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Dodgers News: Don Mattingly Calls Dodgers “America’s Team”

The Dodgers extended the NLCS this afternoon with their 6-4 win over the Cardinals and will head back to St. Louis on Friday with Clayton Kershaw on the mound against Cardinals rookie Michael Wacha.

Adrian Gonzalez paced the offense as they finally broke through with four home runs and fell one run short of matching their entire run total through the first four games with six runs. After the game, manager Don Mattingly had quite the line when discussing what’s ahead for the Dodgers according to Bill Shaikin of the LA Times:

Obviously, Mattingly said the remark sarcastically, but its been misinterpreted by others. Cardinals players have complained about the Dodgers antics.

The Cardinals got upset at the Dodgers after Game 3 on Monday after Yasiel Puig and Gonzalez got excited about their RBI double and triples. However, Diamondbacks outfielder Adam Eaton didn’t seem to understand the sarcasm and took to Twitter to voice his displeasure:

The rivalry with the Diamondbacks has been well documented as there was a brawl at Dodger Stadium, the Dodgers celebrating in the Chase Field pool and DBacks GM Kevin Towers talking about busting hitters inside next season.

Its gotten to the point where the Dodgers can’t do anything fun or entertaining for somebody to criticize them as they’ve certainly become “America’s Team” in the spotlight.


In case you missed it, here’s Adrian Gonzalez doing the “Mickey Mouse” ears after his NLCS Game 5 home run!

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