Dodgers News: Beckett Optimistic Turnaround Will Come

Coming off season-ending surgery in 2013, Josh Beckett was still on the mend when 2014 began. The veteran pitcher came off the disabled list April 9 and didn’t earn a decision until his fifth start, which was a loss to the Miami Marlins.

Beckett then went on to win three consecutive games and pitched better than his 6-5 record on June 6 reflected. However since that point, the right-hander was placed on the disabled list and has struggled in his three starts since returning.

The veteran pitcher labored on Sunday and for a fifth straight start, was unable to go more than five innings. Following the loss, Beckett discussed his health going into the start and the need to improve, via Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times:

I felt better physically today than I have in my last couple starts,” he said. “But the results were still the same. That’s what we’re judged on and how we judge our own outings. I need to get ahead. I need to attack better. I need to do a better job of putting guys away.

Beckett also discussed the difficulty he’s had with his routine between starts:

I’m old,” he said. “It’s just where I’m at. I can’t force myself to go out there two days after I pitch. I feel like it’s robbing Peter to pay Paul if I try to throw a bullpen. I feel like I can shut my flat ground down when I’m mentally where I want. If I get on the mound, it turns into a grind.”

Despite the ongoing struggles, Beckett was hopeful he’d manage to put an end to his string of bad starts:

I’ve been through ruts like this before. I think whenever you get to these kinds of deals, you need some things to go your way to show you that good things do happen, because right now you just focus on negative stuff.”

Manager Don Mattingly indicated he’s going to stick with Beckett and Dan Haren, which means Haren — at least for now — remains on track to start Wednesday against his former team in Anaheim.

Beckett’s next scheduled start is Friday when the Dodgers begin a three-game series in Milwaukee.
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