Cards, Nats, Astros,and Yankees but those teams make Big moves always to get what they need along with their farm. How would Cole have looked in Dodger Blue? How about Goldy? Verlander? This org as you all recall said Greinke was finished and didn’t want to Pay him. If this org didn’t draw 4 million a year guaranteed, I would be less harsh but they do and always come up with some penny Ante excuse. Unbelievable , it truly is.

  28. I still think the offense could have come through easily in game 5 and didn’t. They had their chances. Yes leaving in Kershaw is odd and unnecessary. It even makes me feel like he did it to service Kershaw. But the fact is bellinger got on base and stole second twice and he didn’t score. That’s not on Roberts. They score, and this isn’t a conversation. Bellinger, seager, Smith, and Pollock all struggled to various degrees. That’s half the order! Can’t win when only half the line up contributes.

    Think about this, it’s similar to Lasorda’s first run. Went to the World Series twice in a row with a very talented teams and lost. He didn’t win a series until 6 years into his time. I think Roberts deserves another 2-3 years and if he can’t get it done with this talent, yes, let him go.

  29. I WAS, A Dodger Fan, from 1958, On. The Only Thing I can Say, Is, Where Have You Gone, Mr. O’Malley, Mr. Campanis– Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Maury Wills, Tommy Davis, John Roseboro, and all of the Truly Great Dodger Players, I Grew Up, With ??? The Team has Truly, Gone Away…

  30. Dave Roberts screwed us in game two. He made the stupid mistake of putting Kershaw on the mound instead of Ryu, who hasn’t given up nearly as many homers as Kersh has. Not to mention, Ryu pitches better at home. And where was Gavin Lux in game 5? And why would he replace Maeda with Joe Kelly? Dave Roberts doesn’t learn from his mistakes, and it’s been killing us. Dodgers are a WS team, and if we want to get there, Roberts needs to go.

  31. Dave Dombroski is available and knows what’s needed to win. I agree that Roberts has made a lot of wrong moves. Both World Series were winnable and Kenley’d downfall came in game 1 against the Astros when we didn’t need him in the game but he ended up giving a homerun. It didn’t hurt us but he untouchable but it ended up giving the Astros the confidence they needed next time they saw him in the series. We have too many good prospects that mlb ready. Time to make some moves. Start with Starling Marte and fill the bullpen with free agency. We will also need a front line starter, Ryu won’t be worth the price Boras will want. Even see what Seager value would be, I we have talent but they’re exposed come playoff time.

  32. Very good post, but I’ll lay slightly more blame on the front office – they both need to be fired. The Bullpen has been weak all season, including the closer, and they never had any intention of investing the money to improve it. That, and the same big names bats just don’t deliver when it matters, and it’s been proven for a few years now – yet they keep expecting a different result.

    It is one thing to boost stats against dire National League teams, but every time we played post season contender’s we looked bang average with the games taking a similar pattern, an inability to manufacture runs when it matters against good pitching. Look at the post season averages of some of these guys. Seager has been play awful, Mr MvP mediocre with one of his hits a comical error last night. Taylor, Hernandez and Pederson are decent utility players but none of them would start for the AL heavy hitters and there are few other average guys too. Boston were light years better than us last season, the Yankees are the same now and we hadn’t got a hope in hell in another WS. Until we can add good quality, consistent bats that can get it done in the post season we have no chance in beating anything other than the weaker NL teams. The Dodgers aren’t just below par in the bullpen, they don’t have good enough hitters to change a game when the chips are down, yet no one talks about this…

    You judge a team by how they compete with the BEST teams in the league, not beating up on sub .500 teams in the NL, I wasn’t fooled at all by what was in store and was told by many of my friends to stop being negative when I predicted this months ago. Revamp the team, starting from the horribly overpaid pitching rotation, there is like four guys paid more than the Tampa Bay entire roster…that’s the level of front office we need.

