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Dodgers News: Joc Pederson, Yasiel Puig Play Paintball

“Everybody know .. my team is the best, okay?” Words uttered by Yasiel Puig before he and his squad battled Joc Pederson and his squad in paintball on Sunday afternoon at Hollywood Sports Park.

Alongside Puig and Pederson were fellow Dodger Austin Barnes, as well as outfielder Aaron Hicks of the New York Yankees. Bear Degidio, a professional paintball player, filmed all the action.

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The two sides battled in a thrilling affair. When the dust settled, it was Puig’s side who won, and Puig fulfilled his promise that his team was indeed the best.

As both Dodger outfielders look to rebound from a tough 2015, it’s nice to see them having fun off the field prior to having to report to spring training at Camelback Ranch.

Down time is always a major thing for athletes, especially during the offseason. The stress of a season, along with the physical toll 162 games can take on your body, is a big reason why getting out and doing stuff like paintball can be seen as an escape and means of fun.

If Puig’s 2016 on the diamond is as good as his 2016 was in paintball, then the Dodgers should be prepared for something special.

The Dodgers’ 2016 season might hinge on just how well these two young studs perform on the field.

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