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Dodgers News: Julio Urias in ‘Conversation’ for Rotation

The Dodgers’ approach with Julio Urias is simple: Don’t screw things up. Make him great if at all possible, obviously, but do not do anything to risk his being good, at the very least.

All that said, Urias is going to be good. Barring some catastrophic event, his talent is such that it’s almost unavoidable that he at least reaches that bar. (Knocks on wood and eats a bucket of fried chicken as sacrifice to keep this kid healthy).

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So, it was somewhat surprising to hear his name among those in the running to spend time as the Dodgers’ fifth rotational starter. This, via Alanna Rizzo of Time Warner SportsNet L.A.

This isn’t to say I’d still expect to see Urias in the rotation at some point early in the season at all. I simply find it notable that he would be mentioned in this regard when most around the Dodgers have relayed a message of patience about the top pitching prospect in the organization.

Also in the tweet was Zach Lee, obviously. In terms of maturation process, Lee is probably the smarter bet to actually make the rotation this year. When it comes to just plain stuff, Urias is the call to make. Either way, this will be a fun competition to watch as the year goes along.

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