Dodgers News: Greinke Told Ellis He’d Trade Him To Improve Team

[new_royalslider id=”9″] When Zack Greinke signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers, it not only gave the team a second certifiable ace, but also someone who one day could make his way into the front office.

It’s well-known Greinke keeps up to date with matters that a general manager would need to consider, and it was evident when the right-hander discussed drafting Corey Seager with general manager Ned Colletti last season. During a pre-game interview Saturday, A.J. Ellis revealed he had a discussion with Greinke on how to improve the 2013 Dodgers.

According to Mark Whicker of the LA Daily News, Greinke told Ellis he would trade the catcher:

My first move would be to trade you and sign Brian McCann.”

Given that Ellis’ isn’t necessarily a big trade piece, he believes Greinke said the Dodgers could net a pitching prospect:

I think he said we could get a nice Double-A pitching prospect.”

While Greinke isn’t one of the more outspoken or vocal players in the clubhouse, he certainly holds no punches and will not refrain from speaking his mind. During the All-Star break, he discussed the pending free agency for marquee starting pitchers and said their contract situation would have an influence on him potentially opting out after the 2015 season.

Greinke will make $25 million next season and should he not opt out, he would be owed $77 million over the final three years of the contract. As for Ellis, he finds himself on the other end of the spectrum.

The 33-year-old catcher signed a one-year deal in the off-season to avoid arbitration and he’s far from had a successful season in 2014. Ellis battled multiple injuries that affected his ability to find any comfort at the plate.

However, what Ellis has working in his favor is he’s swung a hot bat through the first two games of the National League Division Series and has Clayton Kershaw’s support for a return to the Dodgers in 2015.

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          1. There seems to be some doubt about the Pirates being willing to pony up the money to keep him.

    1. Lester would be a great, but supposedly when he was traded by the Red Sox, he was nothing more than a rental player for the A’s and he has every intention of signing a deal to go back to Boston.

  1. Reporting just the facts here is missing something significant…was he making a joke or actually making a serious statement? Neither of those options is really bad, but the lack of some context muddies the waters a bit about why this would be important.

  2. Mattingly is not a good manager. He was a great Yankee player but not manager. He was outmanaged by Matheny.

  3. This was a joke at the time, it’s an old story/comment. That being said, don’t expect Ellis to go anywhere with the support he gets from Kershaw and Grienke. He may not be the best offensive player (but doesn’t need to be with who the Dodgers have) and he was hurt a lot this year. I know many are critical of his defense, and he is getting a little older, but the key to some of our starters success is constantly throwing pitches that bounce or are in the dirt. That’s not an easy job for any catcher.

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