    1. Thank you.
      By early September, I predicted the Dodgers might get to the NLCS but no further. I was very disappointed at our early exit, but not surprised. I watched the Dodgers show weakness in late August. They looked tired. They were buying into the hype, after bullying mediocre teams. Those that spoke concern and the truth were labeled as ‘negative’ and ‘too pessimistic.’ I started worrying after they barely beat the lowly Blue Jays in August. The September 18 loss to the Rays was a sign that scared me. Everyone around me at the game felt the same. Impending doom. They all commented on “how can this team go all the way?” We had games that were good and bad. We weren’t beating good teams and losing to team we should have been clobbering. All symptoms of being dysfunctional. The biggest sign was a Dodger team still trying to find a line up in September. If you can’t decide what team to field, how can players be ready? Is Roberts a brand new manager, just hired in August? Rather than the season having players hone their skills, it seemed like a bunch of substitutes, trying to make the cut for the team. If after 150 games you cannot set your post-season team, you are out of touch.
      Roberts is like a 100-question written test, where the last question is worth 31 points. You can get all the first 69 questions right, but the final one is the one that matters most.

  33. I understand the fan’s displeasure with some of Roberts’ decisions because he puzzles me also. However, I believe without the high strikeout rate we would have won the series. In the beginning of the year when the team was playing exceptional baseball there was a large emphasis on a two strike approach in order to limit strikeouts. Somewhere along the way that approach went missing for which I blame management. Hence I believe Roberts must go.

    1. Yes. The manager needs to recognizes their weaknesses and has the team work on them. Opposite field hitting should have been addressed. Bunting should have been addressed. Hopefully, this next Sprint Training, the manager can make the guys practice on improving their weaknesses. You play like you practice. It shows.

  34. Bring in Mike Scioscia! He’s out there just waiting to take the Dodgers home to the Championship. I’m hard pressed to think of a better choice.

  35. I’m still wondering why Russel Martin who had caused so much damage to the Nationals in Game 3 not played in Games 4 and 5 which we lost. Nobody has given a credible answer to this question.

  36. Been a Dodger fan since i was 14 and I am 72 now but if they don’t fire Roberts I will never look at another Dodger game again . How many BAD decisions does he have to make before they fire him . Are they afraid of hurting his feelings ? . Not fair for the sellout crowds that spend there hard earned money game after game . How disapointing AGAIN


    1. I normally don’t comment on things like this. But i am tired of all the so called Dodger fans bad mouthing Dave Roberts.
      Here are a few things that need to be pointed out
      1) Dave Roberts has won 4 Divison titles in a row. Not even Tommy Lasorda has done that.
      2) Noone ever called for Tommy Lasorda to be fired when he lost the world series to the Yankees in 1977 and 1978
      3) It is only a game. Noone will die because the Dodgers did not when the world series this year.
      I have been a Dodger fan all my life and I am disgusted by the idiots that call themselves fans and whine like a 2 year old because the team did not win the series.
      Grow the hell up and realize that they did their best and are only human not machines.

      1. Tommy Lasorda was better than Roberts. 77 and 78 we lost to a better team NOT because of moves Tommy made there is a big difference.

  38. Basd in da commints abuv, it lookz lik Doger fans shuld wurree mor abut there spellink than Dav Roburts…

  39. As an outfielder Roberts never developed a catchers Bochyesque Tactical Ability to know when to make a pitching change, Bochy won three World Series with teams with inferior talent because he understood pitchers Roberts has lost with teams with superior talent by making the wrong pitching moves.
    Maddon Farrell or Girardi have won rings and would be better than Roberts Bochy is likely unavailable

  40. We had an OUTSTANDING year BUT our playoffs SUCK ! What happen to OUR HITTERS ? It is easier to blame ROBERTS BUT our offense left their bats in the locker room ! Give KERSHAW the playoffs OFF he will never be compare to JACKIE ROBINSON , SANDY KOFAX ! Kenly also should leave with GREAT MEMORIES !

  41. Firing him would be too kind. Management should have canned his ass before the game ended and displayed the fact on the big screen. Clean out his desk and escort him off the property, thrown him out of a car in the middle of Boyle Heights. Another piece of deadwood that has to go is Pedro Baez, who blew game 4 and many others.

