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Dodgers News: Justin Turner Wins Roy Campanella Award

The 14th annual Roy Campanella Award was announced today, and Justin Turner took home the award.

Brief History of The Award

The Roy Campanella Award, obviously named after Dodger catcher and legend, Roy Campanella, was first given out in 2006. The award is voted on by all Los Angeles Dodgers uniformed personnel, players, and coaches. Rafael Furcal was the first to take home this award. Last year, Chase Utley was awarded the honor.

This is not Justin Turner’s first time winning this award, however. He won the award in 2017. Clayton Kershaw is the only other Dodger on the current roster to win this award, taking it home in both 2013 and 2014.

Awards Are Earned

An award that is voted on by your peers means it is well earned. Justin Turner has long been lauded as a good teammate and a positive clubhouse presence. I recall in 2016, Justin Turner lead the charge on the “win for Vin,” during Vin Scully’s last year calling Dodger games. Justin always seems to be the first to support his teammates and to help exemplify the goals of the organization. When you are playing for the Dodgers, there is quite the legacy to uphold. Even in this linked video, he speaks like a leader of a clubhouse.

Leadership Into October

Justin Turner is still nursing his ankle, but he’s made it clear that if he needed to play he would and could. Even if Justin is getting a little older, his bat and his presence in the clubhouse should be a catalyst for another October run.

AJ Gonzalez

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