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Dodgers Provide Big Corey Seager Opening Day Status Update

Corey Seager has not yet been in a Dodgers spring training lineup. However – on Sunday – his manager said he will be in the Dodgers’ Opening Day lineup.

Ken Gurnick tweeted this on Sunday afternoon. Moreover, if you want to see Seager in action; make sure you tune into the Freeway Series between the Angels and Dodgers before Opening Day. Indeed, Seager will play in all three of these contests.

Roberts sounded defiantly confident when asked if Seager will play Opening Day.

“Absolutely,” Roberts said.

“I think just talking with the training staff and talking with Corey himself and just where he’s at, the progression,” he added. “I think that we’ve been conservative, understandably, and I just don’t see any reason why he won’t be ready for opening day.”

Well, one reason would be that he hasn’t played in any games yet. While Seager is a special player, it isn’t unreasonable to think that any big leaguer requires a certain amount of playing time to be fully comfortable.

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Furthermore, it’s possible the Dodgers are so confident in not only the player; but also the reports they’re getting from the medical staff that Seager does not need this time prior to the season beginning. The Dodgers could be comfortable with Seager getting acclimated to the big leagues again in a ‘trial by fire’ manner in April.

Still, this is great and comforting news. Confirmation that if you tune in on the afternoon of March 28, you will see Corey Seager add stats to the back of his baseball card. That’s good enough for me, folks. I have a lot of faith in number 5.

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  1. Thanks Clint for the update and perspective. Cory’s a stud. The Dodgers are cautious. The sky is blue. Grass is green. And death and taxes are inevitable. I love springtime. GO BLUE!

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