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Dodgers News: James Outman Talks About His Offseason and Outlook for New Season

James Outman got a glimpse of the major leagues last summer in Los Angeles, playing four games with the Dodgers. 

After being sent back down to Triple-A, he now knows what it takes to play in the majors. Now that the 25-year-old has a little bit of big league experience under his belt, Outman shared on AM570 that he is steadily focused on improving his skills this offseason. 

“(This) offseason, I’m just trying to get better. I’m trying to get stronger and faster, and I’m just trying to treat everything the same. I don’t want to focus on what’s out of my control. I’m just trying to be the best player that I can be.”

Although there are potential roles available for Outman to join the Dodgers again, the 25-year-old is simply focused on doing his job well at any level whether that be minor league or the majors:

“I just want to I just want to be ready to go for whatever they assign me to. You know, there’s guys a whole lot smarter than me, making those decisions. So I’ll just I’ll trust what they decide.”

In 16 plate appearances with Los Angeles, the outfielder homered in his first at-bat, and posted a 1.409 OPS. 

Looking at current options, there may very well be a potential role for Outman in Los Angeles after Chris Taylor, Trayce Thompson, Jason Heyward, and four other center-fielders signed to minor-league deals this offseason. 

Though the outfielder is taking each opportunity as they come, he is consistently working on his game, so that he is prepared whenever the time comes. 

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  1. Outman this year, 2023 is his big opportunity. Starting at CF stealing 45 bases. Using his speed to D the OF.with an arm of a gun to 2B or home. He should see 650 plate appearances. He should get his share of 60 to 80 walks. So 570 or so AB. 140 plus games and 165 to 185 hits. Of those over 60 xbh. As he likely has 30 ? doubles. In addition to 25 ? homers. Batts .290 or so. That is ROY level and MVP level. Muncy also has over 30 hr and over 35 doubles. JD hits 20 ? homers and 45 plus ? doubles, posting over 65 xbh. Betts and Freeman post 70 ? xbh. Doubles are strong for JD, Freddie, Mookie, Outman, Muncy, all are over 35 doubles. Vargas, Lux, Rojas, CT3, Will Smith, with 28 to 38 doubles each. Will Smith, Freeman, Mookie, Muncy, Outman all hit about or more than 25 hr. JD, Vargas, Rojas, CT3, Lux 15 to 25 homers, but above 15, maybe not 20. But we are very fast. Vargas, CT3 steal over 20. Plus Outman, Betts, and Lux over 30 SB each. The team posts over 140 SB. Muncy, JD, FF, Betts, and Outman post 60 plus xbh. Its a double is as good as a homer mentality. #Dodgers 2023.

  2. What effect does Outman have on the lineup? First things first. If speed is so important and so is average and doubles. Outman deserves all day to hit 2nd. What is beneficial to Lux, benefits Outman, even more. Many may feel that pushes Betts and Freeman into a share of 3 and 4. With 5 and 6 and 7 going to JD Smith and Muncy. With 8 and 9 left for CT3 and Vargas hitting 9th playing 3B, MM 2B, LuxSS, CF Outman, LF CT3.

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