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Dodgers News: Kenley Jansen’s Agent Says Wedding “Pivoted” Decision

When Kenley Jansen re-signed with the Dodgers, it was somewhat surprising due to the extent of the Miami Marlins’ and Washington Nationals’ offers. Jansen’s agent Adam Katz appeared on MLB Network Radio Tuesday to explain what changed.

Jansen married in Curocao over the weekend, alongside a number of his Dodger teammates. Katz said the extravaganza clearly changed Jansen’s thought process.

“At his wedding on Saturday, I think something pivoted for him. I think it was being with his teammates and his family. He got a jolt of how important family and continuity was. He called me over the weekend and said he was having difficulty processing leaving the Dodgers and instructed me to work hard to get it done.”

The tone was different at the start of free agency, according to Katz. He said he was instructed to explore the market, and described the process as “authentic.” Katz confirmed when Aroldis Chapman signed with New York, he and Jansen focused on three suitors. Jansen had long been rumored to prefer the biggest payday.

Katz was asked to confirm reports of Jansen taking a discount to stay in L.A. Washington reportedly had a better offer, and Miami, factoring in tax, also had a richer contract.

“Both deals might’ve been a little better economically, but like I said, he pivoted over the weekend and I don’t know what it was, but I think it was family, some teammates there,” Katz said. “He started focusing on his Dodger family, the community, the fans in L.A. It became difficult for him to process leaving, so he instructed me to knock it out and that’s what we did.”

Not a bad weekend for the Jansen family – both of them.

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