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Dodgers News: Joe Maddon Continues Clayton Kershaw ASG Snub?

Joe Maddon stated earlier today in an interview that even before Clayton Kershaw announced not playing in the All-Star Game, Scherzer would still have the starting job.

Joe Maddon seems to have it out for the Dodgers’ rotation. Blatantly letting us know that even if Kershaw was pitching in the 2017 All-Star Game, he would be pitching second to Max Scherzer. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Kershaw is now the first pitcher since Sandy Koufax to have 14 wins prior to the All-Star break. He is 14-2 with an ERA of 2.18, whip of 0.88 and 159 strikeouts this year. Max Scherzer, however has 4 fewer wins than Kershaw, and an ERA of 2.10 and whip of 0.78 with 173 strikeouts. There is certainly an argument for both.

Kershaw has not yet started an All-Star game, but there is something to be said about his dedication to pitching games that matter. Kershaw made the decision to pitch on Sunday and skip the All-Star game. He continues to show that he is the leader and the ace of the MLB best Los Angeles Dodgers.

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  1. There is a good argument for both pitchers to assume the starting role in the 2017 ASG. However in my opinion, Kershaw should have gotten the nod. Can’t prove it, but me thinks Joe Maddon has an axe to grind.

    1. Joe Madden doesn’t like the dodgers . How could he not pick Alex Wood ? He wasn’t starting Kershaw even if he was available .

    2. I doubt it matters to either pitcher…….Clayton wants the Dodgers to win, not 2 innings in a exhibition game.

  2. Both great pitchers. Kershaw’s year to start with his stats. For Maddon to say he would start Schwerzer even if Kershaw was available was an unnecessary cheap shot. No class Joe. Kershaw will show his stuff on the mound against the cubbies. He has too much class to do or say anything. Do it on the field.

  3. I don’t see that this would be the season to say that Scherzer over Kershaw for ASG starter could be a snub. As this article alludes to, both pitchers are having excellent seasons and both would be a defendable choice as ASG starter, but Max does have the edge in ERA, FIP, WHIP, K’s per 9 and WAR. He is last year’s Cy Young winner and is having an even better year so far this year. Clayton does have the edge on BB’s per nine and Wins/winning %, but the dodgers better run differential might play into that. Also the Nats have a horrible bullpen, which may have led to a blown save (or two or more) on games that Max was set to be the winner, though I am too lazy to confirm this. I think snub talk should involve more of an injustice then we see here.
    I think Greinke should have gotten the nod over Arrieta for the Cy Young a couple of years ago, but the stats were so close that you could see the vote going as it did. It’s similarly easy to see the Max/Clayton decision going as it did (or would have gone if Clayton were playing).
    Speaking of ex-Dodger co-ace Zach, how cool is it to have a co-ace in Alex Wood at 10-0, with a sub 2.00 ERA at a very reasonable salary, while Arizona chokes on the $206M it’s paying Greinke? He’s having a fine year, but not sub 2.00 fine.

    61-29 Awesome!

    1. Going by stats, Wood should have started. Maddon’s mad he didn’t get the LA managerial job. Got the ring, one and done. Doders on the verge of several!

  4. Kershaw has four more wins than Scherzer; the difference in the other numbers is negligible. Of course, CK gets the nod. He is the best on the planet!
    Maddon is carrying something involving the Dodgers.
    Forget it Joe. Is there no way to teach Lester to throw to

  5. There was no reason for Maddon to make those comments public, as it was a moot point. He simply wanted to stick it to Kershaw and Dodgers. He probably would have started Lester over Kershaw, too.

  6. I’m sure the senile old fool would have chosen Lester or Arrietta if either would have been good enough to be picked.

  7. I will take Kershaw’s potential back-to-back starts in the regular season over the ASG any time. The way this season is going, the ASG will be long-forgotten in October.

  8. All I want to know is what happened to the team that was so supposesdly great last year.. honestly they never impressed me…have to remember ” even a blind chipmonk finds a nut”

  9. Maddon, needs to stop! What more does he want? He has world’s series under his belt. Tell Maddon work on his players. On Sunday, he pulled Lester out of game after the first ending, Maddon needs just chill out.
    And leave Clayton Kershaw alone. Kershaw has best pitching record in baseball today. So what if Kershaw does not start. Los Angeles will still win in the end.

  10. Madden is a great manager and motivator to his team, but he’s just one man with one opinion. Coming into the ASG after the great year he had last year qualifies him to manage, but the results of what he’s done this year shows he’s not all he’s made out to be. Again one guy with an opinion, need we say anything more ?

  11. Seeing that each pitcher only goes one inning anyway, Madden should have given the nod to Kenley Jansen. Clearly he was the best pitcher of the first half. I say turn the closer into an All-Star Starter and screw the preference of starters over relievers.

  12. Uh guys there is no question max is having a better year unless you think wins are an indication of how good a pitcher is. Max is leading in all other stats and is the superior pitcher at the half way mark. Let’s see how the second half goes.

    1. I’d say using the word Superior is throwing a buckle head ball. If anything they both are equal pitchers this year.

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