  42. Dave Should Not Be Here— His horrible pitching substitution mistakes are already sufficiently pointed out. I also take serious exception to the Dodgers flat refusal to shorten up and hit oppo against some of the most extreme shifts yet. Mere ground balls could’ve been doubles. It doesn’t matter how much they padded their power numbers against the weak NL opponents, when push come to shove in the postseason they need to move runners over and in. Friedman shouldn’t be overlooked as his two recruits Kelly and Pollock left their negative imprints all over the series. Everybody knew they needed serious relief help at the trade deadline, but all he got was Kolarek, who was very effective, but he only pitched for three ABs in the series. If Dave had used him a fourth time against Soto in Game 5 the Dodgers would probably still be alive.

  43. 1) Roberts did not fix the post season bat cool down … didn’t fix their heads to overcome. Ask Kersh and Belli!
    2) Roberts did what HE thought was best, but coaches don’t win games, players win games and coaches do what is best for them – the team!
    3) Statistics can only try to predict, but a coach KNOWS the difference between a statistic and where their players are at. Roberts is lost on this one because of the first two.
    4) Professionals play to win, horse owners play to place … Roberts capacity is a horse trader and is betting the next one (decision) will be better than the last. He played Darvish, but now plays Kershaw – did he second guess himself? You bet he did when set Maeda aside.
    5) How many players were hot for game 1? Did they play or rest? If you were a player, would confidence breakdown a shred to see players you don’t think should be there? Add Roberts’ line-ups and pitching changes – now put your confidence in what you don’t believe in and trust the coach … how does that feel? Like an itch you can scratch until it bleeds?
    6) Lots of wins, no performance improvement in post season for pillars, horse trading style decision management, no WS trophy for the quality of play, and 0 confidence leads to Dodgers own expectations … they can’t admit it, but they knew having a Game 5 with the Nationals was a problem.
    7) 5 and 7 game series aren’t 162 game seasons; in three (3) years Roberts didn’t make the cut in his own bad practices, improve his decisioning, and learn to put the best on the field at the right moment. Confidence is not just making a decision, confidence is having your team believe in that decision and be inspired.

    Roberts failed on these levels … all of them. If he is allowed to stay another year, these problems will manifest into a worse outcome because insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting a different outcome. Roberts cannot learn a lifetime of mentoring that leads to inspiration in 12 months, nor can he can he face the players he failed to lead in the first place. He has to go.

    The prestige of the Dodgers is at stake, the hype and loyalty will wain, the momentum will slow, and decisions will be made that “horse trade” winning and losing or winning and business revenue … just like this season, the one before, the one before that, and the one we gave to the Cubs.

    Push the press to ask questions along these lines … push the Dodgers to win again! To sort out their heads and bring us the Commissioner’s Trophy!

  44. Say what you will about Roberts but the truth of the matter is this predictable failure is entirely the fault of this cheap, greedy ownership group. It’s funny, I was banned on another Dodger message board for pointing this out last month. I’m so sick and tired of this pathetic ownership group whose already seen an increase in the value of the team more than 50% of what they paid for in just 7 years, netting them a billion dollars while screwing over more than half the city with their complete scam of a tv deal, and leading the league in ticket sales and concession stand revenues every year. Notwithstanding all this they are too cheap to go out and reward us, the fans, with a bullpen? There is no reason these owners shouldn’t be spending $300 million on 2-3 free agent studs. I don’t care one damm about luxury tax. If you pay attention you’d notice the difference between last year’s Red Sox and Dodgers was that Boston loaded up in payroll while the Dodgers decided to cut cost after blowing away the chance of a lifetime in 2017 against Houston. By the way, those Astros, who have already won a World Series, at our expense no less, their ownership was still hungry enough to go out and absorb the contract of a pitcher we were too cheap to sign when he was 4 years younger. Let that sink in. I will give credit where it is due and I admit this ownership has done a lot of good with this team, especially after the chaos of McCourt, but that’s doesn’t excuse their nickel and diming away the opportunity to seal the deal with this talented roster. So many teams voluntarily suffer years of awful baseball so they can save up money and talent so when the time is right to go out and splurge and win as many championships as possible (hence look at the Astros). This is the time for the Dodgers to do that, not cut payroll. Being cheap is for rebuilding years, not losing in World Series or NLDS after 106 wins.

