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Dodgers News: Happy Birthday, Scott Kazmir!

Today, newly acquired free agent Scott Kazmir turned 32 years old. Sure, we all have birthdays. They come around once a year, and we all deal with getting older in our own unique ways.

For Kazmir, the biggest birthday present he received was the three-year, $48 million contract he signed on December 30th. Consider it an early celebration.

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Getting older isn’t exactly the worst thing in the world. Apparently, if you are to believe all the musings, you get wiser as you get older. If that’s the case then Kazmir is definitely one wise man.

Scott Kazmir bio

Kazmir spent time pitching for the Oakland Athletics and Houston Astros last season, and produced a 3.10 ERA in 183 innings while striking out 155 and walking 59.

If you look at his career over the last two seasons, Kazmir’s been blessed with a great story. He effectively recreated his career all over again, and he’s since put up a 3.33 ERA in 373.1 innings. That’s a heck of a present to give yourself when you really step back and look at it.

Few people are able to find themselves when they hit 30 years old. You, usually, are what you are by then. But not Kazmir. He persevered, battled, worked hard, and overcame career struggles.

So, as Scott Kazmir turns 32 today, we wish him a very happy birthday and wish him nothing but the best this season with the Dodgers. His story is a good one, and turning a year older is never a bad thing, even if you feel like it is.

If Kazmir’s only getting better with age, then 2016 could be fun for both him and the team, and the Dodgers might need it to be. Keep on trucking along, Scott.

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