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Dodgers News: Justin Turner Talks About Cutting Beverage From His Diet on St. Patricks Day

Be honest: I had you tricked there.

No, Justin Turner did not cut beer out of his diet; nor do I know if the Dodgers third baseman drinks the alcoholic beverage at all. However, Turner told David Vassegh in an interview on AM570 that he cut milk from his diet. Moreover, this was something that we reported weeks ago with many members of the Dodgers roster making this change together.

Now, Turner admitted to Vassegh that he’s noticing some difference without milk in his life.

Feeling good, sleeping good. I was kinda skeptical going into it, but I kinda like the results I’m getting so I am going to stick with it.

Still, one has to wonder if the changes are more mental or mind over matter at this point. Turner is not a player who needed a huge change in anything he’s doing. Since the beginning of the 2017 season, he is the leading hitter in all of the National league with a .322 average.

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Coming from a person who is about 90 percent dairy free, I have little room to talk. Turner could simply be taking every measure to certify that he plays at a high level for as long as possible. Certainly, this is commendable in any veteran.

If you wonder what keeps a player like Turner hungry with so many accolades, he went into that with Vassegh. Simply, it’s the one thing that eludes he and his teammates.

A lot of guys have experienced both of those World Series. It is a sense of urgency and hunger to get back.

The Dodgers’ leader is playing to win a ring. Just reading that simple sentence from his lips gets me excited to get 2019 underway. And just maybe, I’ll cut dairy completely by the time the Dodgers are in that third World Series.

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    1. You’ve got to ask Chase Utley. He’s the one who got the ball rolling. (Though I did read somewhere where *adults* weren’t supposed to drink milk, just children.)

      1. No ones actually supposed to drink milk from an animal it does nothing it’s just a myth

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