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Dodgers: Joc Pederson Reveals Message from Former Teammates after Atlanta NLCS Win

It’s always tough saying goodbye to your favorite players as they depart the franchise. It stings, even more, when they are off succeeding for another team, although you hope they do succeed.

That’s been the case so far with guys like Kiké Hernandez, Alex Verdugo, and even Joc Pederson. Pederson and Kiké were both postseason stars with the Dodgers and not much has changed. Kiké was red hot for the Boston Red Sox before being eliminated by the Houston Astros. Pederson on the other hand is heading back to the World Series after helping the Atlanta Braves eliminate the Dodgers.

In a message published by The Players’ Tribune, a news media company for athletes founded by Hall of Famer Derek Jeter, the former Dodger revealed that some former teammates had a message for him after the NLCS. 

“It’s a couple of former teammates I’m really close to, coming up to me postgame and saying, ‘Hey — I love you. Now go beat the Astros for us.’”

Of course, who told him that wasn’t revealed, but it sure is likely that they had to be from the Dodgers. Los Angeles was knocked out of the postseason by Joc and the Braves to earn a trip to the NLCS.

Pederson spent his first years in the league with the Dodgers and was a part of the 2017 team that was robbed of a World Series title by the Houston Astros. Whoever those teammates were had the right idea. Many baseball fans, Dodgers fans especially, will be rooting for the Braves. Having Pederson in Atlanta gives LA fans extra incentive to support a National League winner, not that they needed it. 

Joc Pederson Reveals He Wanted to Re-sign With Dodgers, Former Teammates Tell Joc to ‘Beat Astros!’

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  1. Understand the sensitivity for the Dodger faithful against the Astros. But they didn’t cheat the last two years, or in the ‘19 series where only visiting teams won. I want to see another ex Dodger Dusty Baker get his well deserved championship finally. He has been close a few times and is one of the most interesting people in the game.

    1. Gjam, it’s not just Dodgers fans that hate the cheaters! It’s any fan of baseball! What they did is inexcusable! They don’t belong in the game! If the Astros had all new players and reached the WS I’d have no problem at all. This is all about PRINCIPLE!

      The four holdovers Gurriel, Altueve, Correa, and Bregman should have all been banned for life! I’d feel the same way had they beaten the hated Giants!

      1. Well said! “This is all about PRINCIPLE!” 4 remaining ” trash cans “on this team. Go Atlanta! But lots of love to Dusty though.

  2. Most disgusting thing ever to see the unpunished Cheaters in the WS. I won’t even watch. They should have been banned from baseball for life!

    Go Braves! Even though you have no chance!

    1. Relax, they evidently didn’t get much out of cheating, they lost to a wild card team in 19 and are back this year after being the most watched team in baseball. Players and coaches in baseball have cheated since the rules were written. People hate the Dodgers because they consider they are ‘buying’ their way to titles. It’s all part of the game.

      1. Oh ya and the Yankees never bought a championship lol.

        Astros are disgusting cheaters! End of story!

          1. Hahahaha 5 straight home loses in the WS for the cheaters! F@ck you cheaters!

          2. The Astros are the only ones that got caught for cheating. Stay mad. Dodgers haven’t won a real title in over 20 years lol

  3. Who cares what Barbara Bush, er, Joc Pederson has to say…..

    Never cared for him, his attitude issues came across during the interviews with A. Rizzo.

    In 2021, an upcoming FA, he has gained a ton of weight, bleached his hair, now wears pearls, a la Barbara Bush….. Next season, spiked heels.

    Let’s see how many teams will be knocking hard on his door once the CBA is completed. Hey, anyone can have a good 50 at bats in a season (except the Dodger bench and Billy McKinney), and hit .230 ish with over 400 AB’s.

    I predict a 1 yr contract @ $4M w/ incentives. Dude can not hit LHP’s and barely hits RHP.

    He and his dad can move to a deserted island for all I care…..


      1. My nephew played ball under the direction of Mr. Pederson….

        Had nothing nice to say about him other than he was a jerk, and a few other 4 letter words. And this kid is soft spoken, never has a negative word about anyone.

        He lives off of his sons ‘fame’. Just like Todd M’s dad, both losers….


    1. Joc was a below average defensive outfielder who couldn’t even cut it at 1B when the Dodgers tried to make him more versatile. Didn’t accept hitting instruction, couldn’t hit LHP and didn’t like platooning. Thought he could do better elsewhere. Ended up being a platoon guy with two different teams. Wouldn’t even have been starting the NLCS had Jorge Soler not been unavailable due to Covid.

      That enough for you?

      But I wish him well and hope his teams kicks the crap out the Cheaters. Unfortunately they will get swept.

    1. Amen Luis. I was a huge Dusty Baker fan. Grew up when he was a Dodger great. Lost my respect entirely when he took the Cheaters job!

      Let’s go Braves!!!

  4. Go Bravos!

    F**k Altuve, Correa, Springer, Bregman, and every cheating B*****d still on that team.

    I’m a huge Joc fan for the next 4-7 games.

    1. Eight Men Out. The 8 involved in the Black Sox Scandal were banned for life. Every Astro on that team should have had a minimum of a half season suspension. Plus a forfeiture of their WS check No accountability. Never understood why.

      1. Wayne, why? An absolute spineless worthless pile of dung Baseball commissioner! Bob Manfred i hate you for destroying the integrity of baseball!

      2. Wayne, the 8 men out were actually acquitted in a trial in 1921. Landes banned them from baseball for life anyway. Cheaters? NOTHING! And they were proven to be guilty! Greatest travesty in baseball history!

      3. Why? Because the hearhen that is Manfred let them get away with basically murder. Not even as much as a slap on the wrist! And what? Only $5 million in fines for the Onership of that team. Barely even pocket change.

  5. Wow lots of comments about the Houston Cheaters. Did they steal the 2017 World Series and season? Yes it’s not only the Dodgers who were mad finding out later, but also they won the american league western division title over a very good Oakland A’s team when they cheated for the whole season. Lastly, to “Gjam” do a little more research it wasn’t just 2017 that they cheated.
    Way before that the organization had a history under management and ownership that during a season once they were going to be confirmed losers they would keep it that way to get higher draft picks. That’s bad enough but the owner knowing the team sucked he kept it that way by not signing free agents to keep the team not close until all the minor league players started to become stars

  6. I don’t and won’t ever blame the Yankees Dodgers RedSox for spending money at least they spend it. Look at the Oakland A’s ownership is #7 (was #50 in wealth but they spent near the bottom of all the other teams. I trust in God
    I love my country
    And will respect its laws
    I will play fair
    And strive to win
    But win or lose
    I will always do my best

  7. Agree that the Astros should be banned for life – How is that they cheated in the WORLD SERIES and got a slap on the wrist while PETE ROSE bet on baseball games that he wasn’t playing in but got Banned for Life?


  8. Steven L I agree 100% with your Pete Rose analogy! That’s exactly how I explain things to people who don’t understand what’s up with the cheaters !
    Doug, you usually make me smile, but wow, could you bring any more homophobic remarks into your comment?? Slow down, buddy, we don’t need anymore isms on the team to fight through! Not trying to start an argument at all, just hope you have a chance for some reflection in case there’s people reading this who need to know it doesn’t matter what clothes a man wears… thanks for hearing me out. Peace and GO BRAVES!

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