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Dodgers News: J.P. Howell Clarifies Yasiel Puig Bullying Comments

Los Angeles Dodgers free agent reliever J.P. Howell gave an interview with Bill Shakin of the LA Times about bullying at a local preschool yesterday afternoon. Howell admitted that he himself had been bullied growing up as the subject has been a national story for several weeks due to an issue with the Miami Dolphins.

However, Howell said that Yasiel Puig was bullied during his rookie season in the clubhouse, causing many to question the chemistry that was built during the season. Upon seeing the reaction, Howell now clarified his comments to Ken Gurnick of

Not in the clubhouse, never by teammates, he said. I was asked if Puig had been bullied and I said yes, but I meant by fans and media and people on the outside that don’t know him. Never in the clubhouse. Are you kidding? People early in the season said our clubhouse wouldn’t have chemistry, and it turned out to be an awesome clubhouse — everybody got along.

Reading the comments about Puig being bullied in the clubhouse was shocking and now that Howell clarified the comments, it makes much more sense.

Every time Puig did something wrong or even right on or off the field somehow he was criticized for his actions. Whether it was pimping a home run or overthrowing a cut off man, Puig was under a microscope during his rookie season.

A free agent, Howell has expressed a desire to return to the Dodgers and it’s good to hear this situation get cleared up before more and more people pile on his original comments.


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