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Dodgers News: Kenley Jansen Will Not Travel To Colorado Series

In what has been a season of trials for the Dodgers closer, Kenley Jansen must face one more. On Wednesday, Jansen and the team announced that he will not travel to Colorado for the Dodgers’ weekend series with the Rockies. Again, this builds off a previous report that the team was getting the opinion from medical professionals on the matter.

Jansen was candid in a twitter message in telling fans personally that he won’t be making the trip.

It’s rare that a professional athlete opens in a way that Jansen does here. In saying that ‘heart issues are scary’, you grasp that he’s dealing with a lot currently.

This is more than just declining velocity or welcoming a new baby to his family. The guy is being asked to pitch with an issue that would shelve most mortal men. And, he’s done a decent job of it of recent.

Still, it sounds like medical professionals have told Jansen of the risks.

“Your life is not in danger unless it forms a blood clot and you have a stroke,” he said of his condition. “I’m aware of it, whenever it happens I feel it, that’s a good thing. Hopefully, it will be done for [good] this offseason [with another procedure].

“I’m not going to overrule a doctor. It’s not smart for me to go to Colorado right now, even though I want to help the team. At the same time, got to take care of yourself and listen to the doctors.”

Still, it sounds like if these two teams should meet in the postseason; Jansen is open to making the trip if he’s cleared by his doctors. Obviously, dominos still need to fall for that to happen. Jansen needs to focus on his health and the final 20 games he could be called upon to get the Dodgers yet another division title.


This was a good call by the Dodgers to elect to leave Jansen behind for this series. A man’s life is more important than a game – as much as we all love baseball with our entire fiber of being. Don’t be surprised if the Dodgers pull the old ‘win one for the gipper’ and rally the troops this weekend in honor of their missing teammate. It wouldn’t be shocking if they did something to bring the spirit of Jansen with them – like his jersey hanging in the bullpen. In the meantime, look for the Dodgers to play match-ups and close with the likes of Caleb Ferguson, Scott Alexander, or newly-acquired Ryan Madson.

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  1. Good decision by Jansen and the team, which can show what they are made of by winning this series like they did last weekend.

    Kudos to Kenley and to Clint for what they wrote.

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