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Dodgers News: Don Mattingly Reacts To Players Celebrating In Pool

It’s dominated the headlines since it happened and all day today, but Poolgate has overshadowed the Dodges incredible accomplishment of winning the NL West.

From 30-42 to NL West champions, the Dodgers honored the Diamondbacks request and didn’t celebrate on the field, but rather held a pool party beyond the right field fence. On with Max and Marcellus on ESPN Radio 710, manager Don Mattingly talked about the decision to celebrate in the pool:

I’m not that concerned about it. That time of when you clinch like that,  you’re dealing with Little League kids. They’re jumping up and down, it’s a teapot that heats up. At that point it’s just raw emotion. I think it’s been overblown because it makes it sound like we went from the field into the pool. It’s not like it was a house filled with Arizona fans.

Diamondbacks utilityman Willie Bloomquist and CEO Derrick Hall were appalled by the decision as they believe the Dodgers acted classless by jumping into the pool. Meanwhile, Arizona senator John McCain also chimed in on the Dodgers decision to jump in the pool and called them, “rich, immature spoiled brats.”

When asked if he would do things differently, Mattingly gave this answer:

I guess, from the standpoint that it’s taken away from what they’ve accomplished, then I would probably would’ve hoped it didn’t happen. If ‘we’d clinch there again next year, I bet our guys wouldn’t be quite as emotional.

The Dodgers were once 9.5 games behind the Diamondbacks and given the bad blood between the two teams, a huge deal has been made about the pool party.


In case you missed it, hear what Arizona Senator John McCain had to say about the Dodgers Pool Party.

Ross Gasmer

Ross Gasmer is a Social Media Producer for @TheHerd and was a contributing writer and editor for Dodger Nation. Follow him on Twitter @Ross_Gasmer12


  1. John Mccain is a sore loser that needs to get a life. It’s a stupid pool and it’s hot as hell at this God forsaken state and they had the right to cool off after a GREAT WIN!!! If anyone is immature it’s this douche bag who needs to go to an old folks home and wait to die. LA FOREVER Go Dodger Blue, Love you guys and good luck in the playoffs. Take it all the way to the World Series!!!! Dodger Fan For Life!!!!!


  3. John McWho ? O h you mean the guy that couldn’t beat the worst President the United States has ever had. Loser McCain you have enough issue without bothering yourself with a after game celebration, hell i think the way you and the other Elitist have run this country into the ground is a bigger issue than a god damn pool party

    1. If McCain and the REST of the WASHINGTON DC IDIOTS knew what they THINK they DON”T Know then his words just might mean something. McCain and his Buddies have RUINED this Once GREAT COUNTRY and for ALL the BAD that’s been done and the $$$$$ Wasted he shouldn’t utter a WORD and HANG his HEAD in SHAME…..

  4. They keep saying it was a classless act, but asking for them to not celebrate after winning is real sportsman like. Now everyone from AZ has something to say, just an easy way to get your name in the paper. And they say our DODGERS are immature!

  5. it works be nice for Az to get over it. what about them. all they do is complain, and people think that’s ok. come on McCain. a fan of another team can’t show their pride and where their Jersey of that team if they are on camera. please some kind of propaganda there huh. then they complain that another team celebrates on their field. Wow… I would like to see teams line up and give hi fives in congratulations and a hard good game played. what happened to those days. I honestly don’t believe the Dodgers celebrated out of malice but with their child hearts.

  6. McCain says the Dodgers are immature,arrogant,spoiled idiots. Gee, maybe they should quit baseball & enter politics!
    Mcdonalds is coming out with a new McCain sandwich. Baloney, lingua, & sour grapes on an old stale bun, take it home & smother it with (Dodger) blue cheese dressing!

  7. if you don’t want the dodgers playing in your pool, beat them. plain and simple. you lost, dodgers won. get over it. By the way, McCain, shut the hell up. You displayed no class in your summation. Lose with dignity. Playing in your pool doesn’t mean the players are being disrespectful. They are enjoying the moment. Have you forgotten how good it feels to win something big on an opponents home turf?

  8. Should they hit one of our players to get us back, my new bathroom while at d-back games is that pool.

  9. GODODGERS!!!! Stop acting like sore losers…it’s BLUE time…get over yourself

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