    1. Yohanon, your 100% spot on and I completely agree. This mngt could of had Verlander,Cole,Goldy etc on and on. They wouldn’t pay Machado whether anyone liked him or not, he was the difference in our line up last season. He protected Turner. Puig was sorely missed as well but was given the ax because Roberts didn’t like him. Puig showed up in the playoff’s. This mngt likes to give themselves a great big slap on the back about how great of a line up they built but will never talk about Alvarez for Josh Fields? Or signing Kelly to a ridiculous contract for nothing, or getting rid of Puig, or not resigning Watson because they were too cheap.Kept telling us it was a buyers market when we desperately needed bull pen help. But they will spend 148 million on stadium renovation but won’t on what the team needs. They wouldn’t pay Grandal either as his departure was NOT replaced. Wouldn’t pay Greinke because he was washed upand too expensive for a long term contract. Well, herewe are 3 years later and Greinke was what 18-5? And now about to go get the World Series ring he deserves. It’s just Penny Ante tight budget b.s. that really irks me. Even the Giants would pay guys for a chance at a ring. Roberts has shown us he is not qualified to coach a team yet and I don’t think I will be spending 5 ben franklin’s a game any longer to watch losing baseball. Yes, losing baseball, because if you don’t win it all, you are still a loser. 31 years to be precise.

  45. I don’t want to see this kind of postgame anymore. I want to see the World Series Champion, Dodgers. Let Dave go for the other team which could be happy with post season game only. It is really time to fire him. Do you really want to see this kind of game for next three years?

  46. Dave Roberts had 10 times the talent Mattingly had to work with and did not have to deal with clubhouse cancers like Carl Crawford and all the drama surrounding team ownership etc. Mattingly was screwed and this is the karma of it.

  47. Coming from an Astros fan – I thought Dave Roberts badly mishandled the bullpen against the Astros in 2017, pulling Kershaw too early etc. When I watched what happened in game five I was shocked. Kershaw was spent. You cant get adrenaline up again after getting that first out, he should have just gone to his bullpen. Roberts is a horrible manager. As an aside, I don’t think AJ Hinch is that damn great either, but he’s better than Roberts.

  48. Dodger fans need to make themselves heard. DO NOT ATTEND ANY GAMES NEXT YEAR. All they do is raise the prices and blackout games for most of the city. I’m fed up!!

  49. We went to the game seven of the world series when Roberts put in Darvish. That single stupid move cost us the world series. Everybody knew the Astros owned him. I said it then, they should get rid of Roberts. He makes so many bonehead moves throughout the year but due to the unbelievable talent on the team, they bail him out and win in spite of him. Why put a pitcher in who isn’t 100 percent and limit his pitches like its some preseason game. Kershaw is still a good pitcher but has struggled in the first 2 innings lately. Everybody knows he’s susceptible to giving up home runs early in a game and then settles down and pitches great in 3-6. Why put him in as a reliever when Maeda and Mays has been lights out. Roberts needs to go. There is no excuse to exit so early with the talent he had!!!!!!!

  50. Maybe they should ask Mary Hart to stay home during the postseason, she may be the Dodgers version of the Cubs goat.

  51. Everything you said in this article is accurate. However, you seem to have forgot that ownership has clearly stated that see Dodgers not as a sports team but as “Entertainment.” Ownership can care less about whether then win World Series or not, and that is the issue here for those Dodgers fans wanting a World Series win.

    Roberts gives ownership what they want – a constant competitive team that provides the fans said entertainment, while lining their billionaire pockets with gobs of money – all they care about, so while your article is on point, ownership is and will continue to be tone deaf concerning winning a championship.

