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Dodgers News: James Outman Shares A Little About His Spring Performances So Far

James Outman has been the name to remember for what seems like the past six months. From his iconic first major league at-bat to his impressive stint in this year’s Spring Training, it seems like the guy should be locked in for the 2023 season right?

Not quite. With Mookie Betts still holding down the right field spot, that leaves only two spots left to fill and about four guys fighting for them.

Those three other guys are Trayce Thomspon, David Peralta, and Jason Heyward who all have multiple years of experience playing in the major leagues whereas Outman only has 4 major league games under his belt after making his debut last summer.

But the lack of MLB experience hasn’t stopped him from showing out.

Just across Spring Training alone, he’s scored three runs on six hits including a solo homer on Saturday and has picked up four RBI across seven games. He’s currently slashing .462/ .529/ .846 with a 1.375 OPS across his 13 at-bats this far.

After Sunday’s game where he hit a triple to score the go-ahead run in the second inning, James Outman shared a little about how Spring has been going for him so far:

This is now the second game in a row where Outman has produced a crucial hit to help the Dodgers to a win. Maybe this is a sign that he deserves a starting spot out there in left field. But nothing is for certain just yet and from what Outman shared in his post-game interview there doesn’t seem to be a clear-cut answer for who will be in the outfield come Opening Day.

Ultimately, James Outman has been fun to watch whether it’s in The Show, down with the Triple-AAA team, or during the Dodgers’ Spring Training. But will it be enough to earn him that starting spot in the lineup?

What do you think Dodger fans? Share in the comments who you think should be in the outfield on March 30th?

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  1. Outman looks like the real deal, albeit only a small sample. Dodgers need some infusion of youth. Peralta and Hayward are good players, but stopgaps at this point. Let’s see how the rest of Spring Training plays out.

  2. He deserves a starting spot. He’s earned it already. The others haven’t. He better be a starter or a lot of fans will be very angry

  3. I really think Outman should get a spot. He has done a great job and at times better than the veterans. Just because you have experience doesn’t mean you are the best choice. Let’s let the stats speak for themselves and give this hungary kid a chance to make or break his MLB career. Isn’t that why we have a great farm system? And how are those “experienced” staff statistics ?

  4. Ottman should be on the dodger’s opening-day roster and start in centerfield or left field every game. Give him a runway he’s the best-looking player in spring and strikeouts are down.

  5. If Outman wants to stick with the team and play, IT IS ALL UP TO HIM. He has to show that he is the man. Whining about it is not going to get it done, Playing hard every time he answers the bell will get it done. Dodger lore is full of guys who rang the bell when they got the chance. Once the season started they either kept it up or they faded, Cody Bellinger was a perfect example. When he came on the scene he took LA by storm, eventually winning the MVP before injuries derailed him and his shoulder. (Thanks Kike’) If Outman wants to do that, take the coaching, cut down the all or nothing swing and make it so the Dodgers have to play you. Heyward only has a minor league contract. Its all up to Outman. Show’em what you got kid, No one is going to hand you anything, nor should they, This ain’t Little League.

  6. Outman has the five tools you want to see in a young player—power, speed, arm, hit for average, defense. I agree he is the real deal. I would start Mookie at second and play Outman, Hayward and Trayce.

  7. Have you seen the fire in hes eyes? If, I say if, they sell Outman it will be something to regretting for the rest of baseballs and humans existence.

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