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Dodgers: Julio Urias Oddly Snubbed From Silver Slugger Nomination

The Dodgers had 4 players listed as finalists for a Silver Slugger Award this year. And while not many of them are expected to take home the trophy for their respective positions, Max Muncy at least has a decent shot at first base. 

But there was one name missing for Dodgers fans when the names were released yesterday. Julio Urias showed up with the bat in 2021, and it came at the perfect time. It was probably his last shot given the impending universal DH that is expected to come with the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

But Julio was not listed as a finalist for pitchers. Despite hitting .203 and driving in 9 runs, the Dodgers southpaw had 4 other pitchers come in ahead of him. Those finalists were German Marquez, Jacob deGrom, Madison Bumgarner, and Max Fried. 

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Funny enough, not one of those guys drove in more runs than Julio. Marquez matched him with 9 runs driven in, but deGrom didn’t even get to take at-bats with his injury. The Mets ace made just 33 plate appearances in 2021 and somehow still came in ahead of the Dodgers lefty. 

Fried and Marquez were the only 2 guys that should be in conversation with Julio in 2021 with the bat. And while he might not have won the award, it’s odd that they kept him out of the conversation. Bumgarner hit just .103 and drove in 3 runs on the year, far outpaced by Urias

But baseball award voting is a fickle thing and many call it outdated. 

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  1. Fried should win hands down. And I’m a Dodger fan! I think Fried hit something like .273! He would have been a finalist at any position!

  2. If you’re right about Fried, then yeah he deserves it. But what I wanna know is why Julio Urias doesn’t even get mentioned as one of the finalists for the award. Just like for the CY young award, he gets no love even though he was the only 20 game winner in MLB. Must be all the DODGER HATERS or is it something else? I mean Buehler and Mad Max were mentioned as possible winners but no Julio… hmmm I’m just saying

    1. seems strange Julio isn’t included for SS award. Must be an east coast bias thingy! Join me in the “Boycott World Series”!! MLB must punish cheating ball-players!

    2. For some reason people discount wins nowadays. Now it’s all about ERA. Wins mattered back in my day. Lots of stuff has changed over the years.

    3. Let’s face it folks, the people doling out these awards are most certainly not brain surgeons!

  3. Julio is not being considered for a silver slugger for the same reason he is not being considered for the Cy Young: he is a very Hispanic player in a very white sport.

    1. Absolutely, same reason Fernando’s # has yet to be retired! Steve, you find a way of finding the problem and stating it… Julio Urias definitely deserves to be recognized both offensively and defensively this year!!!

      1. No Doubt. You are both correct. And I’m white. It’s a tragic world by any means. Fernando’s #34 and Orel’s 55 should both have been retired if you ask me. With the Dodgers’ pitching legacy so prominent a part of its culture it’s surprising to say the least. However, I don’t believe Don Newcombe’s number is retired either…but it should be as well! Wake Dodgers it’s time to update those legends!

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