  52. Bobby Cox was the manager of the Atlanta Braves who won 14 straight division titles but only managed to win one World Series Championship. His pitching consisted of Greg Maddox, John Smoltz, Tom Glavine all in the baseball hall of fame. Cox himself in the hall of fame. Teams loaded with talent. Best minor league system in baseball. But one problem plagued the Braves during that run. The lack of a bullpen who could close games out. Guess who was responsible for assembling these under achieving teams? Yep. Stan Kasten. The very same Stan Kasten steering the ship now as a part owner of our beloved Dodgers. Coincidence??
    Hardly. Stan Kasten went to Columbia Law School. He’s a smart man. People he hires are smart men. However, these smart men don’t understand the basic principals of what a team really is. We’ve all heard the saying “you’re as strong as your weakest link” Apparently Stan Kasten (Columbia Law School) and the people he hires have never heard this. So in our case instead of getting another closer for our struggling bullpen before the trade deadline Stan’s people decide to announce that the team is spending $120,000,000 on stadium improvements because we are set to host the 2020 All Star Game. But no announcement on improving the bullpen?
    This is what smart people do? You charge us fans a kings ransom to buy tickets, park our cars, and eat fast food while spending $120,000,000 on a new concourse to make the ballpark more interactive for a game next July that doesn’t even count?
    Most of us who went to college probably stayed locally at a community college or a state university. I personally don’t have a law degree nor did I attend Columbia. But I’m smart enough to know what the Dodgers needed at the trade deadline and so did all the other Dodger Fans. I’m also smart enough to know you don’t insult your fan base with an announcement to spend gobs of money but not to improve the ball club.
    Unfortunately the Dodgers ownership and front office decision makers will never get us that long overdue World Series Championship without hiring baseball people to make baseball decisions.

  53. 8th inning of game 5 they all should have been warmed up. What are they saving themselves for.

  54. Dave Roberts time is up and so is Friedman he was smart okay let him be smart in Chi Town It is time for the Dodgers to win the World Series and I mean right now all in favor say I..

  55. Enough said it’s time for a major changing of the guard. Let’s bring in Mike Scioscia he did want some felt couldn’t be done with the angels in 2002 as a wild card underdogs. World champs 2002.this is what this Dodger team is hungry for a no nonsense hard nose baseball smart leader.

  56. Robert’s should of been fired last year. In last years world series The team had plenty of opportunities to play hit ans run or run and hit but they never did. Forget about the stupid analytics play the veterans he played Lux in one of the games at Washington. They stacked the lineup with lefties to no avail. Will Smith didn’t do anything either.

  57. Try as you might, you just can’t make sense of what Roberts was thinking first with Kerashaw, Im sorry but aren’t you suppose to call in a closer in the eight inning to shut the other team out..? this was not done. Kershaw was thrown out there for what reason is still unknown, It wasn’t like closers were not ready in the bull pen they were, I can not defend Roberts. and to do it again in the 10th inning the way he did another bad call. this is not the first time i have witnessed and shook my head at some bizarre call on Roberts part that didn’t pan out. and well it wouldn’t as it was always some bizarre move. no one could figure out. Defend him all you want, but look at the facts first before you do. i dont want to hear how he led up to a 106 game win. he didnt. the boys did that on their own. and probably would of done it in the 9th after they tied in this one. only fate had other plans

  58. Try as you might, you just can’t make sense of game 5, and what Roberts was thinking first with Kerashaw, Im sorry but aren’t you suppose to call in a closer in the eight inning to shut the other team out..? this was not done. Kershaw was thrown out there for what reason is still unknown, It wasn’t like closers were not ready in the bull pen they were, I can not defend Roberts. and to do it again in the 10th inning the way he did another bad call. this is not the first time i have witnessed and shook my head at some bizarre call on Roberts part that didn’t pan out. and well it wouldn’t as it was always some bizarre move. no one could figure out. Defend him all you want, but look at the facts first before you do. i dont want to hear how he led up to a 106 game win. he didnt. the boys did that on their own. and probably would of done it in the 9th after they tied in this one. only fate had other plans

  59. Try as you might, you just can’t make sense of game 5, and what Roberts was thinking first with Kershaw, Im sorry but aren’t you suppose to call in a closer in the eight inning to shut the other team out..? this was not done. Kershaw was thrown out there for what reason is still unknown, It wasn’t like closers were not ready in the bull pen they were, I can not defend Roberts. and to do it again in the 10th inning the way he did another bad call. this is not the first time i have witnessed and shook my head at some bizarre call on Roberts part that didn’t pan out. and well it wouldn’t as it was always some bizarre move. no one could figure out. Defend him all you want, but look at the facts first before you do. i dont want to hear how he led up to a 106 game win. he didnt. the boys did that on their own. and probably would of done it in the 9th after they tied in this one. only fate had other plans

