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Dodgers News: Freddie Freeman Keeps it Painfully Simple with Assessment of Team

The Dodgers are in a bad spot heading into game 4 of the NLDS against the Padres.

You know it. I know it. They know it.

The team mustered up 6 scattered hits en route to a 2-1 loss in San Diego. With runners on base, the offense went 0-9. The lone run scored on a sacrifice fly in the 5th inning.

Pitching — outside of starter Tony Gonsolin — was phenomenal against the Padres. The LA bullpen put together 7.2 innings of 1 run baseball to keep the team in the game. But, the bats just couldn’t string anything together. A familiar refrain of postseason’s past.

“We’re pitching good right now and we’re not hitting so we have to hit tomorrow.”

That’s what first baseman Freddie Freeman had to say following his 0-3 effort. Hardly inspiring but pinpoint in accuracy.

“It’s unfortunate in baseball,” Freeman added, “sometimes it happens, we’re not getting hits when we need to. We still had some opportunities, so if you’re going to take a positive out of something, I guess you can take that.”

And that’s the way the ball bounces for the 111 win Los Angeles Dodgers. Backs against the wall in a do-or-die postseason game in enemy territory. It’s not the first time many of the players on this team have been here. The club faced a 3-1 series deficit against Freeman’s Braves in 2020 only pull off the unlikely upset to go on to win the World Series.

They faced a 2-1 uphill climb against the Giants in the NLDS just a season ago before rattling off two wins to move on to the next round.

The hope is that this script has a similar ending to that of the 2020 edition.

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  1. Maybe next year Roberts won’t declare winning a World series before the games are played. This isn’t x-box fantasy baseball Dave……This team has no spark, no desire. There’s no Seager, Kike’ or Joc to bail them out anymore. Looks like the Turner ” Error” swap for Seager was a flop.. Oh well, analytics says don’t bunt with runners in scoring position. I wonder if there is a analytic stat for “Watching the playoff’s” instead of playing.

  2. The Dodgers aren’t hitting because the Padre’s pitching has been good.If Gonsolin would have been in his mid season form,it might have been a tied game in 9 innings or perhaps a win.But,it is what it is and the Dodgers need to move forward and face this challenge.Buckle up!

        1. Let’s not forget Andrew Friedman. He’s the architect of this team of post season chokers. Why does he get a pass every season.

  3. The Padres have the advantage Saturday. We have blown through our bullpen last night, the Padres have not. Musgrove was lights out in NY. If we dont get to their starting pitchers early, we get Suarez & Hader whom we can not hit. Totally pathetic offense for the team with the best record and highest run differential in baseball this year. I can not begin to tell you how disappointed I am with Mookie, Freeman, Smith, J Turner, and Trayce Thompson. Leaving runners in scoring position all night. I really wish I could see LA winning the series, but I think it ends in SD tonight. It will be interested in what if any changes lA makes to the team for next year. Bellinger continued his non existent hitting. J Turner looks OLD. And like so many past post seasons, these guys cant hit.

    1. I beg to differ. Emotions aside, we went 14-5 against the same team. Seems the five days off is causing some rust, see Atlanta, NY and even Houston who was saved TWICE by ONE guy, all lagging. Timing is everything in hitting. If you are off a bit, that’s all it takes. Without blinking, I expect the Dodgers to roll the rest of the way, we are just too damn good not too. Dial it in boys!

  4. Do you remember how upset all us Dodger fans when MLB Network analyst Harold Reynolds said the Dodgers were ‘overrated?’ Hmmm. Guess we’ll find out tonight.

  5. It’s really a timing issue. And it’s magnified against good pitching in critical games. If I’m wearing that Dodger uniform, I have 100% confidence in games 4 and 5.
    Think about it, 14-5 against the same team…It’s not like they’re the better team, they’re not. I’d say it’s more like five days off rust, look at all the #1 and 2 seeds. All four struggling against teams they should beat handily. Coincidence? I say we’ve seen enough and had enough of this BS. Dial it in Dodgers!

  6. These guys walked thru their final 6 games against Colorado. Had 5 days off. And are walking thru this series. You can’t coach heart. See u next year boys.

    1. Let’s face it, Robert’s predictions mean nothing and have no impact on Dodger’s performance…wise or unwise, who cares! What matters is that the Dodgers appear to be sleepwalking through these last two games. I don’t think they’re as good as their season run differential implies but they are better than this. Betts, Turner and Freeman are not bringing it and if they can’t get going we’re lost. Also, someone else has to step up (way to go, Barnsey!) That said, how many times have we seen the offense shut down, score 3 or 4 in a couple of innings and then go in order the remaining 6 or 7. To quote George Clooney in “O, Brother Where Art Thou” “we’re in a tight spot.” Plus, we’ve got to get a few breaks…can’t win in the post without ‘em. If we get by SD, it only gets tougher…and unlike the Padres, the Phillies know they can beat us. Been loving this team since 1959 and man, I do not want to go out like this!

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