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Dodgers News: Edwin Uceta Reportedly Signs With Another NL West Team

The Dodgers made a few questionable moves in the final days of their 2021 season. Pressed for healthy arms and healthy bench players, Dave Roberts had to go to deep into his 40-man roster in the final game of the NLCS. 

That move ended up being adding Andy Burns to the active roster. It came after Justin Turner injured his hamstring and had to miss the rest of the series. As a result, the Dodgers had to move someone off of the 40-man to get Burns in there for a game. 

That move was designating Edwin Uceta for assignment. The young right-handed hurler had made just 14 big league appearances for the Dodgers in 2021 before they made the move. He was forced into action early after LA fell short on arms due to injuries. 

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Today, Uceta announced that he would be joining the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Dodgers have not made any announcement about the signing as of now, nor had the DBacks. A player designated for assignment can be traded within 7 days or placed on outright waivers. 

Uceta was DFA’d on October 21st, so it’s unclear how he ended up with Arizona for the moment. But the Dodgers will move on from a guy that was one of their better RHP prospects in recent years. Best of luck Edwin! 

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  1. No big deal. Dodgers bullpen was awesome the 2nd half without him. Wish him luck with the D-bags.

  2. This is a ‘headline’ article? Who cares about him and his batting helmet hat. Buh, bye…..

    Maybe Billy McKinney hit him when he signs with a new team?


  3. Put dum roberts with Rockies see how many times he wins division. Dodgers had most talent most expensive teams last 8 years with Mattingly and Roberts only one World Series title. Am sure with Scioscia dodgers would have won at least 5 of them.Let both Friedman and Roberts walk bring back previous president of operations and give him the open check book sure he will do better than Friedman .previous president had the cheapest owner .

  4. Uceta has potential and we have invested quite a few developmental innings in him. This is a casualty but you have to ask what other player should we have dumped off the 40 man?

    Of course we could have moved Cory to third or Trea to center field in lieu of adding Burns. Ya don’t get to whine if it’s short term (or if Boros is your agent; do you think if the shoe was on the other foot Boros would hesitate?)

    1. If you wanted to comeback Corey, a different agent might have been a better choice!

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