  60. Being a Texan and living here in Texas,I have been a LAD fan all my life and I’m 65. But I must say the 88 Dodgers had Guts and Determination. I have been very patient with these current boys and really liked them very much. After watching them beat up everybody in the NL, I really was not going to get my hopes up too high after these last 3 seasons. But man this time has to be the Worst. After getting to the playoffs and nothing to show for what will they play for next year? I WOULD RATHER NOT SEE THEM MAKE THE PLAYOFFS IF THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO. And I know what the giants and padres fans are saying and doing. They are laughing their asses off. Bring back Cey, Garvey,Russell, Lopes,Scocia, Baker,3Dog(rip),and R.Smith real gamers.Seriously thinking of another team , cause what all Dodger Fans want is not going to happen! Poncho from Waco.

  61. It still hurts at this moment, as the Nat’s are moving on to their first World Series as the DC Nat’s, I can’t believe the Dodgers lost that game 5. I asked my friends this; I said if Bruce Bochy or Joe Maddon managed the Dodgers for the last 4 years, with the same players, would the Dodgers have a WS Championship. They all said yes, and 3 are Giants die hard, and can’t stand the Dodgers. In the playoffs Managers matter. Unfortunately for Roberts the proof is in the results of his decision making the last three years. Let not forget about Bellinger’s lead off double in the 6th and no outs. Yes we had a 3-0 lead but another run in a win or go home would have been nice. Bellinger ended the 6th, still at second base. Decisions, decisions!!!

  62. I total agree, it’s time to let Roberts ?O!!!!! Its Embarrassing As a Dodger fan. They definitely have the players to win World Series

  63. Pro and con of Roberts, pro; yes he’s a people person that’s great, con: he’s an outfielder not a manager…
    Put Hunnycutt in as manager, he can’t be worse. The game is pitching everyone knows it, so he doesn’t have to guess or confer, he knows. duh.
    But ultimately it really don’t matter with todays tech, who really needs a gut instinct to manage, joe torre does it, lol, hell, put sandy kofax in as manager or my dad.
    Fact is nobody knows who’s on and or off any given day, pitching is 90 percent talent 10 percent mental strength, but that 10 is far more important.
    As for Hollywood Kershaw, hall of fame, no doubt, but his head is too glitz glamor lights camera, no action, anymore, or he’s got some really bad karma or main stage fright, or whatevs, sorry, but thats no good for the mound, Look at Cole, Sherzer, Salsberg, Skilling, Hershiser, Valenzeula, and that guy from the Rays, all brain dead heavers.
    Go Blue, maybe the new stadium will bring it altogether, but One thing is for sure, Watch out when it does.
    Teams like the Red Sox last year and the I hate to say it, the astros, now, will be the mold for winning and not worrying who’s on the other side, Although the Nats are the underdog or are they? and there will always be cinderella stories, look at the 2012 Kings.
    I am taking the Nats in 6, or less.and the dodgers next year. Too much talent to waste in LA or to part out.
    One thing is for certain, no matter who’s at the helm, of any team, it wont matter until they get the balls and strikes hammered out w instant replay or a home plate camera and home plate motion detector to see if the ball crosses the plate borders and catchers interference, standing in the base line w\o the ball, catcher needs to be like the first base man while waiting or its an automatic free point, esp if the runner is full speed around third, sliding or diving at home without worry of slamming into the catcher w full gear on or having to try and stop mid stride and go around the catcher, I mean the first baseman isn’t blocking the base waiting for the ball nor is the second and third basemen. The umps are horribly off and it cost many a win for many a team, just think of how many less trophy’s the NY Whine-kings would have w tech of today, at least Half, or how many games in the past were altered because of missed non replay challenges at the bases.

  64. Dave Roberts I think it’s time for you to learn. Why you keep putting max muncy on your lineup. He’s doing terrible get him out try Edwin Rios get muncy out better it’s time to trade him for someone that’s willing to play baseball

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